External Resources

The external resources listed below are not hosted or maintained by us, thus we cannot provide any guarantees for the information, tools or resources found on those sites. If you find that a resource is outdated or malicious, please do not hesitate to let us know.

TSW Calc

A gear calculator that lets you plan your stat distribution as well as providing you with cost estimates.

TSW Builder

A build planner that lets you easily put together builds and share them with others, as well as providing useful information about synergy between abilities.

Sephora's Closet

The closet is a reference site for the clothing, weapon skins and pets available in game.

The goal is to maintain a visual collection of the vendor, special event, reward and Funcom shop outfits available in-game. Since many of the outfits are rewards, it’s also a showcase for the various achievements other players complete.

The Lower World

A friendly community built around forum play to post role play within the setting of The Secret World.

Providing a welcoming outlet for everyone to share their stories, characters and general role play knowledge with other role players.

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