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In the Dusty Dark

Posted by Vomher on August 13, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on October 14, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
City of the Sun God Ptahmose (340,90) XP1 795 220 PAX35 000  BB18
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This mission follows Fight For Your Rites and is followed by Beneath You It Eats Its Name.

Warning: Due to the nature of this mission, this guide is picture heavy.

Tier 1

Objective: Locate the hidden entrance in the Gauntlet

Travel to the Gauntlet, the vast structure leading to the Black Pyramid itself. Walk along its length and turn to the western staircase splitting the northwest and southwest structures.

Note: The safest route to this portion of the Gauntlet is by taking the Vulture’s Pass Anima Well and going around the Reformatory.


Head to the top of the stairs where the hallway leads in to both facilities.

From there, the path splits. The northern one houses the ritual binding room, but the southern is unknown.

While walking down to the southern half of the Gauntlet, a peculiar sight can be seen.

The wall moves.


A secret passageway in the midst of operation.

Enter the room containing the closed entrance (620,645).


Objective: Enter the hidden pyramid entrance

The wall (620,640) lies deep within the Gauntlet. Many torches with symbols beneath them line the alcove of a room. Find how to open the entrance.

This is where the Lorentzian Fabricator v3 takes you should you have the Issue 14 Collector’s Edition.


The hieroglyphs should be familiar.

There is a reason you have a translated tablet. Access it from the mission journal.


Silently speak these letters three.

Pull the wick, (620,645), Eye of Horus (right) (620,650), and n (610,660).


Press them relatively soon after each other, or the mechanic will reset.

Once the correct combinations are pulled in the appropriate amount of time, the passageway will open to reveal a door at the end of a deep stairwell (620,630).


Tier 2

Objective: Explore the pyramid

Explore the grandeur hidden bellow.


The achievement Flawless Archaeology is possible to complete while Beneath the Black Pyramid. Don’t die or fall into any pits. This is an achievement of skill and luck.

Upon entering the ancient passage, you find yourself Out of Batteries, making you unable to use a headlamp to illuminate your way through the darkness.

Walk through the dismal, dreary darkness to the light at the other side (82,265).


Objective: Acquire a light source

In the light of a wall-mounted torch, a discarded torch can be seen left in the sand. A torch is better than nothing, so grab the abandoned stick.


Objective: Light the torch at a wall brazier

The Torch replaces your action bar but only has one ability at a time.


Light – Light your torch from a fire source.

Ignite – Use your torch to ignite nearby flammable objects

When first picking up a Torch, you will have the buff Torch. You have a torch. Now to find a flame.

Flickering ominously beside the discarded torch is a still-lit brazier. Use Light at the brazier to borrow some of its flame for yourself. Light becomes disabled when far from a flame.


Once the torch is lit, Light will become Ignite, which ignites nearby flammable objects. In addition, you gain the new buff Torch, which increases movement speed by 50% but prevents sprinting in the process.

The achievement Tomb RAIDing can be completed once Beneath the Black Pyramid and wielding a torch. Scarabs scurry about throughout the instance. Use the torch to incinerate them.

Objective: Explore the pyramid

Press onward through the darkened path with your torch to guide you.

Ancient Relics can be found just ahead that begin They Belong in a Museum, requiring the collection of six relics from Beneath the Black Pyramid.

Eventually, the straightforward path leads to a crossroads and a side mission just inside.

Farther inside past the Ancient Relics is an enormous cobweb blocking the path.


Luckily, you have fire on your side. Ignite the cobweb.


Continue on down the ramp into a new room: a puzzle room.


Objective: Solve the puzzle to open the door

In the new room are a series of tiles, each with a hieroglyph on it.


For those who have played Issue 6, the puzzle should look somewhat familiar.

Walk the correct tiles to open the door. A correct tile will light the column, but an incorrect tile will do nothing. Thankfully, it is not a deadly trap.

Across the room are two columns, each of them showing the same series of symbols: Phoenix, Eye of Horus, Isis, Phoenix, and Eye of Horus in that order.

Walk the hieroglyphs given.

While it is possible to start from Phoenix, it leads to a dead end, so it must be Eye of Horus, Phoenix, the Isis directly ahead of the Phoenix, Eye of Horus, and Phoenix, from the front of the room leading to the door.



Objective: Explore the pyramid

Follow the rather linear path past the opened door.

Again, you face a crossroads.

Head right for another relic for They Belong in a Museum and some scarabs.

Take a left turn down another foreboding ramp.

Again, you come to another crossroads, this one bordered by two arms.


Go straight for the third relic and another scarab and return to the crossroads.

Take another left down a ramp and continue onward to a very bright chamber.


Objective: Cross the pit

The chamber is none other than a giant pit of death with a suspicious amount of pebbles floating in the air.


It can be none other than an invisible path. The cruelest possibility of them all.

Take a step of faith into the abyss.

Provided you did not walk into empty, a vast space awaits with no straightforward path. A straight path, even an invisible one, would hardly be a good trap against troublesome meddlers.

Hieroglyphs line the walls of the room.

Let them be your guide. They have helped in the previous puzzle, after all.

If you wish to complete Flawless Archaeology, please see the solution below.

Picture-Heavy Puzzle Solution

Using each symbol as a single unit:

1. Start from the rightmost path.


2. Go three up to the eye on your right.


3. Turn left three until you stop at the sitting goose by the entrance.


4. From there, go down one as to be on the same level as the tree on the left wall.


5. At the bee, go left three to the left wall, resulting in being on the wick and bee.


6. Now go up three additional spots to the second bee on the left wall.


7. Once at the farther away bee, go three to your right so that you are in front of the right-side Isis on top of the exit.


8. Go two spaces up so that the arm pointing ahead is on your left and the arm pointing behind is on your right.


9. Take two to the left so that you are in front of the tree instead of Isis.


10. You are now home free. Run to the other side as marked by the torches in front of the tree. Congratulations!

Note: We will be adding a map of the solution to this puzzle.

If you fall down the pit, the achievement Flawless Archaeology will break; however, an Ancient Parchment can be found by a skeleton at the bottom of the pit. The Ancient Parchment contains the solution to the puzzle, but it is incomplete.


Scarabs are also in the desolate pit.

Head out of the pit fall, cleaning the cobwebs on the way. It will take you back to the beginning of the puzzle.

The puzzle will complete when you get to the end of the other side of the room.

Tier 3

Objective: Explore the pyramid

Tread onward, following the ever helpful elbows to your destination.

Soon enough, you come to a crumbling ceiling and lone lit torch.


It does not bode well.


Passing by the ceiling leads only to death as a boulder comes smashing down from the hole in the ceiling.

Objective: Escape the boulder

Run down the corridor to flee the boulder of death and dismay


After stumbling through the blood of those previously pulverized, you come to another pit.

Objective: Cross the bottomless pit

It’s bottomless. Best be careful around those.


There is a lever on the right of the beginning of the pit. A Bee symbol is on both the lever and the floor by the pad and blood.


Pull the lever to activate the jump pad on the ground near the matching bee.

Doing so unfortunately releases the Creeping Death, a very rude mummy that will kill with a touch.


Run on the jump pad to escape the mummy as soon as possible.


Objective: Escape the mummies

Once the pit is crossed, two more mummies of immediate death burst from their sarcophagi. Escape with due haste.

Dash through the hall of poison darts.


This leads to a room with a small pad containing the Knot of Isis. Do not step on the pad if you are hunting scarabs or lore.

Avoid activating the pad and instead navigate around it. To the right leads to small dead-ends, the one of which contains Call of the Nameless #7. Mummy kiting may be necessary, as activating the pad simultaneously closes the area containing the lore while opening the next area of the mission.


Stepping on the Knot will engulf the pursuing mummies in fire if the darts didn’t already kill them, but will also lock the doors to the lore in the hall, as well as any scarabs hiding throughout.

Standing on the Knot pad is the only way to move forward, as while closing some doors, it also opens the door to move forward.


Objective: Explore the pyramid

At the Knot of Isis, go left to a new ramp and burn the cobweb in the way.

Continue down to another death trap.


Objective: Make it past the traps

A hall of traps stands foreboding before you.

Climb the sarcophagus to the left to get on to the banister.


Then traverse the path of conveniently fallen sarcophagi, running past the darts of doom. Staying on the sarcophagi will keep you below the darts’ level.


King Solomon #2 is sitting in the path of some darts. Sacrifice yourself for Lore or return to the piece after deactivating the trap. 

Then take the sarcophagus up the other side while staying wary of the darts and their timers.

InTheDustyDarkTier3FourthPuzzleStep3Carefully go through the sarcophagi path back into the acidic waters, waiting on the darts and gas timers as necessary.


Once through the path, there is a Knot at the other side. Walk on it to deactivate the traps.


Objective: Explore the pyramid

Go on in. Again.

There are two ramps, one up and one down.

Up the ramp around a corner past a Weathered Scroll after the poison trap is King Solomon #7.

Head downwards to breach deeper into the pyramid.

On the way through, there is a large congregation of scarabs worshiping a Royal Scarab idol. In this little room is Arthropods #6.

Eventually, you come to a balcony.


Objective: Cross the bottomless pit

Another pit!

Lurking on top of a platform in the jump puzzle is King Solomon #8. To get to it, when you get to the second half of the room, take the right pad up to the two levers, deactivate the n and activate the ankh. Hop over to the pad leading to the big n platform, then take the pad to the active ankh platform. This jump pad will take you straight to the lore if the wick lever is inactive.

Warning: Do not attempt to reach this lore if you have already completed this puzzle. It will hurt. You will have to trace back your steps to do so.

This time there are jump pads and levers everywhere.

The levers are associated with hieroglyphs and jump pads, just as before.

Activating a lever shrinks or heightens a jump pad’s throwing distance.

Find out how to cross to the other side.

Explanation Heavy Jumping Puzzle Solution

1. Pull the first lever to activate the phoenix. This will increase the distance the pad marked by the phoenix in the distance will go.


This will drop you on top of an activation Knot at a platform with an active Isis lever.


2. Deactivating the lever on the left will decrease the Isis pad’s jump distance. Take the reduced jump pad to the inactive Eye of Horus and pull the lever. This will increase the distance of the Eye of Horus pad just to the right of the balcony entrance.


3. You are stuck on the Horus platform. Jump down and take a jump pad back to the balcony.


4. Return to the Isis platform and reactivate the Isis pad. Now take the pad again. The result will take you all the way to the other side of the room with more jump pads.


The result will take you all the way to the other side of the room with more jump pads.


5. Take the jump pad on your right to a platform above you. The platform has two activated levers: an Ankh and an n. Deactivate both and take the pad back down. This reduces the jump distances of both the following pads.


6. Take the jump pad to the left of the Knot on the platform you just landed on.


7. Use the pad. If the n was not deactivated previously, you will splatter against the wall. With it deactivated, you safely land on the ankh platform.


With the ankh also deactivated, it is a gentle drop to the platform below it.

8. Activate the cane lever on the platform after the ankh jump pad.


9. Take the pad near the cane lever to safely return to the ground.


10. Return to the ankh lever and activate it.


11. Take the jump pads as before to reach the ankh platform, only this time, it will take you elsewhere: all the way to the other side of the room with a new lever. Activate the wick lever.


12. Return to deactivate the ankh lever again and then continue on until you reach the cane lever once more. Deactivate it. It would only get in the way otherwise.


13. Go all the way around again to the ankh lever and reactivate it. This is the final step of levers necessary for the puzzle. Leap to the activated ankh jump pad.


14. Complete the jump! This time, it will take you directly to the platform above the door. Jump off either side of the platform to reach the exit.



Head onward after finally landing on the other side.


Tier 4

Objective: Explore the pyramid

After dizzying feats of genius, persevere to the depths of the pyramid.

Along the way if you take the left ramp up as a detour is the Enigmatic Glowing Crystal for They Belong in a Museum. A cobweb will block the way.

Continue straight through the winding maze to another balcony.


Objective: Enable the jump pad

Before you is yet another pit of despair. A jump pad sits amidst a plethora of hieroglyphs.

The jump pad must be enabled. That cavern must be crossed.

There is a number of hieroglyphic markers in middle of room with a lever and inactive jump pad at their center.



The four imposing columns have hieroglyphs of their own.


Activate the pad through the puzzle. Pulling the lever will deactivate the pad and dismiss any progress mad on this particular puzzle.

There are more hieroglyphs to lead the way.

Follow their path, as with puzzles before.

This can be very tricky, but all will extend from the center out to the edges.

The hieroglyphs on the columns will light to mark your progress on a particular column line.

Hieroglyph Jump Pad Puzzle Solution

Find each trail within the circle of hieroglyphs on the floor. They will light up after activation and stay lit upon completion. Every time a column’s puzzle is solved, the pad will increase in its jump distance.

It will never be enough until all columns have been illuminated.


Column 1: Complete this puzzle from the outside of the hieroglyphs.


Column 2: Complete this puzzle from within the middle of the hieroglyphs.


Column 3: Complete this puzzle from the inside of the hieroglyphs.


Column 4: Complete this puzzle from the outside of the hieroglyphs.



When all columns have been solved, everything will light up and the jump pad will be complete.


Objective: Cross the bottomless pit

With the jump pad completely enabled, it is no problem taking it to cross the pit. Whee!


Tier 5

Objective: Explore the pyramid

Enter the doors so graciously opened for you. Eventually if you take the first left offered after the puzzle, you come to a nice, well-lit hallway.


It’s a trap!

More doomed corpses of Creeping Death will burst from their sarcophagi and come with the Touch of Death. Run straight through to avoid utter destruction.


You will be on a balcony. Spare no time to sight-see and leap down. There will be another Knot by a jump pad. Stand on the symbol to obliterate the mummies.

InTheDustyDarkTier5KillTheMummiesYou are now in the labyrinth.


Objective: Explore the labyrinth

Head into the Labyrinth.


If you take a left in the beginning of the labyrinth, you come to Call of the Nameless #8.

To the end of the right path at the entrance is a suspicious brick sticking out. Press it.


Objective: Navigate the labyrinth

Enter the true depths of the labyrinthine beast as unlocked by the inconspicuous brick.

Go straight from the sliding door entrance and take a right at the first t-intersection. Continue to its end and press the brick.


This will move the wall to the left of the brick to block the way you came, all while opening up a new hallway. If you press the brick just ahead in the new hall, it will close the way back up.

Proceed forward. You will come across a sarcophagus with an Eye of Horus above it. The Creeping Death will soon follow.


Take a right and circle through to a brick with the Eye. Press it and return to the Sarcophagus.


A new hall will open with a mummy-murder marker. Stand on it to silence the Creeping Death eternally.


Continue on, momentarily safe from mummies. You will find yourself in a small segment with multiple bricks.


Press the cane brick to the very left of the contraption to reveal one part of the door.


Additionally press the n and wick brick. This will open the hallway up and the hallway to the right.


Go to the end of the new hallway on the right to press the n brick.


This will close back up the n-wick hall, so press that lever again. This time, the hall will be entirely open.


March forward, but beware the poison darts! There is an entire hall of darts.


There is a Knot of Isis at the end of the dart hall. Step on it to deactivate the poisonous arrows as well as open up the next hallway.


Move forward, eventually coming to a Creeping Death slowly meandering around an enormous cobra painting.


Head left. At the end of a path is an n brick. Hit it to open the closed n path back in the creeping cobra area.


Circle around and go through this new entrance. At the end is a cane with a brick. Hit it to open the third hall.


At the end of the short hall is yet another Knot of Isis. Stand on it to get rid of the terrible Creeping Death and open the way through.


Move on. Through another winding path is another suspiciously well-lit sarcophagus. When you approach, a Creeping Death will emerge, but you may approach anyway to activate the n on the ground. This opens the hallway so you can actually escape the Death.


Run through the poison dart hall to a brick hidden just inside it and press it to open the end of the dart hall.


At the end is one of the many Knots of Isis. Step on it to end the Creeping Death and silence the darts as well as open the next portion of the labyrinth.


To the next portion of the hall is a blocked wall with n on it and that very same symbol in front of two ominous sarcophagi. Step on it.


This will awaken the Desiccated Carcass, a very fiendish foe. It will make lumbering chase. Make haste.


Hastily press the brick to get out of the Desiccated Carcass’s way.


The new hall has two portions: a dart alley and a strange array of bricks and a laser.

Kite the mummy and press the correct combination of bricks to open the way.

Allow the laser to complete its path.

Press the final three bricks and ignore the first one. This will allow the laser to reach its end point.

With the right combination, the laser hits the Eye of Horus.


Approaching the Eye will open the hall. Make haste to the area previously inhabited by the laser. At the end is the last Knot of Isis to finally rid yourself of the Desiccated Carcass.


Now you are free to go at your own pace. One final brick awaits you.


Objective: Investigate the strange room

The lone brick at the end of the laser-pathway begs to be pressed.


Once used, it unlocks a strange mechanism to an unusual room.


Approach the device in the middle.


Warning: At this moment in time, completing this step and the mission after having already completed In The Dusty Dark and Beneath You It Eats Its Name before has a chance to cause the screen to black out as the game scrambles to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing. Type /reloadui into the darkness to fix this issue.
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  • Brooklynn

    Reloading my UI brings my screen back after the mini-cutscene, but it does not take me to the instance for the boss fight. At least at this point I can teleport out and re-enter the boss fight from the Gauntlet.

    • Charles Elbridge Howe IV

      After doing the ui reload, I alt tabbed out and spent about 5 minutes searching for a solution to the problem that didn’t involve leaving and coming back. When I tabbed back in and moved around, it triggered the cutscene again and correctly transported me to the boss fight.

  • Florent

    Will not replay the game after suffering thru this quest and the one following it. Absolute masochistic joke with a huge bug leading to yet another trial & error boss fight. Did not have fun at any step of this one and could care less with any satisfaction of completing it.

  • Roxefeller

    Great guide.. a bit overboard on the steps toward the end.. oh well, I’ll have to get my no death achievement next time.. yeah, like I’m ever repeating this fucking quest chain again.