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Birds, Bees, and Bonuses – New Membership Benefits and Valentine’s Day!

Posted by Vomher on February 10, 2016
Last updated by Vikestart on February 26, 2016

Membership Benefits are constant perks that remain active for as long as you are a member in The Secret World!

  • 30% Bonus XP
  • 50% Bonus Black Bullions
  • 8 hour Mission Cooldowns
  • 2 Lockout Timer Reset *Every 30 Days
  • 1200 Bonus Points *Every 30 Days
  • 10% Item Store Discount
  • Token Capacity Increase
  • 18 hour Raid Lockouts
  • Free Anima Leap
  • Loyalty Rewards *Based on days purchased

New membership benefits are active in The Secret World for all Subscribers and Grandmasters!

The Grandmaster Pack is only available for purchase until February 09 2016 at midnight GMT. Past that time, no new Grandmaster purchases will be possible but all Grandmaster players will retain their status regardless. This includes the 20% Item Store Discount.

The membership status of a player can be seen in their nametag employing a new set of hexagonal yellow icons, while benefits themselves are visible from the top bar. Bonuses to experience and bullion are listed in the rewards section of a mission and its turn-in report.

Loyalty Rewards are special rewards acquired for subscribing to The Secret World for 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360 days. Grandmasters receive these bonuses immediately, but the counter for a subscriber began February 01 2016 or when they first subscribe. These rewards can be claimed in the Item Store.

For a full list of Loyalty Rewards, see the official Membership page! For any questions, check out the Membership FAQ!

Alongside the Membership changes comes the Valentine’s Day event!

From now until February 23 2016, unique items are available for purchase from the Item Store. Two new items, the Love Bird pet and Rose Rain consumable effect, are available exclusively through Gifting during this time, while a new Valentine’s Scooter can also be purchased or Gifted.

Previous years’ items also return to the store.

The Merchant of Eros has moved next to Mr. and Mrs. Knickknack in all Faction Hubs and continues to sell up to two Satchels of Amorous Delights per day to a character as well as new clothing for Lucky Coins! As with the rest of the event, this vendor will only be available until the 23rd of February.

Take a look at the official news post for the event!

On top of all of that, banks have finally been added to each Faction Headquarters!

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  • Vysehrad

    Not sure what’s the deal with my account. I apparently signed up for pre-order in 2012, the payment didn’t go through, yet I must have gotten a game key from somebody. I just downloaded the game on Sunday, and was able to start playing without buying anything. I’m getting the 30% xp bonus, etc., but didn’t get any points. It says a 1 month membership, and yet says only valid in 2012.

    • Vomher

      Hello! While I’m not too sure myself where you got your game key from, you will get your 1.2k bonus points from one of two ways:

      After completing 30 missions, you will get 1200 bonus points as a one-time account reward. These points are valid for 30 days. You’ll get them once you reach that milestone.

      Your recurring bonus points are from when your subscription hits the next 30 day mark, should you subscribe. Based on your story, I’m guessing your current subscription is the free 30 days every player gets upon activation of a game key. This free month does not come with bonus points, but since you do get points when you complete your first 30 missions – presumably something you do within that month – people don’t mention this often.

      The free game time that comes with your game key doesn’t give you points, that’s all. :) If you allow your subscription to continue after that point, or you subscribe manually for a period of time, you will begin to get the monthly points!

      • Vysehrad

        Thanks for that. Is it necessary to both subscribe AND get the Ultimate Edition, or do they overlap?

        • Vomher

          The Ultimate Edition and subscriptions are largely unrelated!

          The Ultimate Edition provides all DLC up to Issue 12, an additional character slot, a shiny outfit, and some other things I forget about, plus depending on where you get it, another game key.

          A subscription gets you all bonuses listed in my article above, but it does not automatically get you DLC; people just often use their bonus points to pay for the DLC when it comes out and use the rest of their points for… whatever they want, like clothing.

          Neither are necessary in any way nor is it necessary to get both. You can eventually get all of the DLC by paying for it separately or by using your monthly bonus points, and you don’t need to be subscribed to experience the DLC. Once you purchase it, it’s yours, subscriber/member or not.

          The only thing you definitely won’t get if you don’t subscribe are the Membership benefits/Loyalty Rewards, and the only thing you miss out on if you don’t get the Ultimate Edition is the Zenith Core outfit. So I suppose you need both to get all of their aesthetic rewards, but it it’s not necessary by any means.

          If you want to save money, the Ultimate Edition at 66% off is possibly the cheapest way to get all of the issues. :)