New Dawn

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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see...

TRANSMIT - initiate the Morninglight signal - RECEIVE - initiate the bright darkness - WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD - Hear the call of the Dreaming Ones - WITNESS - New Dawn.

Mecca of the Morninglight. Home of the few, the privileged. One step closer to Marquard. Every Morninglight visiting centre, across the world, has pamphlets showing its welcoming gates.

The gates look slightly different up close.

We see the castes.

New recruits are Foundlings. Lucky Foundlings become Anointed. Devout Anointed become Favoured. Each lives in concentric circles, each circle leading another step towards Marquard.

By day, New Dawn bustles with activity. Foundlings work the fields. Prayers are said. Recruits spar in the gym. The Anointed spread the word of Marquard via telephones and calling lists. Scientists in the Favoured Precinct work on projects both wondrous and horrific.

By night, there is a strict curfew, but there is still activity.

The demon hyena lope. The Tokoloshe creeps. The Impundulu and Kongamato soar. A Tagati sorcerer goes about his nefarious business. Foundlings huddle in their huts, ignoring the sounds outside, obeying the voice of the PA system.

Some Foundlings grow curious. Some investigate the sound. Some are never seen again.

We see the Aigamuxa. The giants with eyes in strange places. We see them bound by the will and rituals of Marquard. Four brothers. Four wards. They power strange magics.

One of the four brothers has torn apart poor Chad. No one likes Chad.

We see the Blooded. Enhanced soldiers, muscles bulging, misshapen, powered by a very special sort of drug, an intravenous sacrament of their religion. They all love Marquard. Some love so much that they just...burst.

We see the Marquard Mansion, but only just. It is hard for us to focus on the mansion. It is hard for us to look at Marquard. They are protected.

Will you help us risk a glimpse, sweetling?

New Dawn #1 Details 455,650 New Dawn

New Dawn 455,650

On top of a shanty. To reach it, jump up at the nearby pile of garbage (433,646) to the sloping corner of the nearby building facing east. Using a hoverboard or jetpack may make the jump easier.

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New Dawn #2 Details 570,515 New Dawn

New Dawn 570,515

In the back of the printing building in the Anointed Quarters.

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New Dawn #3 Details 530,790 New Dawn

New Dawn 530,790

Beside a Morninglight Van just inside the gate to New Dawn.

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New Dawn #4 Details 520,535 New Dawn

New Dawn 520,535

On the ledge of the wall separating the Foundling Homes and Anointed Quarters. Access it from the Anointed Quarters.

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New Dawn #5 Details Instanced New Dawn

New Dawn Instanced

In New Dawn by Night in a shanty cabin on a fridge (575,755) in the Foundling Homes.

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New Dawn #6 Details Instanced New Dawn

New Dawn Instanced

In Wrath of the Dawn in the Anointed Quarters in front of a door (410,485). Requires Mission: Wrath of the Dawn

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New Dawn #7 Details Instanced New Dawn

New Dawn Instanced

In New Dawn by Night in the Blooded research warehouse. Use the tablet (430,345) and select '1'. Requires Mission: One Flew Over

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New Dawn #8 Details Instanced New Dawn

New Dawn Instanced

In Marquard's Mansion in a small alcove in the tunnel leading up to the basement by the two drones that move in a square. It sits on a corpse (265,355). Requires Mission: Into the Fold

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