Secret World Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Live Demo on the Zero Point Report

Attention, sweetlings! The Secret World Legends Podcast known as The Zero Point Report is going to be playing a live demo of the upcoming Savage Worlds adaptation of the Secret World Tabletop Roleplaying Game by Star Anvil Studios! This one-shot demo adventure will be run by Star Anvil Studios' Brandon Verhalen on 16 May 2024 at 9:00 PM EDT and streamed live on The Zero Point Report. Our beloved Community Manager Andy Benditt will be joining the game as a special guest player alongside The Zero Point Report's hosts Ocholivis, TwoTonWaffle, and JimmyTheRabbit! Watch a trio of Illuminati agents and the odd Dragon out deal with trouble on the double!

The Zero Point Report


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Secret World Legends Love on Gaia Writing Contest Winners Revealed

Jubilations are in order, sweetlings! Love on Gaia burns bright through the Dark Days. Each heartfelt story has been witnessed, too, with all love due. The Custodians were diligent in their sorting and study of each and every submission and are absolutely aglow with adoration for you and your creations!

The winners of the Secret World Legends Love on Gaia Writing Contest have been announced on 21 March 2024 on the Secret World Legends Funcom Forums!!

It is our Gaia-blessed honour to unveil the prizewinning stories for the Secret World Legends Love on Gaia Writing Contest!

WITNESS - Love on Gaia.

The Grand-Prize Winners is Goonshine for their story Love on Gaia: A Sermon ...

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Envoys of Avalon Vernal Equinox 2024

The Envoys of Avalon have gathered the courage they required and arrived in Agartha in time for the 2024 vernal equinox!

Their main representative, Fearghas Abernathy, needed additional encouragement to leave his home and make the trek through the Hollow Earth. Fearghas Abernathy is stationed by the Seed of Life in the Hollowed Halls (565,190), where he can be found nervously whispering to his associates. All sweetlings looking to aid the Envoys should speak to him.

Starting on 18 March 2024 at 09:00 AM EDT (13:00 UTC), the Envoys of Avalon can be found seeking Secret Worlders wandering the World Tree. The Envoys' Daily Login Rewards were sent to the de...

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Valentine's Day 2024

Love is very real, you'll find, and Gaia loves Her sweetlings deeply. Experience the Secret World Legends Valentine's Day festivities and Rosenbrawl Open Week starting 13 February 2024 at 9:00 AM EST (14:00 UTC) and lasting all the way through the month of February 2024!

A plethora of pink Cosmetics and potent Power Items have been discounted for the duration of the Valentine's Day event! Many of the cosmetics being discounted have never before been discounted - including every single version of the Kissing With Teeth clothing set! Take heart and witness all items in t...

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Valentine's Day 2024 Friendly Fuchsia Sale

There is always love on Gaia, and the Valentine's Day Event is a perfect time to show it! Starting on 12 February 2024 at 4:00 PM EST (21:00 UTC) and lasting through the entire duration of the Valentine's Day event and Rosenbrawl Open Week, a helping of heartfelt Cosmetics such as a plethora of pink clothing items, adorable pets, and a few encouraging emotes are discounted by 50%! A lovely selection of Power Items are discounted 35% as well! All sweetlings are pretty in pink!

The 2024 Valentine's Da...

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