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Posted by Vomher on August 1, 2014
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Zone Starting Location Rewards
City of the Sun God Tablet Piece (605,810) XP404 870 PAX30 000  BB2
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This mission not repeatable. To replay it, you must start a new character.



Objective: Examine the tablet

Click on the nearby tablet to discover how illegible it is.


Objective: Examine the Orochi agent’s log

Use the Orochi agent’s nearby log to find a translation of the tablet.



Objective: Find and translate the second tablet

The translation speaks of Ma’at being brought to a land of Isfet in the wreck of a great beast. Ma’at is the patron goddess of Nefertari, so the tablet should be near Nefertari. Ma’at is also the concept of order and justice, with Isfet being violence and chaos. South of Nefertari is an enormous skeleton – wreckage of a great beast – and countless cultists litter its bones.

The second tablet can be found under the enormous dinosaur skull (350,840). There will be a PDA in the far side of the bush that you need in order to translate the tablet. Meander your mouse about until you find it.



Objective: Find and translate the third tablet

The ‘Mistress of Dread’ and ‘Lady of Slaughter’ are names for the warrior lioness Sekhmet. Hemitneter’s patron is Sekhmet. Below her valley is the First Temple, as well as waters in which the blood may flow. The third tablet piece can be found just north of the western First Temple stairway under a bush (165,345), and requires no wandering mice to use.


Objective: Find and translate the fourth tablet

The divine lake referenced is that in Shi-Netjer and the temple is the Citadel, Ahkenaten’s tomb. The incomplete phrase is Meretseger, Moutemouia’s patron. Moutemouia does not face the temple. The fourth tablet is directly north of Moutemouia at (805,292).

FoundationsFourthTabletMap FoundationsFourthTabletTranslation


Objective: Find the “bridge between worlds”

The translation speaks of two worlds being bridged in death, which suggests Anima Form is required. The numbers refer to the number of pillars on the way to the Agartha Entrance through the Withered Spring – only four remain standing, and the area is between the above (Earth) and below (Agartha).


While in Anima Form near the entrance (760,150) you will come across the Great Architect. Interact with him to find the bridge.


Objective: Follow the builder’s spirit

The builder will fly off. Follow him to his remains at (745,160) and use them to complete the mission. Feel free to return to your body at this point.


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