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Dungeon DPS Build – Shotgun/Pistol

Build created by Ciritty
Posted by Ciritty on January 27, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on October 12, 2015
  • Abilities
  • Gear
  • Rotation
  • Auxiliary
  • Effectiveness
TypeDungeon DPS Build
AP Cost739
AP CostQL 10 Epic
  • AbilityStriker
  • AbilityShootout
  • AbilityOut for a Kill
  • AbilityScattershot
  • AbilityBreaching Shot
  • AbilityDeadly Aim
  • AbilityBombardment
  • AbilityTwist the Knife
  • AbilityCloser
  • AbilityIron Maiden
  • AbilityLethality
  • AbilityBrawler
  • AbilityElemental Force
  • AbilitySeal the Deal
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Suggested Rotation
Suggested Auxiliary Abilities
Ability Ability More damage, combine with Augur Signet.
Ability Ability Great for taking care of adds. Combined with an Augur or Binding signet.
Gear Stats
4000+Attack Rating
650Hit Rating
500+Crit Power
It's recommended to place hit and pen rating on your talismans, leaving your crit budget for weapons. This way you can split the stats on your weapons: Pistol 4/4 Crit Power. Shotgun Crit Rating.
Head:Signet of Laceration
Shotgun:Signet of Abuse
Pistols:Signet of Aggression

The Polaris

Hell Raised

The Darkness War

Hell Fallen

The Ankh

The Facility

Hell Eternal

The Slaughterhouse

The Penthouse

The Manufactory

Manufactory Breached



New York

Agartha Defiled



El Dorado







A simple yet highly effective Dungeon DPS build revolving around a focus attack during Elemental Force. This build also works well in the New York Raid.


Lock, Stock & Barrel

By either replacing scatter shot or Deadly aim or Breaching shot (if someone else provides these buffs) you can use Lock, Stock & Barrel to increase your single target DPS.

12 Gauge

This passive applies debilitate to your target, if your group is having trouble with the damage output of a certain boss and neither your tank or healer is already providing the group with this amazing debuff you can do your team and wallet a favor by slotting this instead of closer.


DPS builds in general focus on boosting their consumers as much as possible.

This specific Elemental Force build super-charges Shootout in order to achieve great numbers.

The rotation is fairly simple:

Striker x5
Auxiliary weapon attack/Striker x1
Out for a Kill x1
Shootout x1 (Elemental Force)

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  • Mikail

    Personally I would change Accuraccy for Closer, since most of DPS in this setup comes from Shootout.
    Also, since it’s dungeon oriented build, it would be better to take Single Barrel instead of Striker – more dmg to weakened target and that 0.5sec activation timer is not noticable in most fights (although it can be problematic in Machine Tyrant encounter since you have to keep running most of the fight, I use striker then).
    Next thing – if you can stay close to the boss whole fight (like Ur Draug or Corroder, when you basically hug boss) you can consider using Raging Bullet instead of Out for a Kill – slightly higher dmg when 3m or less from target, end remember that shotgun skill damage bonus (CQC) works better when closer to the target too.

    • Ciritty

      Accuracy will often add more damage than closer will in this setup, this is due to the way damage percentages stack.

      Damage percentages stack additively with any other damage percentage in their respective “category”. The reason accuracy tends to parse better than closer is because it is in a different “category” than the usual boosts (passives, signets, actives such as Do or Die) Making it appear “multiplicative” under most circumstances as it doesn’t add up with any of the normal buffs.

      This results in 5% damage increase actually being a 5% damage increase, where as the 7.5% damage increase of Closer does not reach the same value even when you don’t consider the builder damage into the equation.

      • Mikail

        I understand your point but I beg to differ, based on my parses: (4:12 min, fixed range of 2.0m, same passives as in the build but got debil in place of iron maiden; using DA/BS, DoD + pen/crit power gadgets, agression/abuse/laceration/venice and 2xcleaving signets, no exposed/SF/world domination buffs, crit power unbuffed: 54,1%(sg)/70,5%(pistol), total crit/pen about 34%/22%)

        Closer gives higher DPS, even though the parse with Accuracy had bigger max hit (crit/pen while with Closer parse it was only crit, so the difference was quite high).

        The difference was noticable, at least 20 more DPS with Closer slotted when comparing parses with similiar distribution of pen/crits.

        So unless Exposed makes big difference, I’d stick to Closer, since Shootout+Out for a Kill is about 70% of damage dealt (about 55% of dmg is Shootout), even bigger part when using Closer.

        I did not tested the maxed setup though (with completed augments, purple signets and .5.5 gear), but not every1 can afford it anyway.

        • Chosen-Blood

          Did some simular testing, 3×2 minutes with each passive, but I also tested Straight Shooter. Got 2xPurple Cleaving and 1xBlue Cleaving, which works in favour of Straight Shooter here. From the parses I got, it looks like Straight Shooter > Closer > Accuracy.

          Put the act file here if anyone is interested:

          Not saying this is the way it is, this is just the data from the testing I did. :)

          • Mikail

            Yea, you’re probably right, was thinking about switching to S.Shooter too.
            Anw the more focus you put on Shootout (higher critpower, cleaving signets, .5 upgraded pistols etc.) the more you benefit from boosting only this one ability to the max.
            Although things will change a bit after 1.9, looking forward to test it, with changes to STD, S.Shooter may underperform vs. Closer, and Accuracy will for sure.

  • Rudollis

    Striker outperforms single barrel slightly due to the cast time. Builders should be instant whenever possible, shorter rotations lead to more consumers over time. And builders with a cast time tend to add latency to their activation time as well, so depending on how much of a problem latency is for you, the gap widens.

    Good suggestion about Raging Bullet though! If you can guarantee to stay in melee range, it is preferable to use that consumer.

    • Mikail

      Well, i’d need to parse both Striker and SB, but I think that if cast time is lower then cd it should not be harmful to your rotation.
      BTW, Ur Draug is bad example for Raging Bullet usage – even if you basically put shotgun up his arse, it still shows about 7m distance (checked this today) ;/

      • Rudollis

        DumbOx parsed this extensively already, you can see the results here:

        Basically, the cast time does matter and it slows your rotation time.

        • Mikail

          Yea, i see it now, the delay is more than noticable.
          Also EF building is more clear when using Striker.

          Thanks for correcting, i rarely use SG so it was more theory crafting than actual, empirical knowledge, person can learn something new every day ;)

          • Nattatar

            The real problem with EF is when it updates at the time of projectile collision, i use Ignite in NYR and the fireball takes so long to hit the boss that it updates 1-2 seconds late and makes it impossible to keep track of my stacks.

  • JimmyTheRabbit

    12 Gouge “slotting this instead of accuracy”… there is no such passive in the build, just curious what it is recommended this would actually replace. My best guess would be lethality or brawler.

    • Ciritty

      Closer. Fixed it thanks!

  • Disappoint

    Got back into the game again recently, and I’m curious, is this build still good? If so, which aux weapon would you suggest?

    • Ciritty

      Yes, upgraded it. Take a look! :p

      • Disappoint

        Neat. I assume the Bombardment elite is Rail Turret?

        • Ciritty

          Yep that’s what it used to be! It’s now Bombardment. :p

          • Disappoint

            So it is lol. Thanks for the update.