Golems and the Fourth Age

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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

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Viscera stains the cobbled streets of Chelm - a message inked in the blood of innocents. The message reads "You are all fools".

A Rabbi in Prague writes the name of God on a strip of paper. The paper falls into an old well and lands on dried mud. The ink forms a bridge and a neural circuit is engaged. Something awakens.

A man of clay follows a man of flesh down the cobbled streets. His circuits are damaged, silica connections bridged by an inferior contact. The Rabbi asks him to dance. In need of a better master, he dances.

The Rabbi forgets the bridge, leaves the paper in the machine. It goes in search of a master and finds children that need hugging. It hugs them until their smiles split and their teeth strike the cobbles like tiny raindrops.

An angry mob attacks the clay man. He does not fight back. The Rabbi comes and screams at him. Removes the circuit breaker - the life giving bridge. The clay man falls on the Rabbi and shatters.

The people bury the Rabbi and put the remains of the clay man in an attic. They are a persecuted people and they do not want attention. The clay man dreams the slow dreams of the terminally shattered.

Time passes and another man comes. His bearing is regal and he wears the swastika on his sleeve. He examines the remains and then calls in a troop of men in uniforms. They collect the clay man and carry his pieces to a truck.

In a place of death and shit and broken souls, the clay man is reassembled. All the Fuhrers horses and all of his men, put the clay man back together again. A starving old prisoner watches through the warehouse window, unnoticed behind the grime and the dust. He remembers a winter evening in Prague, and the broken smiles of dead playmates.

In the end, a tank is needed to bring down the clay man. Among the shattered remains, the remaining troops find a slip of paper with the name of god scribbled in hasty hebrew. A starving old free man watches from the edges of the camp.

Dear sweetling, this tale has no moral. Like the golems, searching for a master.

Golems and the Fourth Age #1 Details 540,880 The Scorched Desert

The Scorched Desert 540,880

Against the eastern cliff face of the Eastern Scar.

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Golems and the Fourth Age #2 Details 540,425 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 540,425

Behind a building near the northwestern edge of the Abandoned Factory.

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Golems and the Fourth Age #3 Details 715,935 City of the Sun God

City of the Sun God 715,935

Beside a tree in the outskirts of Mamar El-Al Hiram

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Golems and the Fourth Age #4 Details 295,300 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 295,300

In the Rec Center of Innsmouth Academy. It is in a small hallway under the bleachers.

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Golems and the Fourth Age #5 Details 630,555 Kingsmouth Town

Kingsmouth Town 630,555

By some rocks behind Edgar's house by the Scrapyard. Clay golems meander nearby.

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Golems and the Fourth Age #6 Details 575,395 Kaidan

Kaidan 575,395

Atop the crumbling overpass near the Ruinous Road champion.

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Golems and the Fourth Age #7 Details 380,640 The Carpathian Fangs

The Carpathian Fangs 380,640

Underneath the bridge leading to the abandoned Zmeu-infested Power Plant of Lake Solomonari.

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Golems and the Fourth Age #8 Details 320,615 The Besieged Farmlands

The Besieged Farmlands 320,615

On a cliff at the top of Vântoase hill, the booby-trapped hill overlooking Mara's Field.

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Golems and the Fourth Age #9 Details 675,945 The Carpathian Fangs

The Carpathian Fangs 675,945

On a very top ledge of the Eagle's Nest and its winding Thermal vampire filled ramps behind a warehouse. Ziplines can be found near the ledge.

Legend image

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