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The Collective Unconscious

Posted by Vomher on December 24, 2015
Last updated by Vomher on December 24, 2015
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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the Jungian signal - RECEIVE - initiate the Shadow prerogative - BEING HOMESICK FOR A PLACE YOU'VE NEVER BEEN - enter the dream burgoo - WITNESS - the Collective Unconscious.

There is a place, sweetling. You have never been there. You have always been there. Everywhere. Nowhere. It is a library of every human instinct and archetype. Think of it as a backup drive for your species. We have had to reboot so many times.

One of the archetypes that dwells there is the Shadow. Each of you has one, just as the supernal Shadow lives in the Collective Unconscious, spawning its fractal children. It is the negative to the positive. The counter-choice to all of your choices. What you do shapes it on the inverse.

Most of your meat minds do not perceive the Shadow, do not acknowledge it. But its always there. Sometimes, it even gets a will of its on. Like Peter Pan, you have to chase it. There is a child, in Kaidan, not so coincidentally named Jun. He can let you into the Collective Unconscious to chase your Shadow. Yes, sweetling! It's a real place. But take a care. In that place, metaphors can cut and riddles can kill.

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