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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the yokai signal - RECEIVE - initiate the kanabo cadence - ONI WA SOTO! FUKU WA UCHI! - illumine the Children of Hell - WITNESS - The Oni.

They are the fiercest warriors in the demon world, or so they say of themselves. The Oni are strong and clever and resourceful. Though they often lack unity and clear purpose, unless these traits are inflicted upon them by a deviously ruthless leader. Often, they act as soldiers of fortune in the occult conflicts of this and other worlds.    

Oni hail from the hell dimensions, where they have armies beyond counting. If they ever decided to unite to conquer the worlds, and discipline themselves to halt their own infighting to do so, they would be victorious. But do not tell them that, sweetling.    

The Oni are split into nine houses. But we have told you the names of those houses already, sweetling. Or…we tell you in the future. You heard us say so in Tokyo. Or…you will hear us tell you there soon. Time is strange. Eh, sweetling?    

Oni #1 Details Instanced Kaidan

Kaidan Instanced

Found in the temple building on Tier 5 of Brotherly Loathe. Requires Mission: Brotherly Loathe.

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Oni #2 Details Instanced Hell Fallen

Hell Fallen Instanced

On the spiraling staircase up to face the final boss. House-in-Chains Assassins spawn at this spot as well.

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Oni #3 Details 130,990 Kaidan

Kaidan 130,990

Between two unattended booths by the shore.

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Oni #4 Details 955,20 Kaidan

Kaidan 955,20

On the edge of the water below the Oni Camp to the far east of the Shinto Shrine.

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