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Virgula Divina

Posted by Chaosetor on March 30, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on August 29, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
London Given Automatically XP269 000 PAX53 980
More Less Jump to:
This mission not repeatable. To replay it, you must start a new character.


Tier 1

Objective: Talk to Sonnac

Simply return to Richard Sonnac who can be found in his office in Temple Hall, London.


Objective: Go to the Horned God

Sounds like a good time to get a drink. Head to the Horned God which can be found near (170,220). Once you arrive, a cutscene will trigger.


Tier 2

Objective: Find the front for the Váli institution

The location is marked on your map, but you want to head underground, so head to the auction house, and just outside the entrance, near (165,370) there will be a set of stairs, descend them and follow the passage until your mission updates.



Objective: Search the construction area for a way to bend the bars

An underground facility with barred windows, not at all suspicious. Head back up the staircase and return to the marked area on your map, but this time on street level. Once there you should be able to spot a crowbar on the ground, take it.


Objective: Pry open the barred window

Head back down the stairs one last time and simply click on the bars to pry open the barred window. You will then be taken to the Amity House instance. Note that this is a solo instance, and thus you will have to complete it on your own.

Tier 3

Objective: Investigate Amity House

Simply enter through the broken window which is located in front of you as you enter the instance.


Objective: Find the first clue to unlock the door

On the far right side of the room, on the wall near the door, there is a photograph, examine it closer.



Objective: Find the second clue to unlock the door

Time to hit the books! On the bookshelves to the right of the photograph you will now be able to examine some of the books. If you guess the wrong book, a doll will shake its head and draw part of a hangman figure on the blackboard. If you miss five times, you will spontaneously catch fire, which will kill you. If you want to guess and find out which book it is by yourself, go ahead, if not, the solution can be seen below.


Objective: Find the third clue to unlocking the door

Observe the dollhouse in the playroom, if you have done everything correctly you should be able to see the tiny doll go to sleep. Once it has gone to sleep, take a second look at that photograph.


Objective: Leave the playroom

Use the keypad next to the door and enter the passcode. It is important that you follow the previous steps before doing this.

The passcode is 3433.


Objective: Find out why Váli was observing the playroom

Simply follow the corridor, and examine the clipboard, as seen on the image below.


Objective: Search the office level for further data

There will be names printed on the outside of the various offices, you are looking for Dr. Conrad’s office. To reach his office, go up the ramp opposite the one you came down, enter the office area and enter the last door on your left. Once there, the office will be the first one on your right.


Objective: Find Dr. Conrad’s password to access the floorplans

His password hint is “My best friend”

There are several photographs on his desk, many of them are of a dog
There seemed to be some sort of a security terminal back in the observation room.
The name of the dog can be seen by accessing the security terminal back in the observation room, beneath the screens, and looking at camera 4. The dog’s name, and the password is “Eugene”.

Once you have unlocked the computer, view the building plans to proceed.

Objective: Enter the hidden laboratory

Head back outside, into the hallway and go to the wall on the far end which will now open to reveal the hidden laboratory.


Objective: Defeat the entity

Once you enter, there will be a short, yet disturbing cutscene, wait for it to finish.


You will now have to defeat the entity, however, do not engage her in combat. Instead, run inside and pick up the surgical saw on the table in the far right corner


The entity will throw fireballs at you, so you need to be quick as these will kill you if they hit. Once you have the saw, hide from sight. This can be done by hiding in one of the left corners of the room, however, only one is safe at a time, so make sure to observe where the entity is positioned. Once she has cast a fireball, she will relocate and try again. She will repeat this a few times.




Once she stops casting fireballs, you need to pick up the surgical saw, if you were not able to do this in the previous step. If you did, step onto the strange symbol on the floor as fast as you can. This will turn your screen gray, as if you were in anima form. On the table in front of you, the little girl will not be chained down. Use any of the chains to cut them open.



You will not be able to get them all in one go, as this phase is timed, so she will revert back to the fireball casting, simply repeat this process until she is free.


If the entity does not disappear after you have freed her, but instead keeps reverting back to the fireball casting you will have to exit and re-enter Amity house. Do keep in mind that doing so will reset all your progress in the instance.

Objective: Search for information on the other girls

Look around the room and read the files until your mission updates. The files can be found in the cabinets around the laboratory.


Tier 4

Objective: Talk to Callie James

She can be found in Ealdwic Park, near (165,190).


Tier 5

Objective: Talk to Richard Sonnac

Sonnac can be found in his office back at Temple Hall


Tier 6

Objective: Travel through Agartha to the Besieged Farmlands in Transylvania

Simply enter the Agartha portal and locate the entrance to the Besieged Farmlands. This can either be done by continuing past the City of the Sungod, or by walking past the portal to Seoul, and jumping down, the Transylvania branch will be at the very bottom.


Once you reach the portal to the Besieged Farmlands, using the method of your preference, simply enter it.


Welcome to Transylvania! Your mission should now complete itself, and you should receive the next story mission, Mortal Sins.


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  • Adker

    before getting the 3rd clue i had to watch the doll in the doll house go to sleep. when i didn’t do that and just entered the code the entitiy didn’t disapear in the last step.

    • Chaosetor

      Ops, a slight oversight there. I’ve added it to the guide, thanks for pointing it out :-)