Update 2.3.1 - Occult Defence Group Mode

The Occult Defence Scenario has received another update with 2.3.1! Now players can participate in the Stonehenge simulation with up to four other people!

Take a friend. Or four! Occult Defence is now open to teams of up to 5 agents, with tons of balance changes, tweaks, and even new challenges to face!

You can sign up for the updated Occult Defence mode by going to the Activity Finder (Shift+V) and looking for “Occult Defence -> Multiplayer”

Occult Defence is no longer limited to solo or duo play. Players can queue and group with anywhere from one to four other players, either publicly or as a private team! When grouped with at least 4

New mechanics and mob types are present in Occult Defence in both single and multiplayer modes. This includes Arcane Singularities (Effigy W55), Sappers (Effigy E11), Titans (Effigy G55), the Cursed mutator and its spawns (Effigy S89), and the Pestilent Mutator.

  • Arcane Singularities (Effigy W55) are swirling orbs of arcane energies that spawn in packs and head toward the Hagstone. When defeated, they will become stationary and invulnerable where they were killed. At that point, they can be interacted with. Doing so will cause the Singularity to begin to cast a PBAoE of devastating damage to anything, be it effigy or agent, who stands within. Any Arcane Singularities caught within the blast of an exploding Singularity will themselves detonate. This can lead to a chain reaction. Singularities explode immediately upon reaching the Hagstone if not defeated in time.
  • Sappers (Effigy E11) will run to the Hagstone and place mines. Their attention must be gained before they can do so and they must be properly dealt with. Their mines are capable of hurting themselves if they are caught in it.
  • Cursed is a mutator that causes Cursed mobs (Effigy S89) to appear when the mob Mutated with Cursed is killed.
  • Pestilent is a mutator that causes mobs Mutated with it to have a chance on attack to afflict its target with the Pestilence debuff, which deals damage over time, reduces healing received, and has a chance to spread to nearby players.
  • Titans (Effigy G55) are special, strong enemies that may appear in Occult Defence scenarios only when there are AT LEAST 4 players. Each wave type has its own unique Titan with drastically different mechanics. These are a new priority for groups to deal with.

In addition, the density and intensity of enemies increases the more players are in the Occult Defence scenario. This includes a greater number of Swarm enemies, more Commanders and Mortars, and simply more portals for more enemies to appear from.

Keep watch for the latest new Signet, Signet of the Nemain, which only drops in Occult Defence! This wrist signet increases the number of enemies your area abilities can hit while also increasing the damage of these abilities.

On top of all of that, Agent Gear Bags containing Mythic and Legendary quality Agent Gear can now be purchased from the Shadow Trafficker in Agartha for HexCoins. For more information on the Agent Network, the Agent Network Master Guide is always up-to-date!

To see more of what Funcom says about the update, check out the official Group Stonehenge announcement and the Version 2.3.1 Patch Notes!

An in-depth Occult Defence Overview filled with mechanics and tactics is coming soon!

Krampusnacht 2018

The Krampus Gate has been left open. Strange things shudder and lurk in Yule.

Krampusnacht is once more here! From 12 December 2018 to 2 January 2019, you can enjoy all of the festivities involved in the Winter Holidays.

Krampus haunts the world, Hel awaits in Niflheim and Agartha both, and unusual seasonal champions have begun to make themselves known, all while Phoenician activity is on the rise.

Behold a winter wonderland! Starting December 12th through January 2nd, Krampusnacht returns to Secret World Legends!

Elusive, powerful creatures have emerged from the shadows in strange sightings across the world; it’s up to you to hunt them down and get to the bottom of their appearance! Accept bounty missions from the Paragon activity board in Agartha to begin your task.

These special champion enemies may require some extra leg (or brain) work to coax them from hiding.

Additionally, the Krampus Gate has swung open once more, ushering an invasion of a foe most hairy and vile: The Krampus! Spawning around the world, you must defeat them and take the battle to Niflheim itself!

The Winter Holidays of 2018 bring with them all 2017 Krampusnacht contnet as well as an entirely new series of champions that require more unusual sleuthing to summon and solve, as well as an entirely new investigation mission never before seen in either The Secret World or Secret World Legends!

In addition, two new ♦️5 Agent Missions concerning vampiric beings have been added: The Hopping Dead for Dragon players, and Strigoi in Brooklyn for Illuminati players. Both missions have the potential to reward Agent Vanity Reward Bags and serve to offer these two factions an equivalent to the Templar-only mission, V is for Vampire Soup.

For those who adore cats, achievements, or both, two new pets have been added to Dr. Caligari's achievement store: the Kitten Carrier available for 300 Third Age Fragments at 4500 Achievement Points, and Rooibos' Kitten Carrier available for 600 Third Age Fragments at 5500 Achievement Points. Using them causes many cats to follow you. It's absolutely adorable.

As of the patch, a Faction Drone will appear to you when you pick up an item from the Remote Auction House accessible as a Patron!

With the start of Krampusnacht comes the return of the Winter Cache! If curious about caches, our Cache page may be of aid.

See the Official Krampusnacht 2018 Announcement, as well as the 12 December 2018 Patch Notes for the event!

An in-depth Event Guide for the Winter Holidays is available with all information pertaining to it!

Update 2.3.0 - Dark Agartha

Something terrible has happened in the World Tree. Something claws, something eats. All is eaten, all is eating. Madness lies at the end of the world.

Dark Agartha is now open.

We stand at the end of all. Chaos and darkness reign, the ravaged remains of Gaia now infested with extradimensional interlopers known only as The Wandering Others. Something, or someone, has called upon you to enter this timeline and race to the end. At what cost, or for what reason, is unknown. It’s up to you to discover the truth.

Dark Agartha is accessible once you reach Level 50. To begin your expeditions, visit a Bounty Board in regular Agartha to be assigned a mission that guides you to the entrance.

Dark Agartha is designed to challenge a player's skill and ability to adapt in an ever-changing world. A unique timed boss gauntlet of 5 bosses and a default time of 17 minutes, Dark Agartha changes every day to provide new challenges to the bees who trek into its time-stream.

It costs 7 AP and 15 SP to attune yourself to a Dark Agartha and begin the fights within, but the rewards are well worth the sacrifice. Through Dark Agartha, it is possible to earn Elaborate Glyph Fragments, which 300 combined form an Elaborate Glyph Imbuer, allowing glyphs to go from the 3-pip Intricate to the 4-pip Elaborate!

Your first complete run of Dark Agartha will give a full Elaborate Glyph Imbuer free! In addition, the first run you ever run has the cost of AP and SP waived!

Additionally for the 2.3.0 patch, Item Power calculation has been fixed from a previously unnoticed bug. Pips now affect Item Power, with lower pip counts giving lower Item Power. Despite the calculation changes, your actual damage remains as it was and has not been nerfed, nor will you lose any Elite difficulty access should the changes place you below a necessary IP threshold you previously met.

For more information given by Funcom, see the official Dark Agartha Deep Dive and the 2.3.0 Patch Notes!

A TSWDB in-depth guide of Dark Agartha itself is in-progress and will be coming out in the future! Information concerning the various modules and bosses will be available as soon as possible!

The Dark Agartha Legend is complete and available in its entirety to read! Learn the truth, sweetlings!

Dark Agartha was originally hinted at over the last month with a long story chain known as The Conquistador involving Jerónimo de Montejo within the Agent Network!

Samhain 2018

The time is upon us once more, sweetlings! Spirits stalk and ghouls cry out - the airwaves shiver and cats cry! Samhain is here! From 11 October 2018 to 1 November 2018, you can enjoy all the shrieks and screams of the season in Secret World Legends!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Samhain is here! Join us around the fire from October 11 through November 1. Experience new challenges, a brand-new cache, exclusive seasonal rewards, and community contests! Get a FREE Pale Horse just for logging in the first day!

As the boundaries between our world and the next blur, prepare for a month most morbid. What shall bump in the night? Numbers, numbers… what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?

Samhain is here and all content from 2017 is back! And on top of that, something strange surfs the sound - the Broadcast has come to Secret World Legends! Bringing with it all new achievements, a mission, a legend, and fascinating connection to radios, the Broadcast is a unique, atmospheric mission perfect for Samhain!

Log in at lease once during Samhain and claim the Pale Horse sprint now!

In addition, a new Cache has been introduced into rotation: the Oni War Cache. For more information on what the Oni War Cache has to offer, please see our Cache page.

Check the Official Announcement to read more, and patch notes for October 11 can be found here!

Undocumented in the patch notes are a good number of non-seasonal cosmetics added to the dressing room - sure to please any fan of a certain oni!

These items are: Oni Horns; plush slippers; plush slippers, tiger print; plush slippers, leopard print; silk bathrobe, tiger print; silk bathrobe, leopard print; bare chest, hairy.

They are available for both male and female characters, even the hairy chest!

An event guide for Samhain is available and updated for all known information!

Update 2.2.2 - The Envoys of Avalon

The Druids themselves have come to the Hollow Earth! With the Equinox upon us, they have deemed ot safe enough for some of their member to leave the hidden mists of Avalon and take root in Agartha.

Worried for the safety of their home in the long-term, they have collaborated with the Council of Venice to bring to life a new form of scenario: the Occult Defence. Survive endless waves of enemies while defending a central point! The higher the wave reached and the more waves reached in a single run, the better and more numerous the rewards!

There are even new legends to learn and Agents to acquire to commemorate the occasion!


The Council of Venice have agreed to utilize their virtual reality system for a new combat simulation: Occult Defence of Stonehenge.

Your mission is deceptively simple: Defend the Hagstone, the ancient artifact laying at the heart of Stonehenge. This artifact draws power from the the world’s ley lines and works to conceal and protect Stonehenge and the Druids’ home from danger. Should the Hagstone’s integrity be compromised, it’s fission mailed – so keep it together!


On each equinox, the druids of Avalon send their envoys to forge alliances with other Secret Worlders. For a limited time, you’ll be able to find Druids of Avalon in Agartha as they help usher you to the training simulation. Discover event-exclusive legends and get a chance at special loot, including agent dossiers. Seek them out in the center of Agartha!


With the release of Occult Defence and the Envoys of Avalon comes new agents for you to command! Opening a Druids of Avalon Agent Booster has a chance to contain new Agents or Gear Reward Bags!

To see all of the new Agents added and how to acquire each one, check out the Agent Network Master Guide or search each Dossier separately!

Check out the official release announcement for more information and check here to read the patch notes!

The Legend Lists for Stonehenge Simulation and The Druids of Avalon are both available!

Learn more about the Envoys of Avalon and what they have to offer with our Envoys of Avalon Event Guide, out now!

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