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Posted by Vomher on June 16, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on September 5, 2016

This lore collection may require unique circumstances for its acquisition.

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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see...

TRANSMIT - initiate boggart signal - RECEIVE - initiate the Atlantic Island Park chime - FAIRY TALES GIVE THE CHILD THEIR FIRST CLEAR IDEA OF THE POSSIBLE DEFEAT OF BOGEY - illumine the Local Legends of New England - WITNESS - The Bogeyman

We have a bedtime story, sweetling. It's made of broken doll parts strung together with the nerve endings of children.

Nathaniel Winter loved his amusement park. He was known to wander through it just after it closed down, just before midnight.

No, that's too far forward. REWIND...

Nathaniel Winter had no magic. But he did have money. He had grown up a frightened child, and had vowed to gain the power to never be frightened again. With his jingling wealth, Nathaniel gained access to the denizens of the Secret World. Through something a little like persuasion and a lot like ruthlessness, he learnt how one might tap geographical sources of occult power and to feed off them as a parasite.

We see Nathaniel signing the document to purchase the Henderson farm. We see what is embedded in the soil. We see the years of methodical attention to detail, the placement, the geometry, the machines churning kinetic and preternatural energies, storing them over time -- and we see the bright paint and lights that masked the true intention. An amusement park was the perfect engine, with the added harvest of children's laughter. There were screams too, of course. Accidents. An employee in a chipmunk suit went on a rampage with a knife. The engine churned urban legend, black and thick, and Nathaniel Winter vanished in that gooey murk after it closed down.

Then came the Bogeyman. His hauntings were initially fixed. Now, he has rein to roam the creeping crooks and crannies of the park. If you confront him in these wanderings, sweetling, then we have one more morsel to share.

INITIATE Secret Epilogue…

You've earned a little more story before bedtime, sweetling. You looked into the Bogeyman's eyes. Did you see Nathaniel Winter? Did he, through years of wicked machination, take on the shape of the frightful demigod of all children? Or, is there a preexisting archetype of flesh, a floating mask, that travels all time and space, wearing its hosts more than they wear it? Yes.

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  • Andy Pearce

    Bogeyman 4 didn’t spawn on a player for me (no-one else was near), it spawned at midnight in front of the hut at 640, 482

  • Ember7401

    Question.. Is sleeping in the Park at Midnight involved? A few people in chat said that need to sleep.. /sleep.. Im lil confused sorry this is in reference to Boogeyman #4

    • Vomher

      No, it isn’t. He spawns when the in-game clock hit 24:00/00:00 in front of his house, and when you approach him, he drops the lore and gives an ominous threat about how he’ll be seeing us in our nightmares. No actual sleeping is involved or necessary for this piece of lore.

      • Ember7401

        Okay thanks Vohmer. I just need to figure out where his house is then :D

  • James Freeman

    He seems to just be wandering the park around midnight now, not appearing at the hut. I think this is probably what the patchnotes meant by “Fixed an issue that caused a special lore event in Savage Coast to use fewer locations than intended.”

  • Brooklynn

    I waited until 10 after by the in game clock, and then ran all over the park like a chicken with his head cut off! As I ran past Swan lacke, through the archway near the bridge, there was a Low growling noise and the screen gave me a warping out effect from behind me. Turned around and there was the Lore behind the shack at 572,392! So he does spawn at midnight in game. just at random points in the park.

  • Aquilessa

    One of the places the Bogeyman can spawn is 626, 582. Behind the Bingo machine attached to one of the concession stands near the main entrance.