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Pieces of Jack

Posted by Vomher on January 14, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on January 14, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Stray Paper (245,260) XP74 800 PAX5 000  BB6
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Tier 1

Objective: Examine the page

Look at the page abandoned on the cushioned bench.


Objective: Find the 2nd page

Objective: Find the 3rd page

Objective: Find the 4th page

Objective: Find the 5th page

The second page is on the second floor in the first open room on the right (265,220).



The third page can be found on the third floor at the foot of a vending machine in the waiting area by the nurses station (240,232).


The fourth page rots on the third floor in a pile of trash (250,250) in the room after Edwardo Andrada’s on the left hall.


The fifth page lays ominously on a table near an operating room (250,230) in the morgue across from cold storage.


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  • JustSomeDude


    sorry to ask, but where is the “entrance” to this quest located? Please don’t just quote cordinates like the one mentioned already….
    Any chance to give a bit of detailed advice, I have no idea what building I should run to in Kaidan. :(

    Please give me a hint.

    Best regards and thanks for the help in advance

    • 3str0x

      This quest can only be done while doing the quest “Wetware” and can be found inside the Kaidan hospital.