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Samhain 2019

The sweet shivers of the season scream - it's Samhain! Enjoy the haunting horrors of Secret World Legends' most cherished holiday from 10 October 2019 to 4 November 2019!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Samhain is here! Join us around the fire from October 10 through November 4. Experience seasonal challenges, the Haunted Cache, exclusive seasonal rewards, and community events!

All Samhain content from 2017 and 2018 make their return for Samhain 2019! That means the Cat God, Jack-O-Lantern, and Broadcast events are in full force for all to enjoy - so go out there, help some frazzled felines, fight a fearsome gourd, and investigate invasively insidious airwaves!

All the while, prepare for the PC release of Moons of Madness, a spin-off set in the Secret World universe and focusing on an Orochi employee on Mars, on 22 October 2019! It is not known at this time if any tie-in cosmetics for Secret World Legends will accompany the game's release, but delicious lore is sure to steep the story!

Seasonal Daily Login Rewards are active every day of Samhain. Be sure to get online and grab your rewards each day. This year, there are two Talisman Anima Imbuers you can get per character from the Samhain Daily Login Rewards!

The Haunted Cache makes its first full return to rotation outside of the Anniversary's all-Cache bonanza! Check out all the Haunted Cache has to offer at our Cache page, but be warned: the Haunted Cache is filled to the brim with spiders!

Check out the Official Announcement for Samhain 2019!

See everything Samhain has to offer with our comprehensive Samhain Event Guide! Compiled within is all that crawls from the corner of your periphery into the now.

Envoys of Avalon Autumnal Equinox 2019

The Autumnal Equinox looms, and with it come Envoys of Avalon! Avalon's barriers hold strong at the height of the equinox, allowing the Druids of Avalon to safely venture forth from their occluded island. Within Agartha's Hollowed Halls the Envoys search for the aid of any Secret Worlder willing to help prepare the Druids for any possible disaster that might strike.

The Envoys of Avalon will be in Agartha from 20 September 2019 at 10 AM EDT to 5 October 2019 at 9 AM EDT, or from September 20th through October 4th, with the event ending on the early morning of the 5th.

To help the Druids, go to the Seed of Life in the Hollowed Halls of Agartha and speak to representative Fearghas Abernathy (565,190) for his mission, which will require waves of Occult Defence Scenarios be completed.

It is upon us once more, agents! The real-life Autumn Equinox arrives Monday, September 23 - to mark the occasion, the Envoys of Avalon return to Agartha beginning tomorrow, September 20 and shall mingle with Secret Worlders through October 4th. Seek them out in the center of Agartha beginning 9:00 AM EDT and prepare yourself for Occult Defence!

To coincide with the event, Free Scenario Chest Weekends will occur from September 20th - 23rd and September 27th - October 1st! Every scenario Reward Chest will be able to be opened without spending keys!

Not only are the Druids out and about for the equinox encouraging scenarios, but so are sales! During the Envoys of Avalon event, all Druids of Avalon Agent Boosters are 50% off and all Catalysts and Imbuers are 30% off!

The Ninja sprint is also 55% off in honor of the infamous Area 51 raid "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" which told attendees, "if we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets". Can you believe it?

Let us shed some light on everything the Druids have to offer during this biannual phenomenon with our Envoys of Avalon event guide! Check there for even more in-depth information on what the Envoys of Avalon consists of as well as a basic description of the Occult Defence scenario!

If you haven't done the Occult Defence Scenario since 2018, you may be unaware of what changes and new mechanics have occurred. Our post detailing Update 2.3.1 summarizes what was added!

More information on the Druids of Avalon Agent Booster as well as the Agent Network itself can be found on our Agent Network Master Guide.

Check out the the official Funcom announcement of the 2019 Autumnal Equinox visit of the Envoys of Avalon!

August Downtime Compensation - Keys for all!

To compensate for the unexpected extended downtime lasting a majority of Wednesday, August 7 2019 following the patch to convert Buzzing Hives to Expired Buzzing Hives, Funcom has granted everyone two free Cache Keys!

Not only that, but a No Limits Weekend Event has been enabled! Make use of it while you can - that event is particularly rare!

Hey everyone! As an apology and compensation for yesterday's authentication and connectivity issues, we're granting 2 Cache Keys to everyone. You have until the end of Monday UTC to claim this.

Additionally, Catalysts and Imbuers are 50% off and Ability/Skill Points are 30% off through Monday. Lastly, we're prepping No Limits (Free Dungeon/Scenario/Lair Key) Weekend scheduled to begin now and ending Tuesday (Aug 13) morning EDT

The free Cache Keys can be claimed from the /delivereditems window for every character up until a time given as the end of Monday (August 12 2019) in the UTC time zone. This likely refers to 11:59 PM UTC, and as such, be sure to grab your cache keys before that point. If you don't, they will no longer be available in your delivered items!

In a No Limits Event, you can open as many scenario, dungeon, and lair or regional reward chests as you want without running out of keys, because there's no limit! Use the opportunity to farm your favorite content without worry of having to spend a single thing to open any additional chests! Use the time wisely, however, as the event is only running from August 8 2019 to August 13 2019 at 9 AM EDT!

To top it all off, Catalysts and Imbuers are on sale for 50% off and AP/SP are also on sale for 30% off through the event, perfect for all the extra fusions and content you may be doing during the No Limits Event!

Get out there sweetlings and play!

Anniversary 2019 Discounts

A selection of delightfuly sweet things are on a steep sale from June 26th 2019 to the end of the Anniversary Event on July 10th 2019! Specific Boosts and Upgrades such as Catalysts, Imbuers, Agent Boosters, and AP and SP are on sale for 30%-50% off, while a variety of cosmetics from clothing, sprints, pets, and even emotes are 70%-80%

The following baubles and goodies are on deep discount from now until the end of the anniversary!

Some highly coveted cosmetics on sale include all Wings of the Alter Ego, the Droid Arm and Mr Ruffles weapon skins, all 'gold' weapon skins including the Glamour Hammer despite it not being golden, the Bingo Blast and Wave (Magic) emotes, and even the new Arcane Arrows and Ghost Runner Sprints! These all are on heavy discount while the sale lasts, so get your aurum ready!

Please see the official post regarding the Anniversary Sale for a full list of every item involved!

As always, everything on sale will have a sale sticker icon in their respective UIs to help distinguish them.

Treat yourselves, sweetlings!

Secret World Legends' Second Anniversary

Agartha is abuzz with celebration! Another year has come and passed for Secret World Legends, which now reaches its second anniversary for all busy bees to enjoy! Experience the Anniversary event from June 18th to July 9th!

TRANSMIT – initiate the second of the second – RECEIVE – initiate one-oh-five-one-two-zero-zero units – CHECK ONE-TWO, WE’RE ALL HUMMING ALONG – with masons free – WITNESS – The Second Anniversary!

The World Tree is filled with decorations and jubilation during the Anniversary! Piñatas line Agartha, waiting to be broken open with nearby Piñata Basher bats - and if you're lucky, they won't just give out sweet candies, but a bat weapon skin too! unique seasonal Daily Login Rewards are available to claim for every character you own! There is also the return of the seasonal Legend The Talos of Gaia written by Scrivnomancer himself!

Every 2 minutes past the hour, great golems known as Talos appear in an area known as Vibrant Agartha, which can be accessed from a portal (550,250) open for 10 minutes near the Hollowed Halls! Defeat the Talos in a public raid for their Genizot and bee-autiful cosmetic and distillate rewards! Come together to use eleven total shards filled with angst from the Talos' as found within their Genizot to open the Gatekeeper's portal (500,175) to Deep Agartha and face an enraged Gatekeeper in combat! The spoils gained have their own honeyed surprises.

And for those lucky enough to happen upon the Beehemoth, an enormous bee-piñata spawned in Agartha (495,240) by Funcom community managers and gamemasters, the Beehemoth Slayer title awaits. Due to the irregularity and manual nature of the Beehemoth spawn, it is HIGHLY advised that any player who sees a Beehemoth call it out in General Chat as well as any other channels they desire so that other players can Meet Up on them and join in the fun!

As with every seasonal event, there are seasonal Daily Login Rewards available to claim every day on all characters you may have! The Anniversary Daily Login Rewards include the SWL 2nd Anniversary t-shirt in the form of the Anniversary 2019 T-shirt item, distillates, AP and SP, Anima Shards, Talisman and Glyph Imbuers, a Signet Fusion Catalyst, and one free Epic Cache Key! These rewards are all accompanied by a Buzzing Hive, which can only be opened once you have defeated a Talos and acquired the 10 minute Anima Surge buff. Buzzing Hives contain a sequential reward list of cosmetics, but if opened after all of its contents have been obtained, the Buzzing Hive will instead give 2000 Anima Shards. Once the Anniversary is over, the Buzzing Hives you have claimed but left unopened will expire and can only ever award 1000 Anima Shards instead regardless of whether or not you had all cosmetic rewards prior to its expiration.

For a complete, in-depth look at the Anniversary Event, its various rewards, and all that it entails, please see our Anniversary Event Guide!

Accompanying the Anniversary is the return of the Anniversary Cache into the Cache rotation. Previously named the Anniversary 2018 Cache, this Cache contains the usual Cache contents, but instead of its own weapon sets, it has both the Extraordinary and Anima-Touched weapons from the Agarthan Cache. Unique to the Anniversary Cache, however, is the Agarthan Bounty Hunter Outfit, Buzz Bumblepup pet, and Agarthan Wings, Faction sprint. Find out more about the Anniversary Cache's contents here!

Not only is the Anniversary Cache back, but all other Caches in the game are dropping for the duration of the Anniversary! Go out there and collect your favorite Cache! if you want to learn about Caches in general, see here for a complete overview of Caches as a concept as well as every single Cache to date.

For those Cache enthusiastics, there is a new Cache Key available - the Epic Cache Key! One free Epic Cache Key is available as part of the Anniversary Event's Daily Login Rewards, but more can be purchased for Aurum at the Cache interface or through the Instant Purchases window. When used on a Cache, an Epic Cache Key guarantees that you receive one of the top-tier rewards exclusive to that Cache: either one of the epic talisman or weapon bags, or an mount, outfit, or pet item! Epic Cache Keys are a permanent addition to Secret World Legends.

The Agent Network also got some new, permanent additions in the form of Freemason Agents. Currently only available through the Agent Booster: Freemasons, these agents all have support abilities that boost a specific weapon's damage and healing and give healing power. All Agents from the Freemason Booster are available right here on TSWDB to view in their entirety! More information about the Agent Network as well as Agent Boosters can be found right here on the Agent Network Master Guide.

You can also check out the official Funcom announcement for the Anniversary Event and all that was added alongside!

The Anniversary Event was activated alongside a 2019 Anniversary Patch but there are no patch notes available. The inclusion of Epic Cache Keys, the Freemason Agents, and the SWL 2nd Anniversary t-shirt are the only known changes at this time.

During the Anniversary, there are two community events!

The Anniversary Scavenger Hunt, hosted by Funcom, is on June 30th starting at 12 PM EDT. Sign up to find a thematically appropriate dynel throughout select Adventure Zones on the day of with the aid of riddles! All participants will receive the in-game Anima Lager t-shirt, a shirt that has not been available since 2013 when it was available for The Secret World players who made specific Secret World merchandise purchases during a select period of time! Plus... a MYSTERY PRIZE!

The Anniversary Scavenger Hunt thread on the Funcom Forums contains all you need to know to become busy bees! It also lists a number of community events occurring during the Anniversary.

From the community side, there is the MEGAversary community initiative. The second MEGAversary for the second Anniversary! The MEGAversary hosts events from June 19th to July 1st 2019. Raffles, RP events, PvE events, PvP events, trivia, and even an Alternate Reality Game are all initiated during the MEGAversary!

There's so many things for a sweetling to do that our particle wings quiver with anticipation!

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