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All Alone Together

Posted by Vikestart on September 11, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 11, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Yuichi and Harumi (850,470) XP

1 396 310

PAX35 000  BB18
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Tier 1

Objective: Examine the message from Harumi

This mission introduces a new notification system. The message from Harumi can be accessed from the notification icon in the lower right corner of the screen.


Objective: Go to the address of darkdeathevilman

The location is clearly outlined on the minimap. Head over there. Once you get there, you should see a note on the door and a notebook on the ground. Inspect them both.


Objective: Locate darkdeathevilman

And so begins the first puzzle. Good luck! No? Hints and solution below then! ^^

The notebook contains a game design plan with a list of locations based off the ingame Tokyo playfield. It would be an idea to investigate those locations.
One of the locations revolves around a container. Go to the container at (740,750) and interact with it to proceed.

Tier 2

Objective: Examine the message from Harumi

View the next message.


Objective: Locate flashygurl27

Again, you’ll find hints and the solution below.

This person likes photographing. Check out her Flickr account to see the images she’s taken. Perhaps figuring out the area they were taken in will help you track her down.
One of the images on the Flickr account appears to be taken from high up somewhere near the graveyard. This is where she’ll be. You will find her body at (850,660), just outside the graveyard.

Tier 3

Objective: Examine the message from Harumi

View the next message.


Objective: Locate Amaya

This one can be easy or hard depending on what your first instinct is. Hints and solution below, as always.

The Orochi homepage can provide you with crucial information that will help you find her.
Go to the Orochi homepage and use the employee finder to look her up. It will mention that she was last spotted in the Ginpachi Park area. So head there and you will find her suit quite hidden at around (965,750).

Tier 4

Objective: Examine the message from Harumi

View the next message sent to you.


Objective: Locate phattrax

Hints and solution below.

If you go to his blog, you will see multiple images of his car. Can it be found?
It can be found in a parking lot, moderately camouflaged by the vast number of other cards surrounding it.
Go to the parking lot north-east of the Bathhouse. You will find the car at (245,880), not far from the Manticore truck there. Phattrax is in the car. Interact with his body.

Tier 5

Objective: Examine the message from Harumi

View the message. This one tells you outright where to go.


Objective: Locate Yuichi’s girlfriend

Go to Susanoo’s Diner as the message from Harumi suggested. Go up to the second floor. You will notice there is a refugee that has dialogue options. Use the “Young Woman” dialogue option a few times to complete the mission.


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  • Chefbyte

    States examine the message from Harumi and yet i have no icon showing in the bottom right hand corner? just relogged and still nought there?

    • Vikestart

      Please check if you have any outdated addons installed.

      • Chefbyte

        checked that and now waiting for a GM

        • sean

          Don’t need a GM: uninstall the addon and /reloadui. Worked for me.

      • Chefbyte

        Known issue

    • Ocho

      Hey. If anyone is having this problem, yes, it appears to be linked to a mod (most likely CleanNotifications). On the forums I found this: “Go to your DataGuiCustomizedFlash folder and manually delete AnimaWheelLink.swf and Fifo.swf” I did this, and the messages appeared again. Hope this works for you, too. :)

  • Tylluan

    Objective: Locate Amaya. It’s not a body, it’s her discarded suit. Look closer.

    Escaped into Agartha, perhaps?

    • Vikestart

      Yeah, I know, I just wrote “body” without thinking :P Corrected now!

    • Aquarion

      In fact, you can find her and her twin boys in Venice…

  • Joel

    Just noticed that Amaya mentions bee stings on the Happy Smiles webpage (google translated it for me, as my japanese is somewhat nonexistant). In retrospect, this is a decent clue where to start looking for her.

  • Justin Daniels

    just found out that the flickr account is not active anymore, so you can’t look up the pictures

    • Zakator

      I could see it no problem, maybe they changed it back to active?