Work in progress

This new website for the game's relaunch is still incomplete. In the meantime, most of the old guides on the legacy website should still prove useful. Most missions have not changed.

Legacy website

Update Log

Law of Salvage February 22
Champion List February 22
Draugnet February 21
Bustin' February 21
What Was Missed February 15
The Pick-Up February 15
The Angry Earth February 15
The Buzzing February 15
Dragon February 15
Opening Night February 15
Templars February 14
Ginpachi Park February 14
Illuminati February 14
The Meowling February 14
The Meowling February 14
The Voice of Klein February 14
Rakshasa February 14
The Maiden Shrine February 13
Supply Run February 11
Missing Persons February 8
I Phone Home February 8
Hulk Smash February 8