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Posted by Nordavind on December 6, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on March 19, 2015
  • Case of the Two-Mouthed Woman
  • Kaidan (880,25)
  • 7 768 1 3611 637


Located on the small island on the shout-eastern part of the map (880,25).

She has a fast AoE stun, and can also summon wisp-like adds called Starved Stepchild of Futakuchi-onna.

This rare spawn has a placeholder and they all have a 90-min respawn timer.

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  • Nattatar

    3 hour respawn, but i got a placeholder named “ravening shade.” obviously no achievement for killing that

  • Purga

    Yup placeholder is ravening shade. got her 4 times now.

  • Psithief

    Spawntimer is 1.5 hours now.

  • Gyrannon

    Reference: (Japanese Legend)