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Dawning of an Endless Night

Posted by Chaosetor on October 22, 2013
Last updated by Vomher on February 5, 2017
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Solomon Island Given Automatically XP1 723 440 PAX16 670  BB6
More Less Jump to:
This mission not repeatable. To replay it, you must start a new character.


Tier 1

Objective: Go to the Sheriff’s Office in Kingsmouth

It is located near (170,340). To get there, simply follow the main road.


Once you have located the sheriff’s office, head inside and approach Helen Bannerman.


Tier 2

Objective: Locate Kingsmouth survivors to learn more about the fog

Helen mentions three survivors, however, the mission will only update when you approach Norma Creed who is located near (360,105). Once there, a cutscene will trigger.


Tier 3

Objective: Investigate the Lady Margaret

She will be docked at one of the piers in the Fletcher Bay area, near (500,250). Once you are there, go aboard, however, be ready for a fight once you do so.


Objective: Defeat the captain

It is a known fact that the captain goes down with his ship, and this case is no different. You must kill the captain, and it should be a rather easy fight if you have managed to gather a bit of gear at this point.


Objective: Examine the Captain’s log

Upon death he will drop a book, which you will have 60 seconds to pick up. If you fail to do so, you will have to fight the captain again.


Tier 4

Objective: Talk to Dr. Bannerman

Return to the sheriff’s office, and he will be standing right next to Helen Bannerman. Click on him in order to proceed.


Objective: Locate Dr. Bannerman’s clinic

It is located just outside the survivor encampment, near (220,360). Once there, click on the door to head inside.


Objective: Examine Dr. Bannerman’s files

Once inside you will see a photograph on the floor and a computer. The computer will be protected by a password, and if you type hint you will receive a password hint. This, along with the photograph on the floor will give you a hint to what the password is. For those of you who, like me, do not know the names of very many composers, the password can be seen below.

The password is “Vivaldi”.


Tier 5

Objective: Find Derrick Creed

He is now a zombie, and can be found near (390,419) be careful though, as you are disturbing him during his lunch break.

Objective: Find Lawrence Creed

He too is dead, and served as Derrick’s lunch. Examine the corpse Derrick was munching on, and the mission should update.


Objective: Find Joe Slater

Go to his house, which is on Belmont Avenue near (500,410). As you approach the door, a cutscene will trigger showing a trail of a green substance leading away from the door and towards the sewer entrance.


Objective: Enter the sewer

Head down the manhole, which is behind you, in the middle of the street. Keep in mind that you will be entering a solo instance which includes combat, so be prepared.


Objective: Find Joe Slater

There is only one way to go while in the sewers, as all the wrong passages are blocked. Eventually you will meet the Broodsource, whom you will have to kill in order to proceed.


Once she is dead you can approach Joe Slater, and a cutscene will trigger.


Tier 6

Objective: Use the Siren Song and follow it

You will now have a new item in your inventory. It has the icon of a white musical note, and if you click on it, as you would when equiping a weapon or a talisman, it will turn your screen blue and give you a trail of notes to follow. You can use this to find the shortest route out of the sewers.


Upon exiting you must activate the Siren song again, and follow it.


It should lead you to a maintenance tunnel near (40,690), once there, head inside.


Once inside, you want to keep heading straight ahead, if in doubt you can always use the Siren song again to show you the way.


There are several traps in this mysterious lair, so stay vigilant. The first one is a wall of lasers, do not touch the lasers as they will trigger explosions capable of killing you. Fortunately, half of the grid is defect and will switch on and off every few seconds.


Next, there will be lasers which must be jumped over.


Eventually you will reach an open door, head inside.


Once you are inside, a cutscene will trigger, and you will see two new, mysterious characters.


Tier 7

Objective: Examine Beaumont’s notes

They will be on the of crates, next to his laptop.


Objective: Follow the trail left by Beaumont

If you read the papers, you will have seen a piece of paper advertising for “Scenic Flights”.


Sounds like a visit to the airport might be worthwhile, on your way there you might see a rather familiar poster.


You want to head inside the hangar near (695,815), look for the table with a computer, a notebook and a map on it.


Objective: Find what Beaumont was looking for

Examine the map of the Savage Coast.



Tier 8

Objective: Go to the marked house

First, you will have to enter the next zone of Solomon Island, namely The Savage Coast. This can be done through the tunnel which is located near (700,810).


The house you are looking for is located near (620,920), and should be marked on your map.


Objective: Enter the basement

The basement entrance is located on the left side of the house. This is a solo instance, and there will be fighting..


Objective: Unlock the Illuminati tunnels

First, read the ritual book which is on the table to the left of the door. It will say “Seek enlightenment. The man who seeks enlightenment must do the following: Find balance. Face death. Burn the past. And climb the pyramid. There, at the apex, his eyes will be opened.” This is a hint which tells you how to open the door. In the basement there will be eight symbols, one for each slot on the sides of the door, the book tells you which ones you must use, and in which order.

1. Find balance: The Yin and Yang Symbol

2. Face death: The Skull Symbol

3. Burn the past: The Phoenix Symbol

4. And climb the pyramid: The Pyramid Symbol

5. His eyes will be opened: The Eye Symbol


Once the door is open you will trigger a cutscene, which will be followed by a fight, so be prepared.


Tier 9

Objective: Defeat the Guardian

You will now have to fight the Guardian, you do, however, not have to kill it, but only bring it down to around 75 % of its maximum health before another cutscene triggers.


Tier 10

Objective: Talk to the survivors at Innsmouth Academy

They will be held up in an office in the main building near (300,370).


Objective: Break into the old block

“Break in” is here defined as using the front door, so head to (210,220) and enter the solo instance. This instance includes combat, and you cannot bring anyone inside with you.


Objective: Find the Illuminati vault

Before locating and entering the vault, you should gather some of the symbols located in the offices of the building. Every symbol is guarded by a spirit who will appear once you pick up the respective symbol, so be ready for a fight once you pick one up.


Once you have gathered the symbols, head into the office to the far left of the entrance. When inside, pay attention to the floorboards.


You should see that some of the floorboards just do not quite fit in with the rest, click on them.


This door functions in the same way as the previous one, only with another combination. The book, which is located inside one of the offices reads “The order of great works. All things in their place under stars: The stone lodges erected, to the watchful eye. Upon the bones of their opposers. And their symbols, buried

1. All things in their place under stars: The Star of David

2. The stone lodges erected: The Masonic Symbol

3. To the watchful eye: The Eye Symbol

4. Upon th ebones of their opposers: The Skull Symbol

5. And their symbols, buried: The Templar Cross


Objective: Explore the Illuminati vault

Simply head straight forward, a cutscene will then trigger.


Tier 11

Objective: Search the archives to discover what Beaumont was doing here

Keep in mind that the caretakers are not hostile unless attacked. Head to the opposite side of the room and go through the doorway. Inside, you will have to fight the Archivist. If you have gathered some gear from around the Savage Coast area this fight should not be too hard, however, his AoE (Area of Effect) attack should be avoided at all costs. While fighting  the Archivist, make sure that you do not attack any of the caretakers if you are using AoE based attacks yourself.


Once the Archivist is dead you should head to the right side of the room he was in, and simply follow the hallway until you reach yet another room. Once inside, you want to grab the very first book you see, the one which is straight ahead of the entrance.


Objective: Escape the archives

Head back to the room where you encountered the Archivist. on the opposite side of the room you should notice 4 symbols on the floor. The objective is to make all 4 symbols glow blue in order to escape. Every symbol does, however, not only activate itself, but it also activates other of the symbols.

Since this little puzzle is unpredictable in the way that the glyphs affected by stepping on a glyph is random, you will have to figure this one out using trial and error. It shouldn’t prove too hard, just pay attention to which glyphs each glyph affects.

Once all four are turned blue, a hidden door will be revealed.


Now simply follow the hidden passage to the exit, however, there will be one last enemy blocking your way out.



Tier 12

Objective: Find someone in the Blue Mountain who can tell you about the mines

First you must advance to the next zone on Solomon Island, to do so simply go through the tunnel near (120,940) in the Savage Coast.


Once you have gone through the tunnel you will be in the Blue Mountain. You must go to Elanor Franklin, who can be found inside her house on the ground floor near (850,290).


Objective: Search the mansion for Edward Franklin’s notes

Head back to the hallway, you should see a painting named “Redemption” next to the doorway leading to the room where you found Elanor. Click on the painting to advance.


Once you have used the painting, a hidden door will open revealing Edward Franklin’s secret study.


Inside there will be a dest with a lamp and a stronbox on it, open the strongbox.


If you take too long in the study, the door will close. No need to worry, simply use one of the books in the bookshelves to open it again.


Tier 13

Objective: Go to the Blue Ridge Mine

Go to the mine entrance near (530,590) and enter it.


Objective: Enter the deep shaft

WARNING! Do not step on the red circles and do not be seen by any of the partolling golems while inside, they are more than capable of killing you instantly.


To get to the deep shaft, turn right once you enter the mines. Follow the right cavern to its end and you should see an elevator which will take you down to the deep shaft.


Objective: Explore the deep shaft

Once you have entered the deep shaft you are fortunate enough to have the privelige of exploring it. Simply head through the passage straight ahead of you.


You will find a hole in the ground. Jump down.


Once you jump down, there should be a miner’s helmet on the ground, pick it up and equip it.


Now for navigating the labyrinth og caverns ahead. You want to head as far east as possible.


Your helmet will run out of power after some time, and you will be left to the mercy of the darkness, but not for long. If you are going the right way, you should spot a flare gun on the ground, pick it up.


The flare gun will now be neatly placed in your inventory for you to use. You use the gun by clicking it in your inventory, them moving the large target aroung with your cursor and then clicking once to fire.


This clever device has two purposes. It can illuminate your path, but its main function is that the flares will stun all shades lurking in the darkness so that you may pass unharmed, or gain an advantage if you wish to slay them. Keep in mind that stunning a shade with the flare gun will cause it to aggro you once it ceases to be stunned, therefore you either need to fight it, or run ahead of it while it is stunned. Optionally, you can just sprint past the shades without using the flare gun depending on your gear and preference, if you do this, however, keep in mind that the shades will still aggro you if you get too close to them.


From the room where you found the flare gun, you want to head in a North-Western direction through the passages, you should spot a Gaia Seal guared by a filth hound. The hound can be stunned by using your flare gun.


Objective: Pass the Gaia seals

Simply click on the roots and they will reveal yet another cavern, go inside.


Tier 14

Objective: Speak with Old Joseph

He is in the trailer park near (200,630).


Tier 15

Objective: Activate the wards in Kingsmouth Town

The wards are located near (500,720), use the broken altar in the centre, and be ready to defend the wards.


Objective: Defend the wards in Kingsmouth Town

Once you have activated the altar, some friendly undead creatures will spawn to assist you.


The attacks will end with a huge Draug attacking, defeat it to advance.


Objective: Activate the wards in the Savage Coast

One down and two to go, head over to the Savage Coast and activate the wards near (50,280).


Objective: Defend the wards in the Savage Coast

Just like last time you will have helt to defeat the assaulting creatures. This time a filth guardian will be the last creature you must kill.


Objective: Activate the wards in the Blue Mountain

Last ward, activate the broken altar near (580,720).


Objective: Defend the wards in the Blue Mountain

Defend the wards from the assaulting creatures with the help of your undead friends.


Tier 16

Objective: Go to the Wabanaki holy site

It is inside a cavern at (640,630), near the quarry. Be sure not to actually enter the quarry itself, as it is a nightmare zone, and the mobs residing there are considerably tougher than those you face elsewhere in the Blue Mountain.


Once inside, a cutscene will trigger, and you will receive a rather curious buff named “Fully Loaded”


Tier 17

Objective: Go to the deep shaft

Return to the mine entrance at (530,590) and head inside once more.


Again, it is very important that you do not step inside the red circles, and that you avoid detection by the golems.


Once inside the mine, turn right and go to the elevator.


Return to the open area where you last met Beaumont, only this time you will have to fight him.


He will have a lot of health, however, your “Fully Loaded” buff will be unleashed and heal you once you enter combat. Be advised that even with the rapid healing from the springs, this fight may still prove quite the challenge. Below are some pointers on how to defeat him.

There are four phases to the fight.

Phase 1
Beumont summons three clones in this phase, it is imperative that you kill these clones once they spawn, as they activate an AoE attack which deals heavy damage to you. Once you have killed the three clones, you may continue to fight Beaumont safely. He will, however keep summoning clones now and then until he reaches 75 % health.

Phase 2
Beaumont will stop summoning clones for now. He will instead summon two hounds which will attack you along with him. Kill the hounds and keep fighting Beaumont just like if he were any other foe.

Phase 3
This phase is initiated once he hits 50 % health. He will now alternate between two spells. One is a heal, which you should be able to DPS away. The other is a damage dealing spell, but the heal buff should be able to keep you alive.

Phase 4
This is the last phase of the fight, and it is initated once Beaumont hits 25 % health. He will now summon three clones and two hounds. You can either kill the clones and hounds and then focus on Beumont or simply just ignore the clones. The clones will still cast their AoE attack, but you can lure Beumont out of the main room and into the tunnel to buy some extra time. For the later tactic, a ranged weapon is preferable.


Tier 18

Objective: Find a way out of the ice caves

Afterwards, you will find yourself in a strange place…


Follow the path ahead.


Objective: Escape this dreaming

Simply head to the crack in the mountain wall and you should see another strange wall.


Pass through the wall.


Follow the path ahead to the dead end.


Objective: Accept or reject the gift

Either accept the gift by clicking on it, or reject it by leaping off the edge of the cliff like the woman before you did.


You will awaken in more familiar surroundings.


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  • Gattos

    I do not recommend do use the flare gun to stun shadows. You’ll just end up with a lot of them after you because they will all get aggro when you stun them (Also note it is as far as I discovered impossible to make them run back/evade). Just kill them one by one if you are low geared.

    • Chaosetor

      Sorry for the late reply. As for the shades, while it is possible to simply run past them without using the flare gun, I personally found it to be easier to stun some of them. This is, however, something the player will have to decide for him or herself, but I will clarify in the guide that simply sprinting past them is also an option, thank you for your feedback :-)

  • Gyrannon

    Just a note: After the cut-scene Beaumont where he knocks you out with the sword, I never ran into the Archivist, I did kill a ton of the Caretakers (who are in fact hostile – just read a book & they WILL attack) and I ran into a flagged enemy called The Forgotten, but yeah no Archivist anywhere near the Quest Related book in the Archives of the Academy. Had I known he was there, I would’ve sought him out.

  • Bad_Directions

    “TIER 8
    Objective: Go to the marked house
    First, you will have to enter the next zone of Solomon Island, namely The Savage Coast. This can be done through the tunnel which is located near (700,810).”

    Uhh…What the hell are you talking about? The tunnel to Savage Coast is at (120,40) – bottom right of the map. This walkthrough had me running in circles.

  • Christian Stieber

    Sorry, the comment about the gift choice is just… stupid.

    How do you expect people to “think hard before making the decision”, if neither you nor the game actually tells you anything at all? Information on this is generally scarce, unfortunately :-(