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Update 2.3.3 - Dark Agartha Winter 2019

Sweetlings can find a slew of things old and new with Update 2.3.3 as of 12 December 2019! While we've summarized all that was revealed on Funcom's Secret World Legends Community Stream held on the 11th, there's so much more, and we're prepared to go in-depth about it all!

The Krampus Gate is wide and clear! It's the most wonderful time of the year for all who derive holiday cheer thriving on fear! From 12 December 2019 to 2 January 2020, frolic through the Winter Holidays of Secret World Legends! All Winter Holidays content from 2017 and 2018, with a few changes to provide additional challenge.


Outside Dark Agartha awaits a new NPC: the “Shady Salesman”. Every day, he sells access to different Challenge Timelines – treacherous threads of possibilities within Dark Agartha – with greater potential rewards (including a new outfit) but also greater difficulty.


Dark Agartha now drops fragments of Resplendent (Tier 4) Talisman Imbuers, which may be used to unlock even greater potential within talismans.


For those thrill-seeking agents pursuing even greater challenges, you may go past Elite difficulty 11 (provided you have the gear) in Dark Agartha and ranking missions!


New “Arsenal” caches may now drop across the world, separate from existing caches. These caches are distinguished by their focus on new weapons and unique talismans. The first available arsenal is the Dark Agartha Arsenal, containing three new unique talismans and two sets of new weapons!


The winning entires of the Agent Writing Contest – Elin Bagge, Rana Kader, Walker Malone, and ‘The Cleaner’ – are now available from the Shadow Trafficker in Agartha for Hexcoins.

A new mode is now available for Dark Agartha: Dark Agartha Challenge Timelines! Phase 2 of Dark Agartha has begun. Go to the Shady Salesman (160,160,280) in front of the portal to Dark Agartha to pick up the Challenge Timeline of the day for 10,000 Marks of Favour. The Challenge Timeline available in a given day rotates just as the threats within Dark Agartha rotate! A Challenge Timeline offers additional dangers within Dark Agartha and is active until Dark Agartha hits the daily reset time, or you purchase the Abort Timeline item from the Shady Salesman. While these DACTs provide greater difficulty, they also provide greater rewards!

More fragments drop from the Reward Chest at the end of a successful run through Dark Agartha when on a Challenge Timeline, as do unique cosmetic rewards only available when in one! In DACTs, you can earn the emote 'Evil Laugh', the sprint Gatekeeper's Touch, or even get a faction colored space suit of the variety that Shane Newehart and the Invictus crew wear in the Secret World spin-off game, Moons of Madness! The particular space suits that have fallen through the cracks in time and space that make up the shattered vestiges of Dark Agartha are themselves Filthy and cracked! The space suits can, in fact, be traded or sold to other players.

Alongside this new mode of Dark Agartha is the introduction of Resplendent Talisman Fragments and Imbuers, which allow talismans to be brought to 4-pips and gain the prefix 'Resplendent' instead of the 3-pip 'Radiant'. The Shady Salesman has a few items that can convert 100 fragments of one kind to another for 75,000 Marks of Favour, or to convert entire Resplendent and Elaborate Imbuers to one-another for 500 Aurum. From within Dark Agartha itself, the sad Irreparable Custodian of Curios also sells new items for 7,500 Marks of Favour to guarantee all fragments received from that day's successful Dark Agartha be the same type.

A greater look at Dark Agartha Challenge Timelines is coming in our upcoming deep-dive into Dark Agartha itself!

As an added bonus, one of the Winter Holiday Seasonal Daily Login Rewards is a Resplendent Talisman Imbuer. Look forward to Day 15 of the Winter Holidays!

Now Elite Difficulty scaling past E10 is no longer limited to Occult Defence Scenarios! Dark Agartha and all scaling missions, currently limited to Faction Ranking Missions and select Seasonal Scaling Missions, allow selection of E11+. Fog and Mirrors won't be such a breeze in E15... or E17, which is the highest players can realistically reach as of this patch. This has the added benefit of fixing a peculiar bug that struck in Samhain 2019 where select players who qualified for E11+ content were unable to receive the achievement "A Show at Bedtime" from The Broadcast - we promise!

A whole new breed of Cache has come! Update 2.3.3 introduces the Arsenal subset of Caches. Arsenals focus primarily on weapons and talismans, lacking cosmetic drops aside from the weapon skins that the weapons inside may have. Arsenals have their own rotation, allowing both an Arsenal cache and a normal Cache to be available at any given time. They can easily be distinguished by having the Arsenal suffix in their name instead of the typical Cache suffix. As with any cache, Cache Keys are required in order to open them.

The first Arsenal to be introduced is the Dark Agartha Arsenal! This arsenal is perfectly primed for those busy bees ready to dive into Dark Agartha. Talismans with entirely new effects focusing on Agarthan entities can be found inside and are sure to shake up the meta! The weapons available from the Dark Agartha Arsenal include Third Age Weapons and Filthy weapons! The Third Age Weapons serve as the epic weapons of this particular arsenal and use the coveted Third Age moulds previously only available in The Secret World as a Loyalty Reward! The Filthy weapons, which use skins that were previously availabel from the Eidolon of the Outer Dark in The Secret World, all give three (3) passive abilities of their specific weapon as to open up new slots and builds to people!

Take a look at the Dark Agartha Arsenal if its contents spark your sweet curiosity, or take a look at our Cache page to learn more about Caches themselves.

Agent Writing Contest rewards have found their way into the upcoming patch. The Andy and Nicole Agent Dossier: The Duo will be implemented and given to all who participated in the Agent Writing Contest. The Winner and Runner-Up Agents from the contest can be purchased from the Shadow Trafficker for 8 HexCoins. The Cleaner, the grand prize winning Agent, will also give you a piece of Agent Equipment when acquired.

The Agent Writing Contest rewards have been added to the game, as well! The grand prize winning agent The Cleaner, as well as runner-ups Walter Malone, Elin Bagge, and Rana Kader are now available for purchase from the Shadow Trafficker in the Hollowed Halls of Agartha (575,145) by purchasing the Writing Contest Agent Dossier for 8 HexCoins. The Cleaner has a trusty mop named Bessie as a piece of epic Agent Gear received alongside his Dossier.

All who participated in the 2019 Agent Writing Contest can find all Writing Contest Agent Dossiers in their /delivereditems, alongside the special participation reward, the Andy and Nicole Agent Dossier: The Duo! They're a dynamic delight of a duo!

Every new Agent Dossier is available for perusal right here at TSWDB, and more information about the Shadow Trafficker, HexCoins, or the Agent Network itself can all be found in our comprehensive Agent Network Master Guide.

If you're a sweetling that's low on luck and can't seem to get ahold of a Peculiar Box, you can now purchase one from Doctor Caligari in the Hollowed Halls of Agartha (600,200) for a current price of 2,000,000 Marks of Favour! Don't worry if the price is too high, as the Peculiar Box still drops out and about in its usual places. He won't allow anyone who hasn't met the requirements to use the box to purchase it from him, however!

That's not all - a new item, the Lucky Pachinko Ball, allows control over the scaling difficulty of the Southern Orochi Tunnels of Once More Into the Tower. Purchased for 10,000 Marks of Favour, the Lucky Pachinko Ball will allow anybody to choose how hard they want the fight to be, instead of it defaulting directly to your highest possible difficulty. The Lucky Pachinko Ball is a Mission Item and is consumed once the Tank Commander has been successfully defeated, but using the Lucky Pachinko Ball will prevent the Tank Commander Blade or Depleted Energy Cell from dropping from the Spoils of the Southern Tunnel. The achievement "Like Riding a Bicycle... Into a Tank" is still rewarded regardless of what difficulty the Tank Commander has been beaten at.

A full walkthrough for Once More Into the Tower is coming very soon!

Additionally, a previously unknown bug concerning the damage component of the Flicker passive 'Volatile Current' has been fixed, giving the passive a slight buff as a result of it now appropriately dealin damage each activation of Flicker!

Last but certainly not least, few unique emotes have found their way to the Emotes GUI ([O] by default). Salt, Finger Guns, and Yare Yare can all be purchased directly from that window for 600, 600, and 750 Aurum respectively. Salt allows you to sprinkle salt in front of you, Finger Guns does some fun finger guns, and Yare Yare does a very specific pose, because yes, it is a JoJo reference.

Check out the official patch notes for Update 2.3.3 right here!

Peek into everything that you can see, do, or earn during the Winter Holidays with our up-to-date Winter Holidays Event Guide and get into the spirit of Yule!

Secret World Legends Stream Summary - Get Ready!

TRANSMIT - initiate the jingle jangle jargon.

The Secret World Legends Funcom stream on 11 December 2019 left quite a few bits of news for sweetlings to review! We will go into much greater detail concerning the upcoming content and everything involved once the patch hits, so don't worry about our brevity!

WITNESS - The Reveals.

First off, the Winter Holidays are returning on December 12th, just one day after the stream aired. But that's not all, because the patch coming will contain not only the Winter Holidays; there's also as-of-yet unannounced bugfixes and a slew of new content!

Elite Difficulty scaling past E10 is no longer limited to Occult Defence Scenarios, and now applies to Dark Agartha and all scaling missions. This, of course, comes with greater challenges - but also greater rewards!

Glyphs will no longer be the only thing to reach 4-pips. Dark Agartha will now reward fragments to create Resplendent Talisman Imbuers in much the same way as the current Elaborate Glyph Imbuers - and to celebrate their addition, one of the Seasonal Daily Login Rewards for Winter Holidays 2019 will be a Resplendent Glyph Imbuer!

For added challenge, Dark Agartha has an entirely new mode - Challenge Timelines! Dark Agartha Challenge Timelines (DACTs) are alternate timelines to the daily Dark Agartha timeline and come with added modifiers, all of which rotate daily! Completing a DACT is more rewarding, giving more fragments and even the chance at cosmetic rewards! Faction colored spacesuits just like the kind Shane Newehart and the Invictus crew wear in Moons of Madness are available through DACTs, so you too can follow your destiny! Not only that, DACTs give you the opportunity to obtain a new emote! What emote it could be is a mystery to everybody, so we're excited to find out what it is alongside all of you!

New emotes are also available directly from the Emotes GUI!

Revealed emotes include a Salt emote, Evil Laugh emote, Finger Guns emote, and Yare Yare emote. Is this a JoJo reference? Yes, yes it is.

Agent Writing Contest rewards have found their way into the upcoming patch. The Andy and Nicole Agent Dossier: The Duo will be implemented and given to all who participated in the Agent Writing Contest. The Winner and Runner-Up Agents from the contest can be purchased from the Shadow Trafficker for 8 HexCoins. The Cleaner, the grand prize winning Agent, will also give you a piece of Agent Equipment when acquired.

A special kind of Cache known as an Arsenal is also making its appearance. Arsenals rotate separately from the primary Cache and lack cosmetics, weapon skins aside. The Dark Agartha Arsenal contains weapons both Filthy and Third Age!

A recording of the stream can be found HERE on the Funcom Twitch page.

Tune in on December 12th, sweetlings! We'll be waiting with so much to show you.

Extended Maintenance Downtime Compensation

On 14 November 2019 at 9 AM EST, Secret World Legends' servers went down alongside all other Funcom MMO servers for a period of extended maintenance for the hardware with an estimated downtime of 8 hours.

When the servers came up 5 hours later, sweetlings began to find a honeyed-neat treat!

As a little compensation for today's extended downtime, you should find a couple gifts in your Delivered Items when you log back on. You have 7 days to claim these (once per account!!!!!!)"

- Andy Benditt

All characters in Secret World Legends were gifted compensation with a Cache Key and the Gravity Skates sprint! The Gravity Skates were previously awarded on only one occassion: successful completion of a Limited-Time Challenge event in The Secret World (TSW), making this the first time the Gravity Skates have been awarded in SWL!

These gifts must be claimed within 7 days from /delivereditems if you want them - by 21 November 2019, the offer expires and they'll disappear from /delivereditems!

Despite initial announcements, the Gravity Skates can be claimed on every character on an account!

Check out the Gravity Skates and get ready to become the blue blur! We know you gotta go fast, sweetlings.

Due to a bug, the free Cache Key was temporarily disabled if not already claimed by the time the issue was discovered. It is expected to return and be claimable once more for those who didn't yet do so on 15 November 2019. We will update this post accordingly when it returns.

ARG: The Cyrano Story

Something stirs in the stars. What speaks in space, sweetlings?

Start your journey in the abyss of horror....

The Cyrano Story is a haunting Alternate Reality Game utilizing Google AI and set firmly in the Secret World Universe as a lead up to Moons of Madness. Created by Alice & Smith in collaboration with Funcom, it tells a tale regarding the ship known as The Cyrano through interactive investigation. Alice & Smith were also responsible for some of the previous The Secret World ARGs, such as the 2012 End of Days!

Joshua Doetsch, famed Scrivnomancer who has written for The Secret World and Secret World Legends, chipped in to add his delicious words to the Cyrano Story!

Not only does the Cyrano Story have words that pluck at the mortal minds that enjoy them, but it also has rewards! Every Seal, for a total of 6 Seals, has the chance to give a Steam Key to one of 5 games, some of which are set in the main Secret World universe (The Park and Moons of Madness), and while others are part of an alternate timeline within the Secret World Universe (The Black Watchmen, Nite Team 4, and Ahnayro). The alternate timeline is one where the bomb in Kaidan never went off so Gaia never prepared a new swarm of her Bees in 2012.

These Steam Keys will only be awarded if you log into the Cyrano Story website with your Steam account.

Complete all 6 Seals and you have the opportunity to enter a raffle to win a trip for 2 to a Level 9 VIP Tour of the Houston Space Center and lunch with an Astronaut!!! Who doesn't love SPACE?

Begin your descent into madness in the Cyrano Story today!

Feast your eyes upon the Funcom press release for the Cyrano Story!

Samhain 2019 Funcom Contests

Samhain is the season for treating! Funcom is hosting TWO contests with fantastic rewards, both ending on October 31st at 11:59 PM EDT! Exclusive to Secret World Legends is an Agent Writing Contest, where you can get your very own Agent into the Agent Network! For all of Funcom's Live games (Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, Secret World Legends, and Conan Exiles), there is a Spooky Screenshot Contest to submit your spookiest shots for a chance at an equally spooky signed poster!

Go out there and contest!

Agent Writing Contest - Secret World Legends

Sweetlings, sweetlings all - only your sweet brainmeats can enter this contest! You have from 10 October 2019 to 11:59 PM EDT, 31 October 2019, to honey-dance a new Agent for the Agent Network!

You ever look at your agents and think, “Man, these people are all great but there’s someone that could really add some OOMF to this roster.”? Oh you have? Well, boy howdy that’s great because we got a contest for you! We want you to tell us all about this agent. What do they do, what do they look like, what secrets do they refuse to tell us?

Write an Agent you want added to Secret World Legends! Be aware that they must be something or somebody that you can see your character or other player characters sending out on missions! This means that in most cases, the Agent should not be your own character!

The Agent must also be something that could conceivably occur within the Secret World, so remember how sweet wisdom flows, for legend and lore must be known!

Agent submissions require a description of the Agent visually, their name, age, profession, species, and the profile flavor text typically found within an Agent Dossier!

1 Grand Prize will be to have your Agent added to Secret World Legends with custom profile art instead of the paperdoll template! In addition the grand prize winner will receive 1 Epic Cache Key and 5 Cache Keys.

3 Runner-Up winners will have their Agent put in the game, but the character will utilize the paperdoll templates of the majority of Agents already in the Agent Network. 5 Cache Keys will be given to each person!

Every single participant in the Agent Writing Contest will receive a unique Andy and Nicole Agent Dossier - and yes, it contains both Community Managers in ONE! Not only that, but every participant will receive the winning Agent Dossiers regardless of whether or not it was their Agent submission that won!

Prepare your dossiers by investigating the Official Agent Writing Contest Thread to see everything you need!

Information on the Agent Network can be found on our comprehensive Agent Network Master Guide!

All Agents added to the game following this contest will be put on TSWDB so everyone can see them!

Spooky Screenshot Contest - All Funcom Live Games

For Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, Secret World Legends, and Conan Exiles, there is the Spooky Screenshot Contest! Running from 20 September 2019 to 31 October 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT, the Spooky Screenshot Contest calls for your creepiest shots!

Skeletons! Specters! Shackles! Scythe-wielding reapers! Slices of bad pizza! Spiders! Stupid jokes! Other spooky things and matters that start with an S! It’s scary season, ya’ll. To celebrate, we’re holding a screenshot contest.

Each game will have its own winner, and those with the spookiest, most creative shots chosen to win will receive a signed poster from the game their screenshot is from!

What do you think is the spookiest sight? A picture is worth a thousand words, so choose wisely!

See the Official Spooky Screenshot Contest Thread for more information and all rules for proper entry! Don't delay - screenshot today

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