Agent Network Master Guide

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This guide is being updated and modified as necessary as more information is known or changes concerning the Agent Network.

General Information

The Agent Network allows you to collect agents, send them out on missions, and receive rewards. This time, YOU are the agent handler! This flavor-filled system fills out more information about the Secret World through its agents and missions!

The Agent Network is unlocked upon reaching Faction Rank 3 at Level 15 and completing a short Tutorial introducing the system.

To access the Agent Network, press (P) when using the default keybind, or use the Agent Network menu option from the topbar menu.

The Agent Network has a plethora of rewards, including distillates of varying sizes, anima shards, agent dossiers and agent gear, or even weapon skins and other vanity items unique to the system! It even provides boosts to stats and damage in the form of Support Abilities!

Agent Network Tutorial

Upon reaching Faction Rank 3 at Level 15, a small tutorial will begin for the Agent Network through a small SMS message sent by your Faction Handler.

Clicking on the SMS will put the [Agent Dossier: Faction Recruit] item into your inventory and unlock the Agent Network (P). Use the dossier to unlock the Faction Recruit.

From there, a small Faction-specific Agent Mission will appear that you can send your Faction Recruit on. Complete this mission in order to unlock the ability to run Agent Missions and have greater access to the Agent Network.


The Agent Network relies on the acquisition and use of Agents. Agents are special NPCs one can collect through Agent Dossiers who are able to run agent-only missions known as Agent Missions.

Agents have their own stats, abilities called traits, and passive combat bonuses that you can equip through them known as Agent Support Abilities. Each Agent also has their own flavor text and profile information concerning the information known to whomever is compiling and reads their Agent Dossiers. Each Agent aside from the Faction Recruit is not necessarily a member of your faction, but can be coerced into working for you by gaining their Dossiers.

Agents are capable of leveling up by earning experience running Agent Missions. Their stats increase by level and at levels 25 and 50, their passive bonuses are unlocked.

There are a plethora of Agents available to collect. Currently, 40 Agents exist, and more are added with new content. Some are even well-known and beloved NPCs like Deputy Andy Gardener, Nassir, or Carter herself!

For a full list of Agents available through the Agent Network as well as all of the individual information pertaining to a particular Agent, please see our Agent Dossier section!


All Agents have a series of Statistics, or Stats. These Stats are denoted by recognizable shapes: △ Prowess, ◻ Adaptability, and ❍ Ingenuity.

An Agent's Stats are used to determine how well they do at running an Agent Mission and if they event can run a particular mission. All Agents have a different spread of Stats, making each one tuned for certain missions.

Stats increase as an Agent levels and can be further boosted through use of Agent Gear. If an Agent isn't able to run a particular mission, improving their stats by leveling them or giving them Agent Gear can help.


All Agents have 1-2 Traits. Each Trait is uniquely named and has its own flavor text available when hovering the cursor over them when viewing the Agent from their dossier or the roster.

Every trait falls under one of six Categories: Charisma, Dexterity, Intelligence, Power, Resilience, and Supernatural.

Each trait Category has its own symbol displayed on the trait and any Agent Mission Bonus Objectives. The following symbols are used in order:

  • Power - Fist
  • Resilience - Shield
  • Charisma - Heart
  • Dexterity - Ball
  • Supernatural - Ghost
  • Intelligence - Eye

Traits have a wide variety of effects. Some traits are active only when an Agent Mission makes use of that particular trait's category, while others are active regardless.

Many missions have bonus opportunities available if agents with a particular trait or traits are sent out on that mission, giving increased rewards in the process.


Agents have a chance to become Incapacitated upon finishing an Agent Mission. When Incapacitated, an Agent cannot be deployed on another mission until the Incapacitation timer has run out. Agents are more likely to become Incapacitated after running many missions, and missions with longer durations have a higher chance to cause Incapacitation.

Incapacitation is denoted by a red skull and a red veil covering an Agent's roster image.

It is possible to instantly recover from Incapacitation by paying Marks of Favour when pressing the 'Recover' button on the Agent's page. The price of recovery depends on the time remaining, with roughly 1000 Marks of Favour per hour. The cost goes down with time, but an Agent can also recover on their own by waiting out the Incapacitation time.

Agent Support Abilities

Agents have unique passive abilities known as Agent Support Abilities. Agent Support Abilities have two tiers of passive bonuses which can be unlocked for a specific agent when they reach level 25 and level 50.

Agent Support Abilities give stat bonuses for a player, added damage or healing on hits, or increased percentage of damage and healing for specific weapons or specific ability types.

Agent Support Abilities are only active when an Agent is equipped as a Supporting Agent, of which there can only be three at any given time.

Agent Dossiers

An Agent Dossier is an item that can be obtained to recruit an Agent. Found through various means, Agent Dossiers allow you to grow your Roster of Agents. Some can be traded or sold on the Auction House, while others are bound upon acquisition or can only be sold for specific currencies.

Agent Dossiers, when read, contain the entirety of an Agent's Profile, including all stats, traits, abilities, flavor text, and the descriptions thereof. This information can be read from the Dossier itself, or from the Roster once an Agent Dossier has been accepted.

Dossier Sources

Agent Dossiers can be obtained in a variety of ways. Each source rewards specific Agent Dossiers or has a pool of potential Agent Dossiers.

Special Agent Dossiers

Agent Dossiers can sometimes be found in the form of Special Agent Dossiers. These Dossiers are of epic quality and have the prefix 'Special'. A Special Agent Dossier is a 'shiny' form of the agent it is for - the equivalent of a holographic or holofoil card. Using the Special Dossier will unlock a special portrait over that Agent even if you already had the Agent in their normal form, but will not erase any progress that was had with that Agent.

Special Agent Dossiers are extremely rare, but all Agents have a Special form. If the Agent is acquired from an achievement or the Agent Network tutorial, their Special version will also be acquired from an achievement. Some Special Agent Dossiers can also be purchased from Doctor Caligari after reaching certain Achievement Point milestones. If the Agent is normally acquired from missions, dungeons, or regionals, that is where their Special form can be acquired. Agent Boosters have a chance to reward Special Agent Dossiers as well.

Supporting Agents

Each agent has a unique Agent Support Ability, which can grant passive bonuses when equipped. In order to use these support abilities, the respective agent must reach the appropriate level for the two tiers of their support ability: Level 25 for the first passive of the ability and level 50 for the second passive.

There are a total of 3 Supporting Agent slots, so a total of 3 agents can be equipped at a time to gain their Support Ability bonuses. An agent placed in a Supporting Agent slot is a Supporting Agent.

Each Supporting Agent Slot is unlocked through different means.

  • The first Supporting Agent Slot is unlocked by reaching Level 25 on a single agent through the achievement, "Mentor".
  • The second Supporting Agent Slot is unlocked by reaching Level 50 on 10 agents through the achievement, "Lead By Example".
  • The third Supporting Agent Slot is unlocked by reaching Level 50 on 20 agents through the achievement, "Top Agent".

Try a combination of agents for a variety of builds! Supporting Agents can be saved to Builds in the Build Manager.

Agent Missions

Agent Missions are special missions that can only be undertaken by Agents. These missions can be accessed through the Agent Network on the lefthand side 'Active Missions' panel. When an Agent is on a mission, they will show in the available slots. If there is an active mission slot free, it can be clicked on to browse all possible missions available.

After unlocking the Agent Network, only one Active Mission slot is available. The second mission slot is unlocked once you have another Agent in your Roster other than the Faction Recruit. The third mission slot is available to Patrons, accessible whenever Patron is active. The fourth mission slot is rewarded upon completing the Faction Ranking mission "Venetian Missile Crisis" for the first time, and the fifth mission slot is not currently available but may become unlockable with a currently unknown method in the future.

When an Agent has finished a mission, a small icon will appear in the topbar left of the rightmost icons to notify that a mission report is waiting.

Missions rotate on the Agent Network in various intervals, so what was there at one time may not be what's available at another time. In addition, it takes a certain amount of time ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours to run a mission.

Some missions are only available and unlocked when completing other missions with a Successful or Outstanding Result. These Mission Chains have unique rewards, such as Agent Mission specific Agent Dossiers. At this time, two Mission Chains are fully known and have their own unique chain name: the Dante Storyline, which starts with Dante's 1st Circle, and the Guatemala Storyline, which starts with The Fountain of Youth.

Once a mission in a chain has been unlocked, it becomes part of your pool of potential missions that may spawn.

Check your Agent Network frequently to see new missions!

An Agent Mission section is under construction! Missions will be added to the section to show their difficulty, requirements, rewards, flavor text, and mission chains where applicable!

Diamond Difficulties

Each Agent Mission is assigned a particular difficulty. Symbolized by a diamond ♦️ followed by a number, these denote how high a level or stats may be necessary for an Agent to complete a mission. Higher Difficulty numbers means the missions may be harder, but have greater rewards. They also have a higher cost associated with them to complete.

Currently, there are 5 normal Difficulty levels, ♦️1, ♦️2, ♦️3, ♦️4, and ♦️5.

Diamond Difficulty Unlock Requirements

Most difficulty levels are unavailable until at least 1 agent has reached certain level milestones.

  • ♦️1 - Available upon completing the Agent Network Tutorial.
  • ♦️2 - Available after an agent has reached level 13.
  • ♦️3 - Available after an agent has reached level 25.
  • ♦️4 - Available after an agent has reached level 37.
  • ♦️5 - Available after an agent has reached level 50.


Affinity is a measure of how well an Agent will do on a mission. The Roster will sort agents by Affinity when selecting an Agent Mission. Affinity is tied to the requirements of the mission itself. The higher the Affinity, the higher the chances for a Successful or Outstanding Result.

Affinity is a combination of percentage to finish the mission and to achieve an Outstanding Result.

The traits a mission requires is signified by the symbol of that trait, whether it be Prowess, Adaptability, Intel, or a combination thereof. These symbols serve as the icons for an Agent Mission when searching available missions.

A minimum affinity of 33% is required in order to deploy an agent onto a mission.

Mission Requirements

Certain requirements need to be met in order to run an agent mission. These requirements come in the form of stats necessary for an agent to run the mission, resources needed to deploy your agent on that mission, and the time it takes for that mission to complete.

The requirements of a mission can be found at the bottom of an agent mission page when expanded for detail. In addition, the stats required for the mission are displayed using their symbol on the mission on its page as well as when browsing through the Active Missions tab.

Missions have a select amount of time required in order to run them displayed in hour:minute:second format. These durations are: 00:15:00, 01:00:00, 04:00:00, and 08:00:00.

Mission Resources

There are three resources associated with the Agent Network: Intel, Supplies, and Assets.

These resources are earned by completing Agent Missions. They are also necessary currencies to use toward running those very missions. An Agent Mission rewarding one currency will always cost another, if any cost exists at all.

Many agent traits exist that influence mission resources. Some ensure rewards of any one of the three resources or boost one of the three if already being earned. Others reduce the cost necessary to run a mission. One agent in particular, Amir, will destroy all resources rewarded by a mission, for he is petty and cruel.

Mission Rewards

Agent Missions give rewards when an agent has returned from the mission. Each mission has its own set of rewards that may differ from one another based on mission ♦️ difficulty level, mission result status, or mission rarity.

All Agent Missions reward experience and resources regardless of mission results, potential rewards, or bonus opportunities.

Potential Rewards

Potential Rewards are a list of rewards an Agent Mission might give upon completion. Depending on the Results of the mission, anywhere from no Potential Rewards or all Potential Rewards may be received.

Possible rewards a mission can give include a variety of Distillates, a range of Anima Shards, Agent Vanity Reward Bags, and a few specific Agent Dossiers.

Bonus Opportunities

Many missions have Bonus Objectives. Bonus Objectives each have their own requirements and subsequent rewards and are displayed on a mission's page. A Bonus Objective may not always be available for a particular mission, so the same mission may appear at different times to have a Bonus or lack a Bonus.

Bonus Objectives require that an Agent with certain traits be sent on that mission. If these objectives are met, the Bonus Rewards are given.

When a Bonus Objective is met, it will gain a green border in the mission window.

Bonus Rewards are typically an additional resource, increased experience for the agent running the mission, or distillates.

Mission Results

Missions can have one of three results upon finishing the mission. Each one will result in different flavor text for the mission results as well as dialogue from the agent completing it. They also impact the rewards received at the end of the mission.

  • Complete - The equivalent to a Fail state, receiving a Complete rewards 0 of the Potential Rewards.
  • Successful - The equivalent to Success or basic Win, the Successful result is when the Agent does their task. A Successful result rewards all but the rightmost Potential Reward listed for an Agent Mission.
  • Outstanding Results - Otherwise known as a 'Critical Success', Outstanding Results are the highest level of completion possible. When achieving Outstanding Results, all Potential Rewards of a mission are received.

Mission Rarity

Some missions may appear less frequently than others in the Agent Network and are denoted by either a blue or purple background. Rare missions can be harder than other missions of their ♦️ level but offer better rewards when run. These missions very often have a duration of at least 01:00:00 or longer.

Rare missions begin to appear at ♦️3.

Urgent Agent Missions

Urgent Agent Missions have the purple background and are available at ♦️5. When an urgent mission is available, the Agent Network symbol will appear in the topbar in yellow, signifying the availability of one such mission.

Urgent missions provide better rewards, but are also much more difficult than rare missions.

Special Assignments

Special Agent Assignments, otherwise known as Special Missions, are weekly missions unlocked after 1 Mission has been completed following the Agent Network Tutorial. These missions typically have a completion time of 04:00:00, but reward Purified Distillates. Special Missions reset once per week and as such can only be completed once per week.

They can be found in the Active Missions tab denoted by "♦️ Special".

Agent Gear

Agent Gear is gear equipped by agents that can boost their stats, experience gain, chances for critical success, or even additional traits. Once equipped, a piece of Agent Gear is bound to your character but not to any specific Agent in your roster.

Unlike character gear, agent gear cannot be Empowered or Fused.

Agent Gear can be found in Agent Gear Reward Bags received either through completing Agent Missions or buying Agent Boosters. When obtained through missions, Agent Gear can be sold for Anima Shards or traded and sold on the Auction House. When obtained through Agent Boosters, they are bound instantly but can be sold for HexCoins.

Wearing Agent Gear can be a valuable boost to any Agent in your roster!

Agent Gear List

The following items are known to be available as agent gear, each shown below with a yellow name regardless of quality, and the effects colored corresponding to each possible rarity the item can be found in:

  • Agent Uplink - Equipping an agent with this item will increase the likelihood of getting Outstanding Results on missions by a small/moderate/large amount.
  • Crystal Ball - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Ingenuity by 10/30/90/130/200.
  • Healing Drone - Equipping an agent with this item will reduce the likelihood they will be incapacitated on missions by a small/moderate/large/great/massive amount.
  • Military-grade Breaching Robot - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Prowess by 5/15/45/65/100 and their Adaptability by 5/15/45/65/100.
  • Occult Lexicon - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Ingenuity by 5/15/45/65/100 and their Adaptability by 5/15/45/65/100.
  • Specialised Weaponry - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Prowess by 10/30/90/130/200.
  • Tactical Survey Drone - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Prowess by 5/15/45/65/100 and their Ingenuity by 5/15/45/65/100.
  • Training Manual - Equipping an agent with this item will increase the amount of Experience they gain on missions by 5/10/15/20/25%.
  • Utility Belt - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Adaptability by 10/30/90/130/200.
  • A.I. Companion - Equipping an agent with this item will allow them to be treated as if they have a trait in the Intelligence category. In addition, their Ingenuity is increased by 100.
  • Cloaking Device - Equipping an agent with this item will allow them to be treated as if they have a trait in the Dexterity category. In addition, their Adaptability is increased by 100.
  • Reinforced Armor - Equipping an agent with this item will allow them to be treated as if they have a trait in the Resilience category. In addition, their Prowess is increased by 100.
  • Snazzy Outfit - Equipping an agent with this item will allow them to be treated as if they have a trait in the Charisma category. In addition, their Ingenuity is increased by 100.
  • Vampire Blood - Equipping an agent with this item will allow them to be treated as if they have a trait in the Supernatural category. In addition, their Adaptability is increased by 100.
  • Danny's RC Plane - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Adaptability by 250.
  • Hawthorne's Bible - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Ingenuity by 250.
  • Nassir's Rifle - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Prowess by 250.
  • Khalid's Staff - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Ingenuity by 125 and their Prowess by 125.
  • Madame Roget's Crystal Ball - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Ingenuity by 125 and their Adaptability by 125.
  • Old Joe's Dreamcatcher - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Adaptability by 125 and their Prowess by 125.

The following agent equipment is only available through the Agent Booster: Druids of Avalon and the Occult Defence Scenario:

  • Ogham Etched Cross - Equipping an agent with this item will increase their Prowess by 5, their Adaptability by 5, and their Ingenuity by 5.

Not all druidic agent gear is known at this time and this list will be updated as we learn more!

A separate list of Agent Gear and its information can be found HERE.

Agent Boosters

Agent Boosters are loot bags that can be purchased for aurum by clicking the + in the top of the Agent Network menu. These booster packs have a selection of Agent Dossiers one can receive from them as well as Agent Gear Reward Bags. No items are exclusive to Agent Boosters.

Any item obtained from an Agent Booster is immediately character bound, but can be sold to vendors for HexCoins.

  • 1 Agent Booster = 125 Aurum
  • 5 Agent Boosters = 625 Aurum
  • 10 Agent Boosters = 1,250 Aurum
  • 25 Agent Boosters = 3,125 Aurum

Agent Boosters come in two varieties: Agent Booster and Agent Booster: South Africa.

Agent Booster Contents

Open an Agent Booster to receive one of the following:




  • Agent Gear Reward Bag (Standard)

Agent Booster: South Africa Contents

Open an Agent Booster to receive one of the following:




  • Agent Gear Reward Bag (Standard)

Agent Booster: Druids of Avalon

Open an Agent Booster to receive one of the following:




  • Agent Gear Reward Bag (Standard)


HexCoins are a currency specific to the Agent Network. HexCoins can be acquired by selling any Agent Dossier or Agent Gear acquired through Agent Boosters to the Shadow Trafficker. If the gear or dossier wasn't acquired through a booster, it won't sell for HexCoins.

HexCoins can only be used to buy anything the Shadow Trafficker has for sale.

The symbol for HexCoins is the very symbol seen throughout the Agent Network.

Shadow Trafficker

The Shadow Trafficker is a shady individual lurking in the Hollowed Halls of Agartha (570,150) against a boarded up part of the tree. He sells agent gear, resources, and randomized agent dossiers - all for HexCoins. HexCoins are the only currency this information broker will accept.

Please be aware that it is entirely possible to receive duplicates from Agent Dossiers and Gear Reward bags purchased from the Shadow Trafficker.

All agents and gear purchased from the Trafficker can be sold back to the Trafficker for their normal HexCoin price.

Shadow Trafficker Sale List


The Agent Network has a series of achievements associated with it.



Advance an agent to level 25. Rewards Agent Network: Supporting Agent Slot

Lead by Example
Advance 10 agents to level 50. Rewards Agent Network: Supporting Agent Slot

Top Agent
Advance 20 agents to level 50. Rewards Agent Network: Supporting Agent Slot

Advance 30 agents to level 50.

Panoptic Commander
Advance 40 agents to level 50. Rewards Clothing: Panoptic Commander Helmet, Black; Clothing: Panoptic Commander Black

Curios Of Our Time
Collect and equip the following unique agent equipment. Rewards Special Agent Dossier: Faction Recruit

  • Danny's RC Plane
  • Hawthorne's Bible
  • Khalid's Staff
  • Madame Roget's Crystal Ball
  • Nassir's Rifle
  • Old Joe's Dreamcatcher


Now Hiring
Recruit your first agent.

Expanding the Team
Recruit 5 agents.

Point of Contact
Recruit 10 agents.

Recruit 20 agents.

Global Network
Recruit 39 agents. Rewards Agent Dossier: Callie James



Finish the Agent Network tutorial and complete your first full agent mission. Rewards Agent Dossier: Lydia Darling

Right Person, Right Place
Succeed on an agent mission while matching a 3 trait bonus.

Critical Success!
Complete an agent mission with outstanding results

Flawless Operation
Complete an Elite agent mission with a critical success.

A Devil By Any Other Name
Complete Dante's storyline.

Complete the Guatemala storyline.


Field Team
Complete 10 agent missions

Operation: Subtlety
Complete 50 agent missions

Stick to the Plan
Complete 100 agent missions

Shadowy Details
Complete 250 agent missions

Mission Coordinator
Complete 500 agent missions. Rewards Agent Dossier: Roman Konstantinov

Personal Agenda
Complete 1000 agent missions

Complete 2500 agent missions. Rewards Title: Spymaster

Shadow Puppeteer
Complete 5000 agent missions. Rewards Special Agent Dossier: Roman Konstantinov; Title: Shadow Puppeteer

Special Assignments

Operation: Opportunity
Complete 1 agent special assignment

I'd tell you...
Complete 5 agent special assignments

...but then I'd have to kill you
Complete 10 agent special assignments

Complete 25 agent special assignments. Rewards Title: Undercover

Expert Handler
Complete 50 agent special assignments. Rewards Title: Expert Handler

Bonus Opportunities

Bonus Opportunity
Acquire the bonus reward(s) on 10 agent missions

Anonymous Tip
Acquire the bonus reward(s) on 50 agent missions

Operation: Rish
Acquire the bonus reward(s) on 100 agent missions

Mission Implausible
Acquire the bonus reward(s) on 250 agent missions.

All According to Plan
Acquire the bonus reward(s) on 500 agent missions

Mission Control
Acquire the bonus reward(s) on 750 agent missions

Acquire the bonus reward(s) on 1000 agent missions. Rewards Title: Unstoppable

The Conquistador

A Man of Principle
Recruit Jerónimo de Montejo. Rewards Agent Dossier: Jerónimo de Montejo

An Artefact Out of Time
Recover the artefact

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