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Fungal Crawler of Leng

Posted by Vikestart on December 4, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on January 10, 2015
  • What the F@#% Is That?
  • Kaidan (460,115)
  • 7 768 1 4411 637


This rare spawn is easy to spot. It’s very close to where you can cross over onto the Congo ship Nightmare area, at (460,115).

It appears to have a respawn time of around 3 hours. Its attacks aren’t particularly hard-hitting, however, it does have numerous AoE ground attacks including several circles and a cone attack. Be sure to avoid those. Also, it’s recommended that you have acquired the shield controllers before attempting to kill this monster alone.


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  • Skecpa

    Rarely drops AEGIS Shield Rejuvenator “Curiosity: Restores 700 shield strength to your currently active AEGIS shield. Applies a 2 minute cooldown to all Curiosities.”

    More commonly drops assorted AEGIS damage grenades (Psychic/Demonic/Cybernetic) and Cocktails (HP+HR HP+AR AR+HR).