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Build created by Ciritty
Posted by Ciritty on December 10, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on October 12, 2015
  • Abilities
  • Gear
  • Rotation
  • Auxiliary
  • Effectiveness
TypeSolo Build
WeaponAssault RifleWeaponBlade
AP Cost393
AP CostQL 10 Rare
  • AbilityHip Fire
  • AbilityBalanced Blade
  • AbilityThree Round Burst
  • AbilityMartial Discipline
  • AbilitySpiral of Death
  • AbilityTactical Retreat
  • AbilityStunning Swirl
  • AbilityRegeneration
  • AbilityDouble Dash
  • AbilityDark Potency
  • AbilityIron Maiden
  • AbilityArterial Pulse
  • AbilityBloodsport
  • AbilityRapid Getaway
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Suggested Rotation
Suggested Auxiliary Abilities
Ability Ability For increased damage output. Put a Binding signet on the Whip to increase potency.
Gear Stats
1800+Attack Rating
400Hit Rating
No heal rating required and using any will serve little to no purpose for this specific build.
Head:Signet of Laceration
Minors:Signet of Equilibrium, Signet of Thirst
Assault Rifle:Signet of Breaching

The Polaris

Hell Raised

The Darkness War

Hell Fallen

The Ankh

The Facility

Hell Eternal

The Slaughterhouse

The Penthouse

The Manufactory

Manufactory Breached



New York

Agartha Defiled



El Dorado







Disclaimer: If this build causes you to blink excessively, doesn’t fit your intellectual property or in anyway causes a loss of limbs; #BlameTomium


With the recent change made to the passive Double Dash, The Hawkward Hawk is able to soar through the battlefield more frequently.

Initiate the fight with a Spiral of Death surprising your enemies as you follow up with a stunning swirl and the use of Balanced Blade (Melee resources recuperate outside of combat allowing you to start a fight with 5 resources). Impaired enemies cause Balanced Blade to build resources allowing you to immediately follow up with another Balanced blade.

As your enemies regain the ability to act; skillfully flip-backwards using Tactical Retreat hopefully landing on your toes and by doing so creating a gap between you and your enemies leaving them hindered for a duration.

As your enemies are limping towards you shoot from the hip with Hipfire and Three round burst while slowly moving backwards in order to maintain your distance effectively keeping your enemies from striking you. Should your enemies survive your initial assault and catch up to you make use of the resources you build up and use Balanced Blade.

Martial Discipline & Regeneration is what you can utilize when you trip over your feet and Awkwardly stumble to the ground.

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  • This is the best build for a hawk that I have ever seen. I note your disclaimer, and am not sure exactly why anyone would be blinking excessively. It may be because they tried to get my food. Never try to get my food.

  • Quine

    Gotta say, this build is super fun to play!

  • Ultra7

    I like the way you describe how this build works, and it’s the name of the build that brings me here in the first place. good job :)

  • Xialoh

    Is this build still pretty effective? I think I’m going to try it, though with Immortal Spirit instead of Arterial Pulse. I’m a bit new, but this actually looks like a lot of fun with all those dashes.

    • Ciritty

      Yes it is. :)