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The Jinn and the First Age

Posted by Vomher on May 10, 2015
Last updated by Vomher on April 14, 2016
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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see...

TRANSMIT - initiate the Djinnestan signal - RECEIVE - initiate the 72nd sura - I AM ASHES WHERE ONCE I WAS FIRE - it is revealed unto me - WITNESS - the Jinn.

Beyond breath. Beneath the Abyss. Past sleep and death. In the Howling. Listen. Lost voices. They sing! Their song is so sad. The only thing deeper than their mourning is their hate. Hearken! Bare witness to the doleful chorus and their ember words:

"We are fire. Why should we bow to the clumsy clay?"

Their name comes from the same root that forms "paradise," "the hidden," and "madness." Born from the smokeless flame, they received the gift of free will. Like you, sweetling, they tread the snake-tongued path to goodness or wickedness. Way back, in the Long Ago, before apes were given tongues to speak as humankind, other, glorious beings wandered the lands and soared the skies. They made the sphere of our Mother a rich world of uncountable delights. The Host brought new sentience to life, beings you call demons and spirits. The jinn were among the first.

Made to serve, they took joy in their service. Forged from dancing fire, and aware of their own splendour, the jinn wandered the lands strong and proud. In that idyllic age, they felt no jealousy. They swore oaths to protect Gaia and all who inhabited Her. All was tranquil.

Until you were born from the primordial swaddling.

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  • Orosanu Bogdan

    I’m a bit confused here, I’m fairly sure I’ve answered all the riddles correctly the last time I was in that floor, are these ‘knowledge’ rooms opened by chance or..?

    • Vikestart

      You don’t need to answer the riddles correctly to progress to the mission, but you need to answer them correctly for the lore to spawn. You only get 1 chance at each question.

      • Orosanu Bogdan

        If you don’t mind, I’d much rather prefer you don’t reply to my messages. Thank you.

        • Vikestart

          What are you? 8 years old? Fine, we can sort that out. You’re banned from commenting again, site-wide.

          • Acustic

            I feel quite insulted by you and prefer to not associate myself with people that I feel have wronged me. I don’t think that’s immature in any way. You pretty much called me a child and then banned me completely from the site. Who’s the child now? It feels like everywhere I go, there’s you, trying to hurt me and make my experience with this game unpleasant, although I’ve done nothing to you. You’re a hateful man, aren’t you..

  • Gattos

    I don’t quite understand which part I find this

    • Vikestart

      Click the “View Image” button. :) It has an image and an explanation under it.

  • Gattos

    Riddle 3 answer??

  • Esmeralda

    riddle1 echo riddle2 nothing riddle3 Mephistopheles