Issue 12 Details

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Issue 12 – “To the Dark Tower Below” is slowly creeping closer to release. Details about the content as well as the changes in the affiliated patch was revealed in a recent Developer Stream, which you can watch on YouTube.

PS! Some of the technical details below are subject to change, but we want to give you insight into what TSW will look like when Issue 12 hits the live servers, so you can prepare.

Buying Issue 12 will give you access to the following:

  • 2 new dungeons, one of which will be available when Issue 12 is released. The other one will be released a few weeks later. Both will offer Elite and Nightmare difficulties.
  • Nightmare raids. More difficult versions of the 3 raids that will be in the game. This will come a few weeks after the release of Issue 12, along with the second dungeon.

Everyone will be able to enjoy the following updates free of charge:

  • Revamped Eidolon raid. This will no longer be a lair raid, but instead a normal raid. The key requirement has been removed and the loot has been revamped.
  • Agartha Defiled – a new 10-man raid version of the 40-man event megaboss from the Whispering Tide event.
  • The Social GUI, previously known as the LFG tool, has had a makeover. It’s now easier to use, can be used to advertise any activity in the game, not just dungeons, and allows you to input a brief comment.
  • Dungeon Finder. The second part of the update, coming a few weeks later, will also introduce an automated Dungeon Finder, for those who would prefer to use that.
  • Currency revamp. All tokens, apart from PAX Romana, will be consolidated into the Black Bullion currency. However, one new elite endgame currency called Mark of the Pantheon will be introduced.
    • Black Bullions will be capped at 2000 for non-subscribers and 2400 for subscribers and Grand Masters.
    • Black Bullion’s buying power is decreased tenfold, meaning prices multiply by 10, but so will the dungeon and raid drops.
    • Mark of the Pantheons will have a total cap of 600 and a weekly cap of 240.
    • When Issue 12 hits the live servers and your tokens are merged, any excess Black Bullion surpassing the cap will be converted into PAX Romana.
  • Open world megabosses. Due to the Eidolon raid no longer requiring a key, these keys will instead be used to summon mega bosses in the open world, which require an entire playfield of players to defeat. The summoners will get an exclusive bag, but everyone participating will get a participation bag, incentivising people to join in!
  • Progression cap increase. Quality Level 10.5 will no longer be the best gear. Talismans and weapons will be able to be upgraded to QL 10.7 when Issue 12 goes live, and when the second part of the update comes out a few weeks later, you’ll be able to upgrade them to Quality Level 11. Glyphs will still be capped at QL10.5 though.
  • Challenge system. The game will finally be getting a Daily and Weekly challenges system encouraging you to log in and complete various tasks every day!
  • No more nightmare dungeon lockouts. That’s right! You will be able to do any Nightmare dungeons as often as you want now.

There’s a lot to look forward to! We’ll keep you updated and in the meantime you should make sure you spend your tokens so that you minimise your loss when the update goes live.


FiveAlive 2

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The long (just a bit) awaited update for FiveAlive 2 is out! This is one of those must-have mods that will significantly improve the Quality of Life standards, especially for healers!

Download the mod from the FiveAlive 2 thread on the TSW forums.

To customise the Team GUI ingame, enter TSW’s GUI edit mode using the lockpad in the upper right corner of the screen. You can then hold the CTRL button and use the mouse scroller to resize the windows. Right click inside any of the team windows while in GUI edit mode to open the configuration panel.


The Franken Chopper is here!

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For the first time ever we are introducing Customizable Sprints and Vehicles to the game!

Our very first vehicle is the Franken Chopper, and you can get it in the Item Store. After doing a new mission for Moose in Kingsmouth you get it as your very own motorcycle! It can be used in any Adventure Zone, hub or Agartha, but not indoors and in dungeons. The motorbike is as functional as sprinting and its cruising speed is equivalent to Sprinting VI (150%). In addition it gives you the special Nitro Boost, which greatly increases speed for a short time.

We are also introducing two all new Sprints to the Item Store and one new as an Achievement. Fleet of Flame gives a new effect and lets you run through the world in a blazing trail of fire, while the Athlete sprinting style offers a fresh animation and lets you really show off your running muscles!

Read more in the news post over at the official TSW website!


PvP Boot Camp – Beginner’s Class

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The TSW PvP events team is hosting an event for people new to PvP in TSW.

“This event is organized to introduce players to the PvP part of this amazing game with the help of experienced and friendly PvP community veterans.

As the name suggests, this event is for those looking to begin PvPing in TSW and those who are simply curious about the PvP aspect of the game and would like to learn more. You have no prior or very little/limited experience? Not a problem – this event is aimed at helping you start off in PvP and for you to get to know the PvP community.

We will host another PvP event aimed at more advanced PvP players at a later stage (will be advertised in advance), so those of you with more experience in PvP will get your chance to talk more advanced builds and tactics with your fellow PvPers then.”

Read more from the announcement thread on the TSW forums.


Issue 11 is launching on May 6

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The Secret World’s Lead Designer Romain Amiel tweeted the following earlier today:

“Issue 11 will be coming soon on the internet near you! And by soon, I mean 6th of May 2015! Celebrate International No Diet Day with Orochi.”

So get ready for the epic conclusion to season 1 of The Secret World’s story!

If you haven’t purchased The Fall of Tokyo yet, now would be an excellent time to do so. It includes Issue 9, 10 and 11 along with two sidestories mission packs!

The full value of The Fall of Tokyo is €/$ 56, but you can get this complete Tokyo story pack for only €/$ 29.99!