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This new website for the game's relaunch is still incomplete. In the meantime, most of the old guides on the legacy website should still prove useful. Most missions have not changed.

Legacy website

Tokyo: Back to the Beginning

To understand the truth, you must go back to the beginning. To the district of a hundred ghostly tales. To Kaidan, Tokyo.

Secret World Legends expands into a new region: Kaidan, Tokyo. Also known as Ground Zero, the events that took place here are what set everything you know into motion. Tokyo features:

  • A new region to explore
  • Continuation of the storyline
  • New ghastly foes inspired by Japanese folklore
  • New characters with their own motives and agendas
  • New Legends and Achievements

This is the first of three installments that comprise the Tokyo region, featuring one portion of the district with its horror-haunted avenues to brave and secrets to uncover. Many areas are under strict quarantine and are inaccessible until future updates are released.

This content and its upcoming additions are and always will be completely free to play, so you can immerse yourself in this exciting chapter as soon as you’ve completed the story in Transylvania!

Stay tuned for more soon! We’ll see you on the other side.

We have already published several walkthroughs for the new missions in the Story missions section and more are on their way!

The Whispering Tide

The scales have tipped.

The Filth has entered Agartha, threatening the World Tree itself. Shadows the size of planets gaze upon us and prepare their winged harbingers for invasion. Darkness is upon us; The Whispering Tide has arrived.

Following the latest events from the Main Story, the portal to Tokyo is overflowing with Filth, blocking access and heralding an unkindness of Birds of the Zero-Point Pathogen into Agartha. You, the agents of Gaia, are the only ones that can stem the tide.

The Whispering Tide has begun! Filth seeps through the depths of Agartha, defiling the Immaculate Machine.

Claim unique daily rewards and fight the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen itself from 1 August 2017 through 15 August 2017 as the bees swarm to protect the World Tree! Don't forget to visit Agartha on the final day for the grand finale as the Cleansing Protocols commense!

Check out the official Whispering Tide event post!

See our Whispering Tide Event Guide for boss explanations, loot lists, and more, and the Whispering Tide Legend collection to find that pesky lore!

Update 2.0.2 - Main story continuation

Update 2.0.2 continues the main story mission following the events of “Mortal Sins”. You will receive instructions on how to proceed if you have completed “Mortal Sins” and are on the mission “What Was Missed”. Investigate a rising threat, uncover secret Orochi facilities, and expose a crucial part of the story that sets up the events leading to Tokyo!

Read more over at the official Secret World Legends website.

We will have brand-new walkthroughs for the new missions ready as soon as possible! Meanwhile, you can use the walkthroughs on the old legacy website. The missions have not changed in any way since TSW, so those old walkthroughs are still relevant.

Secret World Legends

The Secret World is relaunching with a new name: Secret World Legends.

For more information, visit the game's new website.

Revamped website

This website is still under construction. We are aiming to provide a way more optimised website that is not only faster, but more pleasant to read and easier to navigate than ever before.

This time the focus is on crafting a design that is spacious and flat, embracing the actual content instead of all the graphics around it. More constrast for the colours and brightness of the various elements and text on the website ensures that things still stand out and that the text is easy to read.

We hope that you will enjoy this new design. We are open to all constructive feedback going forward.

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