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The Opener of Kimon

Posted by Vikestart on June 28, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on September 17, 2015
  • Shoki's Hideous Grin
  • Kaidan (Random)
  • 17 768 3 1143 745


This is one of the hardest rare monsters to find because it keeps teleporting to different locations on the map, however, it will always be in an area occupied by the Onis.

Below you can find a map that displays a highlighted area in which you may find The Opener of Kimon. If you’re having trouble finding him, he might be on a respawn cooldown.


If you see him, you should attack him as fast as you can before he opens a portal and disappears from the area.

As for this creature itself, it has a psychic shield and a demonic shield. He has quite a lot of ground attacks and tricks up its sleeve. His most dangerous attack is the standard Oni attack where he disappears and creates a circle on the ground that throws you into the air if you’re caught in it. Be sure to avoid that one.

He will sometimes drop an [AE Overcharger] which is a very powerful gadget. It will convert 15% of your damage into additional AEGIS damage for 10 seconds. That is very useful in the Tokyo dungeons.


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  • CultOfXtc

    Just killed this little bugger with Redphantom, we got rather excited at th eloot until we found it was a pot not a gadget. Pot gives 140 HR/Ar for 60 minutes through death.

  • Skecpa

    Rarely drops AE Overcharger – “Curiosity: Converts 15% damage to current AEGIS damage type for 10 seconds. Applies a 2 minute cooldown to all Curiosities.”

    In addition to the overhead teleport circle he does the pie shaped wedge attack as well. I believe it’s called “Burning Wheel”

  • Ryn0man

    Half way through a fight, he will just disappear? Is this normal? A bug? Is there a way to stop it?Twice now we’ve got rid of his red shield, burned through his purple a couple times, we get his HP below half, and *Bam* he just disappears. Sometimes comes back about ten minutes later, with health and shields reset