Dossier Source: Potential Reward from the Agent Mission, "Dante's Devil" at the end of the Dante Storyline
This Agent's Dossier cannot be traded or sold on the Auction House.

"Philosopher, poet, and ghoul. Subject is adventurous and highly intelligent for its kind. Fashion sense remains questionable -- typically wears portable cassette player, headphones, and a Roman style toga.

The length of subject's cohabitation with humans is unknown. Currently resides in London's Haitian Market district. Reportedly frequents the English countryside via London's subterranean tunnels.

Use subject's intellectual hunger for classic literature, the arts, and vinyl records."

Agent Details

Gender Unspecified
Profession Poet
Species Ghoul
Age Unknown


△ Prowess

16 (Level 1)
◻ Adaptability 18 (Level 1)
❍ Ingenuity 21 (Level 1)



Ghoul Outcast

Virgil's ghoulish powers make him resistant to injury, reducing the likelihood he will be incapacitated on missions which make use of his Supernatural traits.


Scholar of Classical Arts

Virgil's study of the classics allow him insight into the information he finds, increasing the amount of Intel gained on missions which grant Intel.

Agent Support Ability

Poet's Grace

Level 25 Passive Ability

+325 Attack Rating

Level 50 Passive Ability

+28% Basic Damage and Healing

Mission Report Dialogue


"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy."


"If people ask me to describe my look, I always say: 'Quite classic with an edge.'"

Outstanding Results

"If people ask me to describe my look, I always say: 'Quite classic with an edge.'"

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