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Fight For Your Rites

Posted by Vomher on April 5, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on October 14, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
City of the Sun God Amir (985,685) XP349 080 PAX15 000  BB18
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This mission follows Appeasing the Flame and is followed by In the Dusty Dark.

Tier 1

Objective: Locate a nearby Jinn binding site

Make your way to a ritual site in a Eastern corner of Mamar El-Al-Hiram (865,875).


Objective: Disrupt the binding

Surrounding the ritual site is an Acolyte of Aten and Atenist Fanatic. Kill them to disrupt the ritual.


Objective: Survive the Rakshasas

Upon disrupting the ritual, two sets of two rakshasas will breach the portal and run amok. Kill them.


Objective: Defeat the Jinn

Once the Rakshasas are dealt with, an Ifrit of the Staggering Flames will burst forth, furious, and attack.


Objective: Take the tablet fragment

On the ground where the mighty Ifrit once stood is a fragment. Take it. It will only be there for 35 seconds.


Tier 2

Objective: Examine the Tablet fragment more closely

Right click the First Tablet Fragment from within your inventory.

This will cause the world to shift as a fiery wisp zips in a singular direction.


Objective: Follow the pull of the next fragment

Follow the pull from the first fragment to the second (425,735), which rots within the enormous skeletons of Vulture’s Pass.


Objective: Examine the remains

Take a closer look at the glowing sphere that the tablet has dragged you to.


Objective: Defeat the sand golems

Three Summoned Sand Dolls will come to life to defend the remains. They must be destroyed.


Objective: Continue digging through the sand mound

With the golems done with, there is nothing stopping you from defiling remains for a tablet.


Objective: Take the tablet fragment

The object clutched in the skeleton’s hands and covered with sand was none other than the tablet. Peel it from those long-dead fingers.


Objective: Combine the tablet fragments

Put the fragments into the assembly window and make an Incomplete Tablet Fragment.


Tier 3

Objective: Locate the next fragment

Use the Incomplete Tablet Fragment and follow its fiery trail, which leads to the Nocturne temple complex. In particular, a glowing mound of sand (175,760). Again.

Warning: At this time, the door to Nocturne sometimes glitches and does not open. If this occurs, please Meet Up into another Dimension of the City of the Sun God to resume this mission.


Objective: Defeat the Jinn

Enraged, an Infrit of the Irresistible Flame appears to stop the thievery.

Our sacred script was not meant for your simian eyes nor your filthy tongues!

Kill it before it kills you.


Objective: Continue digging through the sand mound

With no jinn in the way, it’s time to dig.


Objective: Retrieve the tablet fragment

Far in the corner of the sand mound rests a small fragment to take.


Objective: Combine the tablet fragments

Combine the Incomplete Tablet Fragment with the Third Tablet Fragment in the assembly window to make a new Incomplete Tablet Fragment.


Tier 4

Objective: Locate the final tablet fragment

The final trail leads within a ritual room in the Gauntlet (610,705).


Objective: Disrupt the binding ritual

The many cultists are attempting to bind an enfeebled Marid and must be stopped. Kill them all, especially the Brand of Aten conducting the heretical binding.


Objective: Complete the binding ritual

With the Atenists gone, use the binding runes on the ground to bind the Marid. This is only possible for 45 seconds.


Unfortunately, the Marid cannot handle the heat and evaporates.

I cannot withstand this heat. I am sorry, master!


Objective: Take the tablet fragment

Pick up the Fourth Tablet Fragment from where the Marid regretfully dispersed.


Objective: Combine the fragments

Place the Incomplete Tablet Fragment and Fourth Tablet Fragment together in the assembly window to create the Completed Tablet.


Objective: Examine the completed tablet

Feast your eyes upon the efforts of your hard work and graverobbery.


Objective: Return the completed fragment to Amir

With the fully formed fragment in hand, make way to Amir (985,685).


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