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Update Log

Champion List vomher July 18
The Ultimate Beginner Guide vikestart July 16
Questions and Answers vomher July 16
Up In Flames vomher July 14
The Kingsmouth Code vikestart July 12
The Captain's Playlist vomher July 11
More Bullets for Andy vikestart July 10
Dead Air vomher July 10
The Rec Center Cannot Hold vikestart July 10
Crime and Punishment vikestart June 30
The Raven vomher June 30
Something Wicked vomher June 26
Idol of Nergal vomher June 24
Dirty Laundry vomher June 23
Agartha vomher June 23
Dreaming of Tomorrow vomher June 23
No Sleep till Brooklyn vikestart June 23
The Dead Rise vomher June 23
The Vision vikestart June 23
Taking the Purple vikestart June 22
They Never Stop Coming vikestart June 11
Elm Street Blues vikestart June 11
For a Fistful of Zombies vikestart June 11
Secret World Legends vikestart June 8