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All Roads Lead to Rome

Posted by Chaosetor on October 22, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on August 29, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
London Mama Abena (140, 150) XP

997 360

PAX25 000  BB8
More Less Jump to:

Rome 1

Note: In this mission you will need to have a sword with you, you will not lose it, and any sword will suffice.

Tier 1

Objective: Follow Mama Abena’s guidance

Go see the “Fallen King” or rather, the prophet at (190, 280) and a cutscene will trigger.

Rome 2


Tier 2

Objective: Find out what’s so special about the stones

Examine the stones by first clicking anywhere on the stones, this will result in several areas to be marked. Examine all of the loose cobblestones, you will notice that some of them have words underneath them. If put in the correct order they will form the following phrase:

1 – Blank

2 – Blank

3 – Sub (Under)

4 – Maximus (Grand)

5 – Arbor (Tree)

6 – Blank

7 – Ille (He)

8 –  Flevit (Wept)

9 – Dixit (Said)

10 – Inferius (Lower)

11 – Sicut (As)

12 – Superius (Above)

And so it spells “Sub maximus arbor ille flevit dixit inferius sicut superius” which in turn translates to “Under grand tree he wept lower as above”

Objective: Follow where the stones lead

There is one place where you can find a grand tree…

Solution here…Go to the grand tree in Ealdwich park, north of the stage near (150, 290).

Rome 3

Once you are there, the leaves will “whisper” as you stand in the correct location, when you are there, type the /cry command into the chat.

Rome 4

Objective: Follow the paths of memory

Simply follow the lights to yor next location.

Rome 5

You will have to head underground, eventually you should reach a door, head inside.

Rome 6

Objective: Explore the excavation

Follow the path ahead, do not attack the lingering carertakers as they do not attack you unless you attack first.

Tier 3

Objective: Inspect the image

There will be a broken hilt in the mouth of the image, use it to pick it up.

Rome 7

Objective: Complete the image

This will require three things.

First, the left hallway:

Make sure to pick up a torch before you head inside the dark room.

Rome 8

Equip your torch as you would any other weapon, and head inside the dark room. Keep going forward, and do not attack the lingering caretakers. Eventually you will see a golden coin on a pedestal, pick it up.

Rome 9

The right hallway:

There will be fire, you do not wish to step into the fire, it will burn you, which will hurt.

Rome 11

Instead, take your time, wait for the fire to extinguish before you cross.

Rome 10

You will reach another golden coin on a pedestal, pick it up.

Rome 12

For an easier way out, pull the lever.

Rome 13

And now for the final piece:

Open your inventory (I) and place the broken hilt in your assembly window (Y) in the item slot so that you disassemble it. This will give you a glyph, place the glyph in the assembly window together with a sword of any kind to create a new sword, you will not lose your sword in this prosess.

Once you have all three pieces, place each item in its designated place to complete the image.

Rome 14

Objective: Proceed further into the temple

Go inside the newly opened pair of doors, and you will se a huge stone tablet.

Rome 15

This is latin, and translates to “Followed by all of Venus and Mercury running and, in the rays of the Sun, the Moon revolves, lighted sphere still lower”

This is a clue to which braziers you should light, and in which order to open the next set of doors. When counting the brazier closest to the tablet as 1 you must light them in the order of 4, 5, 6, 3.

Rome 16

Once you have done this, the doors will open, and you will see what should be a rather familiar creature.

Rome 17

Objective: Pass through the earthgate

As you enter, the construct will come to life and attack you. Do not bother attacking back, as it will not harm it. Insterad, run around and avoid its attacks until it enters a “down” phase.

Rome 19

While it is in its “down” phase you must go to the Agartha portal and repair it with your anima. You will know that you are repairing it when your character moves slowly and levitates. Be careful, the construct will attack you again after a few seconds, you must repeat this enough times for the portal to reach full health.

Rome 20

Objective: Complete the roman journey

Simply wait for the portal to open.

Rome 21

Objective: Enter the portal

Enter the portal, and you will find yourself in familiar surroundings.

Rome 22

Congratulations, mission complete!

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