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Agartha Defiled

Posted by Vikestart on August 19, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on December 10, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Agartha Corrupted Portal (400,330) XP

1 500 000


40 000

More Less Jump to:


Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen

4 038 826

This raid boss is usually referred to as Flappy. None of Flappy’s special attacks can be interrupted with impairs. Flappy also has an enrage mechanic, where if you don’t put up enough damage consistently throughout the encounter, Flappy will disappear.

Standard tanking builds will work fine here. You will need 2 tanks, one to deal with Flappy and one that can take care of the occasional adds that spawn. They are also quite dangerous, so it is important to keep them off the DPS and healers.

There are a lot of AoE ground attacks and dangerous adds here. Everyone should slot at least a minor HP talisman and use a Benefaction Tonic, so that you are just above 4k HP in total.

You will need two healers, usually one pure healer and one leech healer.

As a fist healer you may want to get at least 5000 health as your healing will often make you a target for the occasional adds, and even Flappy after aggro resets.

Membranous Tempest

Flappy has a big frontal cone attack that activates pretty fast. It will deal massive damage to anyone that gets caught by it. It should not be fatal for tanks, but DPS and healers should do their best to avoid it. It is usually not an issue though as the tank should make Flappy face away from the rest of the team.


Zero Point Pathogen

This is one of Flappy’s special attacks where it will send lines of filth along the ground. There are usually around 5 lines. Be sure to avoid those as they deal a fair amount of damage and the filth will also put a debuff on you that reduces healing.


Tears of Dis

This is one of Flappy’s most dangerous special attacks. It will start shooting filth balls all over the battlefield. You might survive getting hit by one of them, however, it will send you flying, and if you’re unlucky, you might end up in another filth explosion, which will kill you. Generally, a good way to avoid these is to stand next to a circle, wait for it to finish, then go into it as there is no persistent effect on the ground.


The Malevolent Sky

Flappy will fly out of the arena and create copies of itself that keep dashing from one side of the platform to the other. The area of effect is rather wide, so having a dash attack yourself to get away quickly is not a bad idea, although it is never required. As the fight progresses, Flappy will do this several times, each time increasing in intensity.


She Who Crawls Outside

At several points during the fight, Zuberi will call for you. You will hear his voice and a bright white light can be seen coming from the platform above.


This means that a second boss is appearing the platform above. Zuberi will be there to protect and heal up to 2 players.

Only DPS should go up to the second platform, as no healing or tanking will be needed, Zuberi will take care of that. He will protect up to 2 players.

You can reach the upper platform by jumping off the lower one. Once the entity upstairs is dead, jump down to the platform below again and continue the fight with Flappy.


Rending Reality

Flappy will at several points of the fight start casting an ability that will cover the whole platform in filth. To avoid this you must jump off the platform to get teleported to the platform above, where you will be safe.

It is imperative that you have killed She Who Crawls Outside before this happens, otherwise the platform above will be covered in Filth, and Zuberi can only protect up to 2 players.


Flappy will come up to fight you there. A random player wil get an AoE on them that follows them. Make sure to stay near the center to not get blown off the platform while there’s still filth on the platform below, and remember that you’ll be knocked backwards, so you can rotate your character to decide in which direction you’ll be knocked back.

Also, don’t jump down again until you see the filth is gone, but you need to be prepared to jump down, as the upper platform will be covered in filth when the filth on the lower platform disappears.


The rest of the fight is rinse-and-repeat, only that some of the attacks, such as the Dash Attacks, will become more dangerous and last longer as the fight goes on.

Heat Death of the Universe

Towards the end of the fight, Flappy will teleport upstairs and start casting this. It is very similar to Rending Reality, but it will teleport to the upper platform and cast it there. This is a DPS race and unless you can kill it fast enough, you will all die.

Make sure to have enough people alive at the end for this. If several DPS die before the end, you might as well wipe immediately because this DPS race at the end is pretty tough.

However, if your group’s DPS is good, you may skip this phase as it’s time based and not health based.

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  • Lila Vinçot-Abiven

    It seems there IS a way to interrup his attacks (at least the frontal cone attack). You have to make him target you with Art of war / Mass provoke (then use Confuse if you’re not a tank).

    • Aeodus

      Thanks, I’ve added the part about aggro swapping, though I am unsure if I recommend doing it :P

  • Artolan

    Quick question… me and my cabal mates, we all still miss lore number 7. Is it inside the raid instance?

    The lore that drops shortly during the fight seems to be number 8.

    • Aeodus

      The location of lore number 7 is unknown at the moment. I haven’t be able to find it inside the instance and I don’t think anyone else has either. Maybe there will be a new lore piece when we kill all the tendrils on the portal :)

  • Hazi

    The Frontal Cone attack (Membrane Tear?), Tears of Dis, Zero Point Pathogen and dash attack all do about the same damage – 2.5K. That means a 10.4 Minor HP talisman will save you from a base attack but not a Pen, and they can Pen.
    All those attacks also come with a knockback.
    Zero Point Pathogen seems to target the five nearest players in the rear half of flappy – or at least did the few times I managed to track it all near the start of the fight.
    Heat Death of the Universe can be followed by Flappy covering the entire lower platform in filth. So wait before charging off!
    When you fight She who crawls, Zubari also gives you a damage buff similar to the one he gives out in NYR.
    Regarding the adds, Vessels of Nergal’s Rot are the same as previous phases. There’s now some pistol and rifle equipped versions. The pistols have a ‘Filthy Bullet’ with what looks like the shootout animation, the rifles have a red mist animation. Both will stack Filth on their target.
    The spiders seem to have two special attacks. Firstly they can spit out circlular AoEs like singular tears of Dis and secondly they’ll start throwing webs around, same as other spider guardian webs they’ll lock you in place till you kill them. That can be potentially deadly if you get webbed as Flappy is dashing around.
    Because of the number of adds running around, it’s practically a requirement to have three tanks. Two for flappy (because bad things happen whenthe primary tank eats a knockback that sends them off the platform) and a third to hoover the adds up.
    More when I pay attention tonight,,, :)

    • Aeodus

      Hey, thanks for the dedication, but I’ve tried to simplify the guide to the extent that it doesn’t leave out something crucial and is easily understandable. I’ll add more information regarding the adds =)

  • Ocho

    So is the second boss, She Who Crawls Outside, is she to blame for the healing of Flappy to full health (or is that a bug)? What happens if she is not killed quickly?

    • Hazi

      Not sure about the bug, but what happens when you don’t kill her quickly is the entire upper platfor is still covered in insta-kill Filth when everyone tries to hide there from Heat Death. Otherwise known as everybody other than those already fighting the second boss dies :)

    • Aeodus

      Some people say that there’s a bug with Flappy resetting its health. I haven’t experienced that myself though, but I don’t see a reason as to why She Who Crawls Outside would do that. Hmmm….

  • Mikail

    The frontal attack is called Membranous Tempest.
    The dash attacks name is The Malevolent Sky.

    One thing that might be confusing, Flappy will cast Heat Death of the Universe just before he dies (locking himself at minimum 1 HP until the cast is over).
    Sometimes he can do it when fighting at the upper platform – do not jump down then, you won’t get killed by this AoE when on upper platform, but everyone at the lower one will still die.
    In other words this attack always cleanses the lower platform, even when Flappy cast it while at the upper one.

  • jenn

    seems only 2 can jump down?

    • Vikestart

      Zuberi will protect up to 6 players.

      • MikeC

        That didn’t rly work for us yesterday. Only 2 players were getting the blessing and the rest end up dead. Judging from the achievement that needs 6 different people to get the blessing it should be 2 each time :)

        • Vikestart

          Ah, I see from the patch notes on testlive that they reduced the max number. Thanks :)