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As Thick as Fleas

Posted by Vomher on April 12, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on April 12, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
City of the Sun God Marya Scout (850,200) XP149 600 PAX10 005  BB6
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Tier 1

Objective: Kill Breachbeasts

Objective: Kill Marrowplague Locusts

Objective: Kill Pnathian Ghouls

Objective: Kill Messengers of Rib-Hadda

Wandering all through the depths of the Hollow (850,175) are Breachbeasts to kill. They will continue to pour out of breaches until nearby breaches are closed. Only six are necessary.


To the west of the Citadel in Shi-Netjer are locusts aplenty swarming around (620,450). Any of six locusts bearing the Marrowplague name must be eradicated.


Kill six of any of the various Pnathian ghouls to the east of the Citadel (825,580) in Shi-Netjer. Any of the Workers, Slavedrivers, or Willbreakers will do. If it’s Pnathian, it counts.


Throughout the path from Amir to Bab-el Monzarin and betwixt the tomb guardians are Messengers of Rib-Hadda (965,815). Relieve the world of six of these mummies.


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