The Whispering Tide

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The Event

The scales have tipped.

The Filth has entered Agartha, threatening the World Tree itself. Shadows the size of planets gaze upon us and prepare their winged harbingers for invasion. Darkness is upon us; The Whispering Tide has arrived.

Following the latest events from the Main Story, the portal to Tokyo is overflowing with Filth, blocking access and heralding an unkindness of Birds of the Zero-Point Pathogen into Agartha. You, the agents of Gaia, are the only ones that can stem the tide.

The Whispering Tide event begins August 1st and lasts through the 15th.

Custodial Relics

During the event, you can claim daily Event Rewards in addition to your Daily Rewards. Event Rewards include Custodial Relics; these relics of the Third Age contain special rewards, but are locked by a mysterious force. However, defeating a boss bestows you with the power of Agartha’s Custodians, allowing you to open a Custodial Relic and receive special rewards. These rewards include special cosmetics, titles, and even a pet! These rewards can only be claimed once per account.

Custodial Relic Rewards

The Custodial Relics bestow their gifts upon a person in a specific order. The first Relic opened will always have the same items, unless all items being rewarded are already owned, as may be the case if a character has Legacy cosmetics from TSW. If all items of a Relic tier are already owned, the rewards inside will go to the next set. Any Custodial Relic opened when all cosmetic rewards are owned will instead reward Anima Shards.

Relic Reward List

  • Relic 1 - Carapace of the Immaculate Machine - Machine Boots and Machine Gauntlets
  • Relic 2 - Military gas mask, green and Nightvision goggles, green
  • Relic 3 - Glowing eyes, purple and Title: Scout of Gaia
  • Relic 4 - Military pants with metal kneeguards, green and Turtleneck sweater, black for male characters or Turtleneck shirt, black for female characters.
  • Relic 5 - Carapace of the Immaculate Machine - Machine Plated leggings and Machine Chestguard
  • Relic 6 - Combat boots, green and Padded military gloves, green
  • Relic 7 - Military jacket with gear, green and Military helmet, green
  • Relic 8 - Vitalizing Stride sprint and Title: Protector of Agartha
  • Relic 9 - Carapace of the Immaculate Machine - Machine Helmet
  • Relic 10 - Runic Automaton - See here for a picture.
  • Relics 11 to 14 - Anima Shards

Please note that this list will be made more accurate as the days progress. Special thanks to Andy Benditt!!


A list of all the legends for The Whispering Tide can be found here.


The event brings with it 3 new achievements, all of which are gained from killing the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen.

Custodian of Curios

You can find a Custodian of Curios acting as a vendor next to the pad leading to the Public Raids portal. It will be selling a Faction coloured Automaton pet as well as a red coloured version of the Immaculate Carapace outfit. This vendor will disappear once the event ends.

Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen

The large “Public Raid” Portal in Agartha opens every hour, allowing you to join 40-person raids to defeat Birds of the Zero-Point Pathogen. Agartha empowers its agents during these encounters, allowing players of any level to join in and participate, provided they have reached Jack Boone within the tutorial in Kingsmouth Town.

Continue reading below for an in-depth guide of the boss encounter. From this point onwards, we will refer to the boss as Flappy, which is what the entire community in TSW used to call it.

First of all, Flappy must be killed within 30 minutes or else the instance will end and you will have to try again the next time the portal opens in Agartha.

Membranous Tempest

Flappy has a big frontal cone attack that is cast pretty quickly. It will deal massive amounts of damage to anyone that is caught by it. It is usually not fatal for tanks, but DPS and healers should do their best to avoid it. It is usually not an issue though as long as the tank has Flappy facing away from the rest of the team at all times.

Zero Point Pathogen

This is one of Flappy’s special attacks where it will shoot columns of filth from behind. There are usually around 5 columns. Be sure to avoid those as they deal a fair amount of damage and also put a debuff on you that reduces your damage output.

The Malevolent Sky

Flappy will fly out of the arena and create copies of itself that keep dashing from one side of the platform to the other. The column is rather wide, so having a dash attack yourself to get away quickly is not a bad idea, although not required. As the fight progresses, Flappy will do this several times, with the intensity increasing every time.

Child of the Crawling Outsider

Big spider-like adds will occasionally spawn at the centre of the arena. They will cast an ability called Cast Web. This ability is very dangerous is it immobilises the target. You could end up being immobilised while Flappy is casting Rending Reality.

Tears of Dis

This is one of Flappy’s most dangerous special attacks. It will position itself at the centre of the platform and start shooting filth bombs all over the arena. You might survive getting hit by one of them, however, it will send you flying, and if you’re unlucky, you might end up in another filth explosion, which will kill you. Generally, a good way to avoid these is to stand next to a circle, wait for it to finish, then step into it as they do not leave any persistent effect on the ground.

She Who Crawls Outside

At several points during the fight, Zuberi will call out for help. You will hear his voice and a bright white light can be seen coming from the platform above.

This means that a second boss is appearing the platform above. Zuberi will be there to protect and heal up to 6 players.

Only DPS should go up to the second platform, as no healing or tanking will be needed, Zuberi will take care of that. He will protect up to 6 players.

You can reach the upper platform by jumping off the lower one. Once the entity upstairs is dead, jump down to the platform below again and continue the fight with Flappy.

Rending Reality

Flappy will at several points of the fight start casting an ability that will cover the whole platform in filth. To avoid this you must jump off the platform to get teleported to the platform above, where you will be safe.

It is imperative that you have killed She Who Crawls Outside before this happens, otherwise the platform above will be covered in Filth, and Zuberi cannot protect more than 8 players.

You must remain on the upper platform until the Filth disappears on the lower platform. Meanwhile, Flappy will teleport to the upper platform and temporarily resume the fight there. It may cast his ordinary AoE and cone attacks in this phase. Eventually, Flappy will fly away and the filth on the lower platform disappears. Jump down onto the lower platform again.

The rest of the fight is rinse-and-repeat. However, the timing and intensity of some of Flappy's attacks may change the longer the fight lasts.

Surge of the Custodian

Once Flappy has been defeated, you will gain a buff called Surge of the Custodian. This buff will allow you to open Custodial Relics claimed from the daily event reward window.

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