Walter Malone

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Walter Malone

Dossier Source: Purchase from the Shadow Trafficker as a random Writing Contest Agent Dossier for 8 HexCoins. Also awarded to all who participated in the 2019 Agent Writing Contest.
This Agent's Dossier can be sold to the Shadow Trafficker for 4 HexCoins but cannot be traded or sold on the Auction House.

“Subject captains a fishing vessel called the Sea Sloth with his first mate Scuttlebutt, a scruff black cat. Walter is born of the sea, viewing the shores and the oceans as his home. His salty appearance is sculpted by the winds and brine, and his eyes reflect a wit and intelligence as deep as the darkest waters. Walter is a captain for hire, a shrewd bargainer with a sly tongue. Beware if he approaches saying "Feesh for Sale", he could sell a fish to a Deep One. If you need something netted or harpooned, Walter will get the job done.”

Agent Details

Gender Male

Sea Captain

Species Human
Age 45


△ Prowess

19 (Level 1)
◻ Adaptability 19 (Level 1)
❍ Ingenuity 17 (Level 1)



Son of a Gun

Walter is a tough son of a gun and suffers less fatigue from missions that utilize resilience traits.


Nautical Tattoos

Walter's lucky tattoos improve his chances of a critical success on mission that utilize charisma traits.

Agent Support Ability

Burden of Sea Captains

Level 25 Passive Ability

+5% Damage Versus Undead

Level 50 Passive Ability

+10% Damage Versus Aquatic Creatures

Mission Report Dialogue

Complete Results

“It was red in the morning, ain't my fault things went bugaboo.”

Successful Results

“Our task is squared. The Albatross flew with us this day.”

Outstanding Results

“Our task is squared. The Albatross flew with us this day.”

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