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It's that time again!

Halloween is the best season of all in The Secret World and what better occassion is there to play around with and show off all new clothing than in a fashion competition? The Cost of Fashion was a huge success last year! The instance was full and the entries were creative and diverse. Consequently, we have decided to bring it back again this year! Prepare for another huge fashion competition with lots of prizes and style!

There will be 3 rounds, as well as quizzes in between each round.

The round themes will be revealed at a later date or when the event starts.

DJPSywarrior from Radio Free Gaia will be there to provide awesome musical entertainment, as always! If you want to request any songs, you can do so from this website.

The judges will be Vikestart, Ciritty and (???). Community Manager Tomium will also judge in the first round!

The Crusades

The event begins at 6:00 pm GMT on October 29th, in the Crusades club in London. The entrance to said club can be found in the south-eastern part of London. You can view the map to the right for futher reference.

The dimension is Arcadia. You can meet up on Vikestart, Ciritty or DJ-Psywarrior ingame to get there instantly!

Fashion Show

1st winner of a round gets to pick a t-shirt + gets a "Haunte Couture" title, 1200 points
2nd winner of a round gets t-shirt A, 600 points
3rd winner of a round gets t-shirt B, 300 points


There will be a quiz in between each fashion round, with 5 questions each. 200 points will be given to the first person that provides the correct answer, per question.

The bonus points can be spent in the ingame Item Store. They expire after 6 months.