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Contract Killers

Posted by Vikestart on June 4, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on August 5, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Inbeda (170,805) XP398 950 PAX20 000  BB


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Once you have completed the entire story arc from this issue, you can replay this mission from the start location shown above.


Tier 1

Objective: Read the Oni Mission assignment

You will find the assignment hanging on a noteboard near some side missions.


Objective: Travel to the Carpark

Go to the location marked on the map and use the elevator to get inside.


Tier 2

Objective: Find members of the Oni mercenary squad

Once inside, head forward and you will stumble upon a dead Oni. Interact with the corpse to advance the mission.

The House-In-Exile #1 lore piece is on the entrance floor. You might as well pick it up now, as it will be slightly harder to make time for that later on


Objective: Locate the Oni Squad leader

If you explored the current floor, you may have discovered that you cannot get to the floor above, so you will have to go downwards. Go to the ramp leading down to the floor below. There will be a handle at the bottom of the locked gate that you can use to have it opened.

The House-In-Exile #2 should be on this floor, on top of a red car (Screenshot)


Simply continue making your way down floor by floor, whilst enjoying the scary scenery of course. Eventually, you will reach a gate that is locked with a padlock.


Look around for the key. There is a dead security guard on the opposite side of that floor. Next to the corpse, there will be a key that you need to pick up.


You can now get past the locked gate and continue your path. However, you will soon reach a floor where you cannot get past the gate, not even with a key.


The car alarms will start going off one by one and you should see some shady children accompanying you on the current floor. Some kind of strange black wisp will come flying at you and knock you down. This created a whole in the fence so that you can get to the lower floor by going through there.


Eventually, after a few scares you will reach the ground floor. There is a van there that you need to investigate. As you approach the van, a cutscene will trigger.

Kaidan #8 is inside a truck on this floor, the bottom floor (Screenshot)


Objective: Examine the corpse within the car

Click on the dead body in the passenger seat in the front of the van.


Objective: Pick up the security card

The security card is on the ground just in front of the car’s open doors.


Masks in Exile: You might want to consider picking up this side mission while you are down here as you can only access it with this story mission active.

Objective: Reach the top floor security office

Time to make your way back up to the top floors! Just don’t expect things to go as smooth this time around. The reason is simply little demonic girls, oh yes. At first they will ressurect a dead Oni to attack you.

To obtain the achievement Lord of the Lot, you must reach the security office without dying by any means at all. Refer to the rest of this mission walkthrough for how to get to the top floor without dying.


Open the gate by using the keycard reader on the left side.


You will be attacked by a few more ressurected Oni enemies on your way. They are not any harder to defeat than the normal ones.


But that is not nearly the most challenging part either. As you jump onto a truck to reach the next floor by going through the hole in the fence, you will spot a little demonic girl, with green eyes, staring at you.


Here’s the trick. If your character is not facing the little demon at all times, it will come for you and kill you in an instant.

It’s not the camera angle that matters!
What matters is the direction that your character faces. The intention is that your character must actually “look” at the little demons all the time, not letting them out of sight. Walk backwards to the gates to get by without dying.

It can be tricky to get past the gates as they will randomly open and close, but be patient and careful so that you don’t end up dead.


A few floors up, there will be two of those little demons on every floor. That makes it harder to get past them, but you just have to keep a distance and time your movements. If you can manage to get them together, it will be easier to get past them by facing both of them at the same time.


Eventually, you will reach the floor you started at. There is a keycard reader near the ramp leading to the garage floor above. Use the keycard reader to open the gate. Once you are on the upper floor, enter the security office on the other side of the room.

The House-In-Exile #8 is just behind the gate bars, remember to pick it up…


Objective: Watch the security footage

Use the computer. You can view the feed of all the various cameras if you want, but it is the last option that will progress the mission.


Objective: Print out image of the Oni squad’s assailant

After watching the cutscene, you will want to print out the image of the shadow in the feed. Use the first option to do this.


Then use the printer to retrieve the printed image.


After you have printed out the image, the black lore piece The House-In-Exile #2 will be available, however, you will have to sneak past all the demonic girls that have spawned outside the security office. This lore piece will be in the left corner on the other side of this garage floor (Screenshot)

Tier 3

Objective: Return to Inbeda at the bathhouse

Exit the car park through the gate on the right hand side outside the security office.


Return to Ibeda at the bathhouse in the north-eastern part of the map.


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  • Mikail

    I’ve heard a rummor that these little demons does not move if you watch them, so keeping camera focused on them should be a way to avoid dying reliably (and getting the achievment).
    However I didn’t have occassion to test it yet,will do with next rerun of this mission.

    • Vikestart

      I just tested this and it turns out that it’s not keeping the camera on them that matters. What matters is keeping your character turned towards them at all times. In other words, your character must face the little demons. If your character turns 90 degress or around, they will come for you.

      I will update this guide with this information ASAP.

      • Mikail

        Yea, that’s exactly how it works, it’s a bit tricky when there are two of them.
        Also they will follow you if you run out of their range, but as soon as they get in range again, they will cover their eyes and freeze so you can keep moving (like in childs game “Statues”, or “Grandma’s Footsteps”).
        However coming too close to them is not recommended ;)

        • Dr. Abscondus

          This did not work for me. They killed me whether I was looking at them or not (many, many times). I finally gave up on that method and just put on sprint and ran past them to the next gate. By doing this I was able to get up to the next respawn point without them catching me most of the time. After only a few deaths I reached the security office.

          • Vikestart

            Yeah, it worked flawlessly for me, but some peoeple are reporting issues with it. It is probably a bit bugged, but that is how it is supposed to work.

        • huntermagnus999

          And therefore suspiciously like the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who: monsters inspired by the same games.

          • CultOfXtc

            Yes a truely scarey episode of DH.

          • Archangel Alexander

            Oh, I thought I was the only one who noticed…

          • GoldfishBowl

            I thought more like Boos from Super Mario, since they’re actually ghosts and all.

  • CaDom

    Nice Guide :) Can u please add the Lorlocations to it? Maybe with a small hint, how to get them?!

    • Vikestart

      I plan to do that when I get around to replay it ;)

  • Mr. Trix

    Anyone know enough Latin to translate what the mask says when you turn this mission in? I think Inbeda just asked me to take off all my clothes!

    • Mr. Trix

      Nevermind, I finally managed to get a paused subtitle and he’s misquoting (in Latin) the signpost over the gate to the ninth circle of Hell from Dante’s Inferno.

      “Omnes relinquite vestis, o vos intrantes.”
      “Abandon all clothing, ye who enter here.”


  • Angela Kincaid

    House-In-Exile Black #1 is not currently available on the way down, it only spawns on the return trip. You can however reach the lore safely after you reach the top of the carpark, triggering the Goal Complete but before you go in to the security office

  • Eric Nirschel

    ‘Gaki’ is the Japanese localization of a popular Eastern ghost. The name translates roughly to ‘Hungry spirit.’ The Gaki have counterparts in nearly every culture. In China, they’re referred to as ‘Egui.’ In Korean, ‘Agui.’

    The Gaki as they appear in TSW don’t seem to have much in common with their real world mythic counterparts, however. In the mythos, Gaki are skeletal beings with distended stomachs who suffer from insatiable hunger based on poor karma from a previous life; often they’re cursed with only being able to consume specific, particularly gross things for sustenance.

    Supposedly, the real deal is invisible unless under an altered state on consciousness…though I suppose it would be safe to say the buzzing qualifies as an altered state.

    • Kurogetsu

      “gaki” can also mean “brats” xD I guess they mixed it up here.

  • Gattos

    I got no mission update on the computer… do I have to watch all the clips?

  • Daniel Merrifield

    I’m finding the two girls hard to line up. I keep dieing…

    • Richard Thibodeau

      I usually run toward the girl on the left and circle around her so that I’m facing the other girl who is running at me as well. Works most of the time for me.

  • Walter Cfc Hickerson