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The Angry Earth

Posted by Vomher on April 1, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on April 1, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Agartha Scorched Desert Portal (375,340) XP598 410 PAX15 000  BB18
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Tier 1

Objective: Go to the Scorched Desert

Enter the portal before you.


Objective: Find information about the tremors

Head up the ramp into the Scorched Desert above. Upon experiencing a tremor (525,155), the Stationmaster will send a text. He mysteriously has your number.


Objective: Read the SMS from the Stationmaster

Look at the Stationmaster’s tentative text in the bottom right of your screen.

The Stationmaster: Is this thing working? Hello? Perhaps you might find some boffin, in that scorched desert, who has the equipment to detect geological activity.

Closing out the text message will list it as having been read.

Objective: Find equipment to investigate the tremors

With the Stationmaster’s advice in mind, find the right person and tools for the job.

Boffin is British English slang for a scientist or researcher of various sorts.

Head to the Oxford Camp (720,860) to see the archaeologist Montgomery de la Roche, his assistant, and the equipment inside their tent.


Tier 2

Objective: Look at the seismograph

Inspect the seismograph sitting on the table (725,865).



Objective: Read the journal

Next to the seismograph is a journal to peruse.



Objective: Find the device mentioned in the journal

Go to the location described in the journal that the device was found in.

It says it was found at ‘the old camp’.

Said camp was abandoned when the ‘walking carrion’ became too numerous.

Ghouls are carrion beasts, and are found in high numbers at the Oxford Dig, Unus; however, it says they had left the abandoned camp that holds the device.

The ghouls moved from the other camp to their current location.

With no ghouls or beasts in sight, the Mysterious Device can be found in a tent in the Oxford Dig, Duo (820,860).


Objective: Pick up the tablet and translation

Beside the mysterious device is the tablet originally mentioned in the journal, alongside the attempted translation.



Tier 3

Objective: Find the first magnetic anomaly

Find the location of the first magnetic anomaly as described by the tablet.

Remember the first stanza of the translation.

We come to a place.

Twins sit unblinking, guarding the six.

A sister sits to her sister’s right,

There, at her feet.

The growls of the earth.

There are two large twin statues staring outward before the Outer Complex north of the Oxford Camp.

The Outer Complex contains six smaller statues.

The statue on the left, the statue on the West side, is to the right of her sister.

Climb up the statue’s base to her feet would have been if they had not been shattered (720,950).


Objective: Activate the device

Use the Mysterious Device in your inventory at the pulsating spot.


Objective: Wait for a tremor to appear

Wait with the device until the tremors resume for it to record the data.


Objective: Replay the tremor on the seismograph at the Oxford Camp

Return to the camp with the device and use it at the seismograph to replay the tremor.

The achievement Due Diligence requires the investigation of all the anomalies as described in the translation using the mysterious device and seismograph. Some anomalies are not objectives of The Angry Earth and will require additional investigation.

Objective: Examine the seismograph again

Take another peek at the seismogram produced by the replay.



Tier 4

Objective: Find the second magnetic anomaly

Go to the next location said to be the ancient home of the anomaly.

Remember the second stanza of the translated tablet.

We come to a place.

Where the oasis sleeps.

The vast, the sweeping, the lush oasis defying the desert.

By the still water, the rock stands.

The growls of the earth.


The Forsaken Oasis is an area of lush green standing in defiance to the desert around it. There is a large rock jutting out from the side near the Anima Well (365,625).

Climb to its peak.



Objective: Activate the device

As with before, use the device at the pulsating anomaly.


Objective: Wait for a tremor to absorb

Stand by the device for a few seconds until a tremor begins.

Objective: Replay the tremor on the seismograph at the Oxford camp

Once again return to the camp and use the device to replay it near the seismograph.

Objective: Examine the seismograph again

Take a look at the new recording in the seismograph.


Tier 5

Objective: Find the third magnetic anomaly

Head now to where the third anomaly is described.

Once more look to the translation. In particular, its third stanza.

We come to a place.

Where the symbol lay.

The breath of life.

Upon its head.

The growls of the earth.


There is a symbol representing life laying around with an anomaly at its tip.

Venture to The Ankh, the symbol of life. The ankh symbol is also known as the breath of life.

Upon the head of the Ankh, its geographical tip on the map before the endless abyss of the Ankh itself, lies the anomaly (330,845).



Objective: Examine the nearby journal

Just before the third magnetic anomaly is an abandoned journal (3315,850) to investigate.



Objective: Examine the tape recorder

Take the recorder near the journal to hear what may have been left by the journal’s deranged author.




Doctor Klein:

A breakthrough in thought. What we were calling the “Ages” is not, strictly speaking, a measure of time, at least, not in a chronologically stacked order. Time bends.

It snaps back like a rubber band, to a fixed point.

The end of each age was a reset. A do-over.

We are on repeat, with variation, as artifacts from the previous age bleed into the next, sending out ripples, each new age compounds with more artifacts and more effected than the last, skewing the original pattern.

There is something that is supposed to happen. But the inevitable is always delayed.

How many times has this world reset? How do we reach endgame?


Tier 6

Objective: Find more of Doctor Klein’s research

Look to a new place for more of the Doctor’s research.

Much of Doctor Klein’s work was done around the Ankh, a symbol of rebirth. Considering his recording’s musings on rebirth and repetition through the Ages, perhaps more can be found below.

Go toward the Lift controls (325,840) to enter the Ankh. Do not use the controls. Instead, accept the popup when you approach the lift.


Another Recorder is strewn abandoned in the Ankh lift landing pad. This starts The Voice of Klein, which can be accomplished while in this version of The Ankh.

Begin to explore the Ankh in its current state.

After passing the first Mote of Aten, there is a hallway blocked by a large purple miasma. Approaching it will cause it to rush forward and kill any in its path.


It causes the area to tremble and shake with its power.


Employ the Mysterious Device when the powerful attack propels itself forward. It will absorb it, as it does all things that shake and devastate.



Continue forward to next room, which would normally contain the first boss within the Ankh dungeon; however, there is no such entity scribbling Aten into the stones this time.

The Call of the Nameless #2 is in the second Filthy alcove to the right in the beginning of the room.


Upon approaching the large empty middle of the room, a large purple barrier will erupt, locking any people within. To stand in the barrier is death.

King Solomon #4 is hiding behind Doctor Klein during his tirade.

Doctor Klein provides a very enlightening monologue.


Until he decides otherwise.

Objective: Survive Doctor Klein’s attacks

Dissatisfied with his lack of knowledge on the tremors, Doctor Klein decides pain is the only solution. He will attack in an effort to play a little interrogation game.


Doctor Klein will frequently slice through the field, his large purple surges appearing opposite of you and cutting across to deliver large damage to anything in its path.


Throughout the interrogation, there will also be pools of Filth to avoid. Stepping in one applies Cloying Baptism, which slows you and makes you far easier to hit with a surge.


Periodically, Doctor Klein will encircle the barrier with his blasts. These will obliterate anything inside the epicenter.


To avoid this devastating blow, use the Mysterious Device to absorb them all in the middle when the surges converge.


The best times to use the device are when the surges begin to converge, or right before when they have all appeared and are about to move.

You must be standing on the device for it to truly protect you from the convergence.


After each convergence, Doctor Klein will in his frustration increase the frequency of his surging blasts and cloying baptismal pools.

After three successfully absorbed convergences, the tremors will distract Doctor Klein and he will depart, in desperate need of time to think about the tremors and their origin.


Doctor Klein:

Did you feel that? The quakes grow stronger! By my calculation, they originate from somewhere near the forbidden city.

Did you hear that? Yes, yes, you heard it!

A voice grinding in the teeth of the angry earth. So puissant!

But what is it? I must sequester myself. I need to think. I need to concentrate!




You are safe at last from Doctor Klein.

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  • Igotta Numbum

    The other 2 anomalies required for “Due Diligence” are in the following locations (each time you find one, go back to the siesmograph, use your device, and look at result on the seismograph)

    1) On the right hand index finger (left side as you look at it) of the God overlooking the entrance way leading to CotSG. You have to be on top of the hand/finger, not at the base of it….. there’s also a lore item there.

    2) Where you find Klien’s journal at the the head of the Ankh symbol, the other anomoly is just behind the journal.

    • Channly

      More notes:
      1) You have to do the achievement before entering the Ankh (ok, before finishing it.) since you lose the device with mission completion.
      2) It seems the anomalies have to be treated in the same order as the tablet suggests, by the way (tried switching order to no avail.)
      3) Also remember to play each anomaly to the seismograph and to look at it before proceeding to the next one.

      • Igotta Numbum

        2) I did Sisters, Aten’s finger, Oasis, Ankh and it worked.

        • Channly

          hmm ok, scratch 2) then :D weird that it didn’t work for me. :x

  • Ramblings

    So, uh, fun fact.
    You can also survive the Klein attack using flicker.
    I died 33 times, of which 3 of those had me survive the first mass attack.
    But it works.

    • Channly

      Rocket Jump works too if you time it right. But why risk doing it this way when you can safely use the device :D

      • Ramblings

        Because I am not a clever man

        • Channly

          *cough* you don’t want to know what that mission cost me in repairs :D :D
          But since we’re discussing the guide, people who read the comments hopefully realized/read that they can use the device. :D

          • Phantorang

            In missions like this, unequip all your gear. It will save you alot of PAX of repairs.

  • Cobin

    I’ve tried the “stay in center” method multiple times and got killed every single time. I’ve fared better standing close to the border of the circle when the big surge attack starts to build up. When you drop the device there, it instantly takes out 2-3 of those disruptions, making the path clear for you to place yourself at the very border, well away from the place where you dropped the device. This worked every time for me.

    Btw, even in the big attack, the surges still spawn facing the current position of your character.

  • Vysehrad

    I’m just sitting here laughing as I look at this, because I’m a noob still fighting tooth and nail just to get through Savage Coast, have been warned about werewolves in Transylvania, and now this looks particularly horrible. Normally in an MMO, if asked am I any good, I’d say I’m okay, I do all right (not great). But this game is beating me like a rented mule. I regret that SWTOR and LOTRO have made me thoroughly squishy.

    • Mathieu Tveskoeg

      I went through the whole game alone twice with no real struggle and I’m far from being a good player in general, maybe I could help you! I can give you some advice and stuff if you’d like :)

  • Mathieu Tveskoeg

    Found the lore I was missing thanks to your guide, thank you :)

  • 3Zachary Romanelli

    Great comments , Speaking of which if you are looking for a CT JD-CV-3a , my company saw a sample version here

  • Ailsa Nordstrom

    Ok, after many deaths, I finally figured out how to time it just right to absorb the big attack. While standing at the center (or as close to it as you can get) wait until the circle is complete around the barrier, then place the device. Hopefully that will save people from needless deaths.

    Additionally, this is not mentioned in the guide but the Mote of Aten will kill you so you have to be careful how close you get to it.

  • Brooklynn

    Can you place links at the end of each section of the guide to the next mission in the chain? I’m rerunning this, and finished the first mission… and didn’t see where to grab the next mission in the instance. :-/

  • Dan Gerszewskiq

    Easter Egg Reference time again! In the computer past the first mote Klein’s last entry “And to think, I hesitated” is from the second Hellraiser movie– from Dr. Channard, referencing his hesitating to join the Cenobytes. Quite apt.