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Posted by Vomher on October 22, 2015
Last updated by Vomher on October 22, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
City of the Sun God Postcard Collection (120,450) XP175 500 PAX10 000  BB2
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Tier 1

Objective: Inspect Moutnefert’s postcard collection

There are postcards littering the base of Moutnefert. Use any one of them.


Objective: Find a postcard from Egypt/London/New England/Tokyo/Transylvania

You will be tasked with finding a postcard from one location of many. It’s random which one you’re tasked with finding.

Postcard: Egypt

Go through the Stairway (970,670) into the temple structure below. The postcard can be found sitting innocently (960, 590) in a small side room within the first room. Take it, please.


Postcard: London

The London postcard is in a destroyed crate (335,865) in a ruined tent by the Rebirth.


Postcard: New England

This postcard lays forgotten beside the well-traveled Ptahmose (345,100).


Postcard: Tokyo 

A postcard from Tokyo is, unsurprisingly, in the Orochi Camp left on a crate in a tent (55,875) amidst a pair of laptops.


Postcard: Transylvania

Strewn about the wreckage of yet another Orochi jet (115,290) is the Postcard: Transylvania.


Objective: Return the postcards to Moutnefert

Make your way back to Moutnefert and click on her statue to give her your miscellaneous postcard.


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