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Project Agenda – February

Posted by Vikestart on February 1, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on February 1, 2014

stateofthesitefebruary_3Following the successful launch of this site about 2 weeks ago, we’ve kept adding new content to the site regularly. Just recently we released the guide for the Transylvanian story mission, Mortal Sins.

The next big update will be the lore section. We are going to implement interactive maps along with simple lists. Lore entries will be accessible by both location and collection. The interactive maps will most likely include the locations of side missions and rare spawns as well.

In addition to lore, we know that we’re still missing a few Templar specific story missions and their faction missions as well as two Dragon faction missions. These will also be added as soon as possible.

To appeal even more to endgame players, we will also attempt to have more dungeon guides released as well as guides for the two raids. The next thing on the agenda after that will most likely be scenario guides and an augment guide along with other miscellaneous guides. Alongside these updates, a big part of the team will continue to make guides for the rest of the regular missions.

We hope that you’re finding our site useful and exciting. This is just the beginning; there’s a lot more to come such as a complete monster and NPC database and a build planner. In regards to that and as a final note, if you have any ideas, I recommend that you visit the forums of this site, which is accessible from the Community button on the menu.

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  • CultOfXtc

    Good stuff, keep it up :D

    • Aeodus

      Thanks :) Sadly we haven’t been able to fulfil this month’s agenda. We have released the first two interactive maps, a couple more dungeon guides, a general guide on augments while Ciritty has released a few more builds. Not in line with the agenda, but still nice of course ^^, This is partly due to school taking up a lot of my time though hehe, as everything has to go through me. I should seriously appoint a Co-Leader at some point