Game Director Letter – August 2014

  Posted by Vikestart on September 5, 2014
Last updated on September 5, 2014

joel-bylos-gm-letter-feb14“Hi everybody,

The entire team enjoyed their summer break and I am happy to report that there were no polar bear related casualties. Which means there have been no polar bear related fatalities in the history of The Secret World. That’s some kind of record.

But I digress. Let’s talk about what the team has been up to since we got back to work at the start of August.

Firstly, Sidestories: The Last Pagan, will be arriving in the next couple of weeks. This is a new mission pack….”

Read the rest of the letter on the official TSW website.

MMORPG Interview with Joel Bylos

  Posted by Vikestart on August 22, 2014
Last updated on August 22, 2014

interviewjbaug2014Hi, my name is Joel Bylos, I am the Creative Director and my faction is a well kept secret hidden in the bowels of an Orochi facility on a quantum encrypted drive. Of course, someone stuck the password on a post-it note nearby so…

What was the hardest part of making Tokyo?

Tokyo has been in the pipeline for a very long time, but the single thing that took the longest when creating Tokyo was the art. An urban playfield isn’t simple to make – there are hundreds of assets to create and place, as well as the rendering budgets for making those assets visible and trying to wrap it all up in a package that doesn’t destroy frame rate.

Read the full interview over at

Progress Update – July 31st

  Posted by Vikestart on July 31, 2014
Last updated on July 31, 2014

julyupdates2014_tswdbJuly has been an amazing month both for this project and The Secret World itself. Numerous anniversary projects have been held, including our own anniversary which took place on the evening of July 18th.

The scope of what we have managed to add to the site this month is quite large. We have opened up several brand new sections such as Content Updates, NPC Database, Monster Database and Weapon Skins. Please note that these sections are in the early stages and will get more content gradually over time. The design of the pages within those sections are also subject to change as we continue to experiment.

Besides this, we will continue to work on the lore section and adding more mission walkthroughs. The lair section also needs some more attention soon. Stay tuned for more!

TSWDB Anniversary

  Posted by Vikestart on July 12, 2014
Last updated on July 13, 2014

anniversary_newspostThis project will be one year old this month, on July 18th. It was this day that I decided to create this project and I start making the website, which looked like this back then. This project has come a long way since then. We have surpassed 500 posts on the site and we have a strong team that shares the workload.

It was not until near the end of January this year that the site opened though. I kept it closed for the first 6 months to get some meat on the bones first, so for many of you, the project does probably not feel older than 6 months.

There will be a celebration next week with a few events and bonus points as prices. We have a total of 12 000 bonus points to hand out. More details here! Make sure to join the #tswdb chat channel on the evening of July 18th!

Love & Loathing and a huge anniversary event!

  Posted by Vikestart on July 3, 2014
Last updated on July 3, 2014

sidestoriesandanniversaryWe invite you all to take part in this special occasion and enjoy a great event, huge bonuses and brand new content.

The Guardians of Gaia event returns, where massive Golems invade all the different areas of the game. This year the event offers some great new loot, rewards and an all new Golem in Tokyo! Take on this enormous and powerful new Tokyo Golem and earn unique rewards!

The anniversary celebrations last for two weeks, from the 3rd of July to the 17th of July, so log in now and take part!”

Read more about the sidestories mission pack and the anniversary event on the official website.

You can find consolidated information about the event with reward info, golem locations, lore locations and more here!

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