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Birds, Bees, and Bonuses – New Membership Benefits and Valentine’s Day!

Posted by Vomher on February 10, 2016
Last updated by Vikestart on February 26, 2016
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Membership Benefits are constant perks that remain active for as long as you are a member in The Secret World!

  • 30% Bonus XP
  • 50% Bonus Black Bullions
  • 8 hour Mission Cooldowns
  • 2 Lockout Timer Reset *Every 30 Days
  • 1200 Bonus Points *Every 30 Days
  • 10% Item Store Discount
  • Token Capacity Increase
  • 18 hour Raid Lockouts
  • Free Anima Leap
  • Loyalty Rewards *Based on days purchased

New membership benefits are active in The Secret World for all Subscribers and Grandmasters!

The Grandmaster Pack is only available for purchase until February 09 2016 at midnight GMT. Past that time, no new Grandmaster purchases will be possible but all Grandmaster players will retain their status regardless. This includes the 20% Item Store Discount.

The membership status of a player can be seen in their nametag employing a new set of hexagonal yellow icons, while benefits themselves are visible from the top bar. Bonuses to experience and bullion are listed in the rewards section of a mission and its turn-in report.

Loyalty Rewards are special rewards acquired for subscribing to The Secret World for 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360 days. Grandmasters receive these bonuses immediately, but the counter for a subscriber began February 01 2016 or when they first subscribe. These rewards can be claimed in the Item Store.

For a full list of Loyalty Rewards, see the official Membership page! For any questions, check out the Membership FAQ!

Alongside the Membership changes comes the Valentine’s Day event!

From now until February 23 2016, unique items are available for purchase from the Item Store. Two new items, the Love Bird pet and Rose Rain consumable effect, are available exclusively through Gifting during this time, while a new Valentine’s Scooter can also be purchased or Gifted.

Previous years’ items also return to the store.

The Merchant of Eros has moved next to Mr. and Mrs. Knickknack in all Faction Hubs and continues to sell up to two Satchels of Amorous Delights per day to a character as well as new clothing for Lucky Coins! As with the rest of the event, this vendor will only be available until the 23rd of February.

Take a look at the official news post for the event!

On top of all of that, banks have finally been added to each Faction Headquarters!

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Shambala and Group Finder now available!

Posted by Vikestart on January 30, 2016
Last updated by Vikestart on February 1, 2016
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The Group Finder makes its debut! This system allows agents to queue up and automatically be placed alongside like-minded individuals who wish to tackle the same content. New achievements, challenges, and rewards await those who utilize this new feature!

The Shambala combat scenario is now available for all active agents. This new PvP warzone pits two factionless teams against each other, as players vie to be the last person standing for their group. Players may queue for this new warzone from either the World Domination UI, or from the Scenario console in Venice.

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The Future of TSWDB

Posted by Vikestart on January 30, 2016
Last updated by Vikestart on February 13, 2016
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Update: Since the site is not closing, we have of course withdrawn the right to copy info from our site. Please respect the work done by the authors, as well as this site on a whole. You can base your articles on our information, but refrain from directly copying anything.

Many of you probably heard about the announcement from January 28th, about this website being set to shutdown in about six months.

I know now that I overreacted, or at least did not think it through. I thought the only way for me to move on was to shut down the site to break all ties to TSW once and for all, and that I would simply be unable to move on if I did not do that. After announcing that, I went to sleep and went about my day the next day. A gut feeling started telling me that I had made a terrible mistake. It would not help me move on, and I realised just how much work, both mine and others’, that I would be destroying.

Fact is I’m an overly emotional person that has a tendency to overreact very easily these days, and I’m struggling with some personal issues in real life. I was very much looking forward to jump into the game again after zero activity for weeks. Shambala seemed like such an exciting piece of content. This feeling and eagerness was completely ruined when I was faced with a new cash shop item that let’s you progress much faster. I lost all faith in the game and the company at that point.

I still think Funcom has been making a lot of bad decisions and suspect there will be more to come. The new Signet Booster item is not the worst cash shop addition yet, but it can indeed be very powerful if used with a lot of high rarity Signet bags. I do now acknowledge that it is not pay-to-win, but rather pay-to-advance (faster).

I would like to apologise to the community for involving you all in my childish tantrum as I was yet again disappointed to see my favourite game of all time head another step in the wrong direction.

The site is not going to shut down, and we are also making some changes around here in light of these events. A couple of new Administrators will be appointed. Vomher has already been promoted, and a few more high-profile players will be contacted and asked in coming days as well. I am officially relinquishing my right to take down the site for personal reasons again in the future.

With more Administrators on board, this project will move one step closer to being directly controlled and supported by the community. I will continue to play the game and also work on the website design and layout.

Thanks everyone,


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Issue #13: Trails of Shadow is live!

Posted by Vikestart on December 17, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on December 18, 2015
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Issue #13: Trail of Shadows is out of the gates, and we are thrilled to be able to go into details about what is in store!

Issue #13 includes several new missions that revisit your favorite survivors of Kaidan, including Harumi & Yuichi’s delving into the mysteries of Orochi, and Ricky Pagan with a final, urgent request with his chrome steed. You will even come face-to-face with the darkest of the shadows as you make your final stops in Tokyo.

Read more on the official website! Check the Issue 13 section for walkthroughs!

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Monthly Development Update – November 2015

Posted by Vikestart on December 6, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on December 6, 2015
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Hey, folks!

I’m Odonoptera, and I’ll be your host for the November development update! This has been one of the busiest months for our developers in a long time, and we’re excited to be able to speak about the fruits of our labor.

Right off the top, we are excited to announce a Gifting option from within the Item Store. A new element will be added to the in-game store interface that will allow you to purchase an item for another player, and have it delivered directly to them. We’re working on making sure the initial rollout is available by the end of the year, so stay tuned!

Read the rest of the update on the official website.