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This new website for the game's relaunch is still incomplete. In the meantime, most of the old guides on the legacy website should still prove useful. Most missions have not changed.

Legacy website

Why progress has been a bit slow lately

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to take some time to explain the lack of updates on this website. The following explanations only concern me, Vikestart, and not others on the team such as Vomher (whose recent inactivty is due to different reasons than mine).

The rate of new guides being published dropped a couple of months ago, and has been steadily declining ever since then. As of right now it has been 3 weeks since the latest guide was published.

For me, the reason for this is simply the state of the game. There is no incentive to log in and play the game anymore. The game was relaunced almost 6 months ago, and as of now it still has LESS content than the original game. It has fewer dungeons, fewer raids, fewer missions and I dare say even fewer features (barbershop, surgeon, etc.). It was already hard to find the motivation to keep playing in TSW due to the slow content update schedule, but now we have to make do with even less. I'm not pointing out these things to assign blame or point fingers, but to explain why things are the way they are and what that means for me personally.

But there was an official roadmap, so didn't you already know this?

That is true. I did. And I think Funcom has done a fantastic job at following up on their own roadmap. But the problem is that I boarded the infamous "hypetrain" after the relaunch was announced. I participated in the beta and I was generally optimistic about the whole deal. I set my expecations way higher than I should have only to face major disappointment (which is totally my own fault). I thought I could stay interested throughout this waiting period, but that's not how it turned out. Couple that with a very demanding full-time job, I do not have the energy to work on a project when the very foundation of what got me started on this project is gone: my interest in the game.

I'm not quitting the game, I'm just taking a break. I am eagerly awaiting the brand new content that is supposed to come out early next year, which include the Agent System, Dark Agartha and the story continuation (with its new playfield). I will most likely become more active when that is released, and with that I will probably start working on this website more frequently and consistently again.

What does this mean for the website?

New features and sections will not be developed right now, non-critical bugs may not be fixed and new guides will come at a relatively slow pace. Vomher has promised to deliver new guides as soon as possible, including event guides, but those guides will be limited to the sections and features available right now. On the whole, the total stream of new guides will be slower.

I do hope to return in the first quarter of 2018 if the new content lives up to expecations. If I do, the developement of this website will ramp up again and new sections will be opened up.

- Vikestart

Tokyo: Orochi Tower

Come on in, Chuck. . .

Orochi Tower is open. Climb to the very top of the Dark Tower! Face confrontations and revelations and reap what you have sown, Sweetling. Reap what you have sown.

Tokyo: Orochi Tower

Come on in, Chuck.

The way is clear, the path open. Of its hundred ghostly tales, Kaidan has but one final story to tell: The Orochi Tower.

Ascend. Battle through floor after floor. Discover the truth behind the Orochi Corporation and its “research”, of the rabbit-hooded killer, of John, of Lilith…and of something even bigger.

The final chapter of the Tokyo saga, the colossal Orochi Tower features hours of new story and gameplay content across over 20 sections exploring all 8 Orochi subsidiaries. Fight to the top and uncover dark secrets behind the Orochi Corporation’s experiments. Come face-to-face with revelations and confrontations…and the ultimate reward!

Everything you’ve worked for comes down to this. All of your decisions. Your actions.

Reap what you have sown…

New Lair: Kantoku Temple

The gates of the mysterious Kantoku Temple are now unbarred and unguarded. Were the temple gates originally sealed to ward off potential intruders, or was it to keep something in…? . . .

The Kaidan Lair is finally open, bringing new bosses, achievements, and signets along with it - wrist signets, in fact!

Just in time for the Samhain season comes the Haunted Cache! Arachnophobes, beware! The Haunted Cache now drops in the wild instead of the Future-Tech Cache, and the Cache Locksmith has updated his wares to match. Further information about Caches and the Haunted Cache in particular can be found in our Cache guide!

Read the release announcement on the official Secret World Legends website for more information about the new content. Check out the Patch Notes for Update 2.1.3!

Watch the epic trailer for Tokyo: Orochi Tower!

Walkthroughs for the new Story Content and associated missions and Legends will be added within the coming days! In the mean time, Legacy TSWDB content is still largely valid for a majority of the Orochi Tower storyline!

Please be aware that the Black Signal portion of our Legend lists is not yet fully functional. Until then, please see Legacy TSWDB for any Black Signal Legends. Notes will be made on a Legacy Lore list in the event that any Black Signal location has changed.

Tokyo: Beyond the Wall

It's time to go Beyond the Wall. The next portion of the main storyline has been released!

The Quarantine wall has been breached. You’ve gone Back to the Beginning; now seek answers that lay Beyond the Wall. Uncover the secrets of the Fear Nothing Foundation, the Morninglight, and the Orochi Corporation–and their links to the mysterious rabbit-hooded killer.

Who is she?

What is she?

The infested sectors beyond the wall feature hours of additional content, including new characters, locations, and a captivating storyline that dives into the rabbit-hole and never looks back.

Tokyo: Beyond the Wall adds multiple new mission chains and further expands upon the harsh reality of Kaidan and what exactly went on beyond the quarantine wall.

Read the official announcement on the Secret World Legends website for more information on Tokyo: Beyond the Wall and the new content. Release Patch Notes for patch 2.1.2 can be found here.

Check out the epic trailer video for Tokyo: Beyond the Wall!

Guides for content released in Beyond the Wall are already being published! Some guides are in transition from The Secret World to Secret World Legends and are being brought over as quickly as possible. Whole new missions will have their walkthroughs soon!

Update 2.1.1 - Raid Update

Raids have returned to the Secret World! Brave bees can now venture forth into the Manhattan Exclusion Zone in Secret World Legends! There is Big Trouble in the Big Apple, sweetlings. Lair Megabosses make their debut alongside the unutterable horrors lurking beneath.

Experience Secret World Legends’ First Raids

The Manhattan Exclusion zone is now available for daring agents seeking thrills and danger! Also known as “New York Raid” or simply “NYR”, you are tasked with neutralizing big trouble in the Big Apple.

In keeping with our commitment to allow everyone to experience Secret World Legends’ story, the raid features multiple difficulty levels so players of all backgrounds have an opportunity to defeat the Unutterable Lurker, the massive foe encountered at the end of the tutorial mission.

The rewards for defeating the Lurker are many; look out for new achievements with new pet and outfit rewards, plus brand-new Extraordinary Weapons and Talismans with new effects! Earning rewards from the raid does not require any keys nor tokens, but does have a timed lockout. Patronage does not affect this lockout timer.

The only requirement to enter the raid is to reach Level 50. The raid is accessed through the Activity Finder (Shift+V).

Lair Megabosses: Now Available

This endgame-focused update features Lair “Megabosses”, powerful 40-person raid monsters that are summoned in Agartha. The items required to summon these foes may be found by defeating Regional Lair bosses. . . .

A new Cache also graces the game: the Future-Tech Cache. Curious about caches? Read our stash of cache information in our new Cache guide!

Read the announcement at the official Secret World Legends site for more information. Release notes for Patch 2.1.1 can be found here.

An updated guide for the Manhattan Exclusion Zone will be available soon. In the mean time, check the Legacy TSWDB MEZ guide! The raid has not changed too much in Story Mode and Elite 1 difficulties, so the guide should be mostly valid in the mean time.

Tokyo: Back to the Beginning

To understand the truth, you must go back to the beginning. To the district of a hundred ghostly tales. To Kaidan, Tokyo.

Secret World Legends expands into a new region: Kaidan, Tokyo. Also known as Ground Zero, the events that took place here are what set everything you know into motion. Tokyo features:

  • A new region to explore
  • Continuation of the storyline
  • New ghastly foes inspired by Japanese folklore
  • New characters with their own motives and agendas
  • New Legends and Achievements

This is the first of three installments that comprise the Tokyo region, featuring one portion of the district with its horror-haunted avenues to brave and secrets to uncover. Many areas are under strict quarantine and are inaccessible until future updates are released.

This content and its upcoming additions are and always will be completely free to play, so you can immerse yourself in this exciting chapter as soon as you’ve completed the story in Transylvania!

Stay tuned for more soon! We’ll see you on the other side.

We have already published several walkthroughs for the new missions in the Story missions section and more are on their way!

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