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Eblis, Dominus Inferni in Profondis

Posted by Chaosetor on December 1, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 4, 2016

Shadowy Forest


The Hell Dimensions








Dominus Inferni in Profondis

Known Associates

The Host, The Nephilim, Thomas Wicker

Involved In

Type Paradise Now


Not much is known about Eblis before he assumed control over the Hell dimensions, and waged war against Theodore Wicker and his followers.

While Wicker believes that the hell dimensions can be salvaged and rebuilt, Eblis wanted to use their resources and inhabitants to further his own ends. It seems that Eblis, being an angel, views himself as superior to other beings, in particular humans and demons.

Eblis had his first direct encounter with Wicker was when he tried to have Wicker assassinated. This lead to a battle between Eblis and his assassins on one side, and Wicker who was aided by a group of secretworlders on the other. Eblis did, however, not reveal his identity to Wicker at this point, but chose to instead remain in disguise. He was, however, eventually defeated, and forced to retreat.

Wicker and Eblis met again, this time in the city of Sheol. Here, Wicker was again aided by a group of secretworlders in his attempt to overthrow Eblis. After having confronted Eblis, the group of secretworlers engaged him in combat, which eventually lead to his defeat, thus ending his brief rule over the Hell Dimensions and putting an end to his plans of a full scale invasion of Earth.

Memorable Quotes

A lesson learnt, never send assassins to do a soldier's errand.

End them! End them all!

We bred Hell's army to serve, and serve me they shall.

Each time we force you apes back down the evolutionary chain, an angel gets its black wings.

No shelter! Not even death!

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  • Loofy

    I would wish to point out Eblish did not in fact die at the end of Hell Eternal. If you care to look after the fight, he in fact teleports away before you manage to kill him.

    • Vikestart

      You don’t know that ;) He exploded into white light which is probably because he was an angel, but he is most likely dead.

      • Loofy

        The way he left isn’t quite what I would call a death. The moment before he supposedly “dies” is when he looks the most powerful ever, arms raised up towards the sky, floating, wings spread wide and energy orbs flying around him. Additionally, one must remember he’s an incredibly powerful being even the Buzzing is hesitant to refer to. As such, I believe the Hell stories may in fact be a mere prelude to something yet to come.

        • Vikestart

          Okay, I’ll give you that, and set his current status to “Unknown” :)

          • Loofy

            I’m pleased with this reply, thank you. We may never know before Funcom decides to give us more info of course, but I’m confident in their ability to write something magnificient for such an important character.

          • Chaosetor

            Oh ok, I’ll bite. I retain that Eblis is indeed dead, or at least that his survival cannot be proved beyond speculation at best seeing as there are overwheling evidence that point to him being dead. While I do agree that Eblis is indeed an immensely powerful being, it is also worth noting that a mere question of animation is still not proof of his survival, which is why I believe that his status was changed to “unknown” rather than “alive”. However, you can clearly see his lifeless body on the ground if you watch the final cutscene from Hell Eternal, thus for intents and purposes, everything does point to Eblis being dead at this point. I have changed his current status back to “Deceased”, but thank you very much for your feedback, and would welcome any further arguements towards his survival as I would very much like to see more of him in a future update :-) Unfortunately, it is my oppinion after reviewing the lore, cutscene and animation that he would have to be brought back from the dead for that to happen and that there is overwhelming evidence to support this.

  • Jacqueline Wander

    Also, this can be updated: Known Associates: Nephilim