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Alex McCall

Posted by Chaosetor on September 16, 2014
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Tokyo Flashback






The Illuminati


Illuminati Operative

Known Associates

Rose White, Mei-Ling, Zuberi, Sarah


Alex McCall is a member of and presumably an operative within the Illuminati, though his exact ranking is currently unknown. He first appeared in the CGI "The Grifter" and later in "The Illuminati" where he is seen being attacked by a mysterious being while in the bathroom.

Alex later made his first in-game appearance during the Tokyo flashback, alongside Rose White, Mei-Ling and Zuberi, where he believes the player to be Sarah. Alex is also seen discussing the recent events in Tokyo with Rose and Mei-Ling at the very beginning of the flashback. He implies that the group has met under similar circumstances before this incident as he claims they really have to stop meeting like this.

Upon the release of the New York raid in issue #4, Alex was seen in the CGI trailer, but he also makes an appearance both during and after the raid alongside Rose, Mei-Ling and Zuberi. Upon arrival Alex jokingly claims that they found Zuberi "sleeping in the park".

His preferred weapon is presumably elementalism, as he is seen using it in all his appearances to- date. Despite having a "knack for magic", and being seen using other schools of magic in his first and second CGI appearances, he seems to stick to elementalism, this indicates that he might not have a secondary weapon, but has instead chosen to focus his combat skills solely on elementalism.

Alex has yet to directly meet the player. During the Tokyo flashback, the player assumed the role of Sarah, presumably in her memory, and during the raid they have no direct interaction. It is therefore unknown if he is aware of the player and his or her exploits.

Memorable Quotes

Look who we found sleeping in the park.

It, Mr thing-from-another-world Tentaclaurus Rex playing catch.

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  • Tylluan

    Is there any evidence he is currently alive?

    • Vikestart

      Assuming the story of the NY raid takes place before us going to Tokyo, no, there is no evidence of that, however, there is no evidence of the contrary either so we might just see all of them later on :)

    • Vikestart

      Anyway, I’ve changed the status to “Unknown” for all the 4 subway characters. It seems more suitable indeed :)

    • Vikestart

      Yes, the last time he is seen or heard of in the game is in the New York raid where he is very much alive. Our policy will be that as long as a character has appeared alive and the opposite cannot be confirmed since then, the character will retain their last known status.

  • Joaquin Ceja Jr.

    Actually, I believe that in “The Grifter” Alex is shown using Chaos Magic against the creature, that I believe is a Spectre.

    • Here’s the picture of a Spectre that looks similar to the one in the trailer.

      • Chaosetor

        Granted, there are some similarities, but I have yet to see a spectre that has features that resemble those shown in the Grifter, most noticeably the tentacle-like things it has instead of fingers. While it is possible that it is a spectre, I cannot say that it can be confirmed beyond reasonable doubt, which is why I have chosen to leave the entity nameless in this article. There are also other indications that point to the possibility of this being a creature we have yet to encounter, such as the “person” in the bathroom with Alex already being quite disfigured before transmogrifying into this creature, suggesting that it can also be a mutation of sorts. I hope this provided a reasonable explanation of my reasoning, thank you for your feedback :-)