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Museum of the Occult Master Guide

Posted by Vomher on June 15, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on December 15, 2016
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Museum Entrance

The Museum

The Museum of the Occult, added in Update 1.15.5 to The Secret World, is a feature that  allows for a personalized museum gallery. It is the closest The Secret World has yet come to player housing.

The Museum functions additionally as a form of horizontal progression, requiring the use of AP for pedestals within the museum and allowing eventual purchase of a series of new combat proc items as Mnemonic Guardians, which aid a player in battle.

The British Museum of the Occult is in need of a new benefactor to help replace its various missing exhibits. That benefactor is YOU.

The Museum is accessible in Ealdwic, London south of Temple Hall in a small corner of Honesty Yard (300,270) and is available to players early in the course of the game. In fact, it can be reached as soon as a player makes it to London.

Players can enter each others’ museums, which can hold a maximum capacity of 50 people.

The Museum contains a number of wings and exhibits for a player to fill out and explore.

Note: This guide will be frequently and heavily updated to account for all new information about the Museum of the Occult!

The Museum of the Occult has its own lore to discover. See our list here!


There are thirteen total wings within the Museum of the Occult. Twelve are available in their entirety, while the thirteenth is currently only partially accessible.

Each wing is based on a geographic area or theme within that area and encompasses different Monster Family displays concerning the associated theme. The Oddities and Curios wing is associated with Seasonal events.

Each wing contains a special Centerpiece exhibit. At this time, the Oddities wing is lacking a centerpiece due to its incomplete nature.

New England

  • Cycle of the Draug
  • Local Legends of New England
  • The Reanimated


  • The Cult of Aten
  • The Extraordinary Fauna of Egypt


  • Menagerie of the Vampires
  • Local Legends of Transylvania


  • The Spectral Realms
  • Orochi: Audacity or Folly?


  • The Children of Hell
  • Strains of Filth
  • Guardians and Automatons


  • Curious and Oddities

Museum of the Occult Map2

To open a wing, a Curator’s Contract must be purchased from the Curator in your museum. The Curator’s Contract – First Draft will unlock the first three wings of your choice from the museum, while the Curator’s Contract – Second Draft will be necessary for the fourth, fifth, and sixth wing, and so on up until the Fourth Draft. Each draft costs an increasing amount of pax.

A special contract, the Curator’s Contract – Curios and Oddities, can be purchased from the Curator for 1000000 pax and unlocks the thirteenth wing.

Find the door of the desired wing and right-click on it. If a Curator’s Contract is present, it will be consumed to unlock the corresponding wing.

Mnemonic Pedestals

Pedestals are customizable displays for the Museum that come in four rarities. Each rarity unlocks a new pose or version of a monster to display. Unlocked poses can be cycled through to further customization and personalization of the Museum.

Pedestals can be purchased from the Curator of the Museum for Pax Romana.

Unlocking a pedestal requires AP and a certain amount of Bestiary lore, as well as a certain number of monsters killed depending on the quality of the pedestal.

A free Classic Mnemonic Pedestal is awarded for opening the first wing of a museum.

Classic Mnemonic Pedestals cost 50/75 AP to use.

Superior Mnemonic Pedestals cost 100/125 AP and potentially a special drop to use.

Paragon Mnemonic Pedestals cost 175/200 AP and potentially a special drop to use.

To use a Superior or Paragon Pedestal, special items are required that are linked to that particular exhibit.

Creating a Paragon level pedestal exhibit will unlock editing mode for the Museum and rewards the achievement Paragon Exhibitor.

A Paragon Pedestal upgrade allows swapping through the various previous pedestals of that particular exhibit.

Special items are also required to upgrade some pedestals to Superior or Paragon. They drop off the mob type associated with the Exhibit

Known Upgrade Items

  • Filthy Spider Fangs from Spider Guardians.
  • Filthy Tuft of Fur from Hound Guardians.
  • Filthy Tusk from Filth Boars.
  • Filthy Wing Flesh from Birds of the Zero Point Pathogen.
  • Rusted Sigil Ring as a reward from the Castle mission.
  • Volcanic Shard from Magma Golems.
  • Pestilent Shard from Plague Golems.
  • Living Water Shard from Water Golems.
  • Ice Shard from Ice Golems.
  • Sandstone Shard from Sand Golems.
  • Stone Shard from Stone Golems.
  • Living Shard from Forest Golems.
  • Lunar Shard from the Genizah of the Lunar Metal
  • Solar Shard from the Genizah of the Solar Metal
  • Cybernetic Ocular Enhancer from the fourth boss of Manufactory Breached.
  • Horn of Niflheim from Hel in Niflheim.
  • Mischievous Tuft from the Krampus boss on any difficulty in Niflheim.

The Fourth pedestal rarity is unlocked through special drops and can only be found for certain Monster Families. The items drop from their associated monsters and can be traded with other players. They only work on a specific pedestal.

Known Fourth Level Upgrade Items

  • Clown Nose from Scarecrows.
  • Cybernetic Collar from Cyber Wolves in Manufactory: Breached.
  • Flaming Core from Flame Spirits.
  • Glowing Fungus from the Forest Golem in Plethron Omega of the Orochi Tower.
  • Living Branch from Padurii.
  • Mayan War Paint from the Unbound Ak’ab boss in the Darkness Wars.
  • Ripped Ancient Tunic by completing Beneath You It Eats Its Name.
  • Rusted Fireaxe from Zombie Firefighters.
  • Torn Pagans Jacket from members of the Pagan gang in Kaidan.
  • Sacred Soil from the Vestiges of Nameless days available in Savage Coast, Scorched Desert, and Shadowy Forest during the Winter Holidays event.
  • Glowing Mayan Bones from Bolon Yokte’ K’uh on any difficulty in the Road to Xibalba dungeon available during the Winter Holidays event.

Mnemonic Centerpieces

Mnemonic Centerpieces are large displays in each Wing of the Museum. The centerpiece, like the pedestal exhibits surrounding it, has various levels to unlock.

To use a centerpiece, one must also have all exhibits in the particular wing at a certain level. Classic centerpieces require all exhibits in the wing have Classic pedestals, for example.

Classic Centerpiece Mnemonic Pedestals cost 175 AP to use.

Superior Centerpiece Mnemonic Pedestals cost 350 AP and a special drop to use.

Paragon Centerpiece Mnemonic Pedestals cost 500 AP and a special drop to use.

A Centerpiece displays not a generic monster family, but of a specific individual, such as a boss, that best exemplifies and embodies the theme of the Wing in which the centerpiece sits.

Both the monster in the centerpiece and the scene around it are upgraded as the centerpiece is. As with normal pedestals, once the Paragon level is unlocked, different poses can be chosen, although the scene will remain the same throughout the poses.

Known Centerpiece Museum Upgrade Items

  • Infected Faun Horn from any infected faun.
  • Magus Amulet from various magi/noble vampires.
  • Tank Commander Blade from the Tank Commander in the Manufactory.
  • Ancient Necklace from various mummies.
  • Condensed Anima Energy from the Unutterable Lurker in the Manhattan Exclusion Zone.
  • Hate-Infused Feather from any revenant.
  • Ursine Rib from any undead bear.
  • Glowing Scale from the Ur-Draug in the Polaris.
  • Dr. Klein’s Notes from Dr. Klein in the Ankh.
  • Custodial Anima Infuser purchased from Dr. Caligari once at 2000 achievement points.
  • Sentient Cog from the Machine Tyrant in Hell Raised.
  • Torn Cloth from Spectral Amalgamations.
  • Jack’s Head from Jack of the Lantern’s Penny Dreadfuls.


Personal Statue

In the grand foyer of the museum stands a monument to the museum’s prime benefactor.

The personal statue can be posed, much as the exhibits throughout the museum can; however, the poses themselves are unlocked at various points for completing achievements or progressing through the Museum. There are a variety of poses to choose from and unlock.

Known Poses:

  • Arms Crossed for fully upgrading and unlocking exhibits in two wings.
  • Hands on Hips for fully upgrading and unlocking exhibits in four wings.
  • Facepalm for fully upgrading and unlocking exhibits in six wings.
  • Salute for fully upgrading and unlocking exhibits in eight wings.
  • Jazz Hands for fully upgrading and unlocking exhibits in ten wings.
  • Heroic for fully upgrading and unlocking exhibits in twelve wings.

Not only can the monument be posed, but it can also be decorated according to what the player is wearing. The clothing can then be saved so that it maintains the desired clothing and the player is free to change clothing without altering their monument to themselves.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is composed of five separate vendors, one for each Region, who sell a variety of items available based on one’s progress in the Museum. The gift shops sell t-shirts, glamours, pets, and Mnemonic Guardians.

Mnemonic Guardians

Mnemonic Guardians are a combat feature allowing a monster to aid a player in battle. The Guardian, when procced, will appear and cast or use an ability inherent to that Monster and then vanish immediately afterwards.

Mnemonic Guardian buffs last for an hour and have an initial proc rate of 20%. A Guardian can either aid in DPS, healing, or survival in some form.

Guardians are tied to each Centerpiece Pedestal, and better quality Guardians are unlocked as one unlocks better Centerpieces of a wing in the Museum.

Upgrading a Centerpiece also decreases the internal cooldown of a Mnemonic Guardian by a stacking value. Each Classic Centerpiece grants 0.5 s reduction, Superior grants 1 s reduction, and Paragon grants 1.5 s reduction. The initial cooldown is 60 s and can ultimately be reduced to 36 s.

The full list of Mnemonic Guardians is coming soon!

Bestiary Lore

The Museum brings an entirely new category of Lore: the Bestiary.

The Bestiary is special lore pertaining to each Monster Family and gives new information on the monsters. This lore is considered secret and is not easily found in traditional ways.

Bestiary lore is required to access higher quality levels of pedestals. Some Issue content is required for certain lore pieces found in Kaidan.

See our Bestiary section for all Bestiary Lore!


A number of achievements are associated with the Museum of the Occult.

History of the Museum can be accomplished by picking up a Forgotten Coin (575,590) behind the Guardian Boar pedestal in the Strains of the Filth exhibit in the Global wing of the Museum of the Occult.
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  • Ашграу

    Calculating expenses.
    3 wings for each Draft.
    1st – Local Legends of New England, Reanimated, Cycle of the Draug – 50,000 Pax Romana each
    2nd – The Children of Hell, Strains of Filth, Guardians and Automatons – 150,000 Pax Romana each
    3rd – The Cult of Aten, The Extraordinary Fauna of Egypt, Menagerie of the Vampires – 450,000 Pax Romana each
    4th – Local Legends of Transylvania, The Spectral Realms, Orochi: Audacity or Folly? – 1,350,000 Pax Romana each
    6,000,000 Pax Romana for unlocking full Museum.
    First wing gives Classic Mnemonic Pedestal, full museum gives Classic Centerpiece Mnemonic Pedestal for free by achievements.
    Drafts must be purchased in succession, but without additional requirements.
    There are 102 pedestals and 12 Centerpieces in total.
    Classic Mnemonic Pedestals – 50,000 Pax to buy – 50 AP to use.
    Superior Mnemonic Pedestals – 150,000 Pax to buy – 175 AP to use.
    Paragon Mnemonic Pedestals – 300,000 Pax to buy – 500 AP to use.
    Yellow class pedestals are unique, require special drops and restricted to several showpieces.
    Classic Centerpiece Mnemonic Pedestals – 75,000 Pax to buy – 175 AP to use.
    Superior Centerpiece Mnemonic Pedestals – 225,000 Pax to buy – 350 AP and a special drop to use.
    Paragon Centerpiece Mnemonic Pedestals – 450,000 Pax to buy – 500 AP and a special drop to use.
    59,875,000 Pax Romana and 86,250 AP for completely adorned Museum.
    65,725,000 – total Museum expenses (66M looks nicer, but 2 pedestals are free).

    Also you’ll want to buy Custodial Anima Infuser from Dr. Caligari available at 2000 Achievement points for 1,000,000 Pax, since it’s required for one of showpieces.

    Ergo: AP sink sure, but Pax sink too.

  • Ашграу

    Wings breakdown
    1 – The Children of Hell – 6 Pedestals – 2nd Draft
    2 – Strains of Filth – 14 Pedestals – 2nd Draft
    3 – Guardians and Automatons – 14 Pedestals – 2nd Draft
    4 – Local Legends of New England – 8 Pedestals – 1st Draft
    5 – Reanimated – 8 Pedestals – 1st Draft
    6 – Cycle of the Draug – 10 Pedestals – 1st Draft
    7 – The Cult of Aten – 6 Pedestals – 3rd Draft
    8 – The Extraordinary Fauna of Egypt – 6 Pedestals – 3rd Draft
    9 – Menagerie of the Vampires – 8 Pedestals – 3rd Draft
    10 – Local Legends of Transylvania – 8 Pedestals – 4th Draft
    11 – The Spectral Realms – 8 Pedestals – 4th Draft
    12 – Orochi: Audacity or Folly? – 6 Pedestals – 4th Draft

    I unlocked only 1st Draft for myself, and I’m too lazy to list breakdown of each wing, also I could list only Classic versions, if any, due to being beggar atm.

  • Ашграу

    Oh, and you can possess only one Contract at a time – if you want another, you must unlock any wing.

  • Ашграу

    Poses are unlocked by achievements for fully upgrading N wings

    Arms Crossed – 2 wings

    Hands on Hips – 4 wings
    Facepalm – 6 wings
    Heroic – 8 wings
    Jazz Hands – 10 wings
    Salute – 12 wings

  • Smeester

    I had a yellow coloured item drop called ‘clown nose’ that the tooltip states : “A valuable occult trophy taken from the field, worth a tidy sum, to be sure, but there are those who would say it belongs in a museum. Uploading data from this trophy to a Paragon Pedestal requires 50 AP”

    It sells for 20’000 PAX

    I suspect it does as it suggests, and alters an exhibit to put a clown nose on it – silly but amusing. Might effect the potential AP costings people are working out depending on how many and the variety of such drops exist.

    • Ашграу

      More likely, they are used to upgrade specific Pedestals – see above, not only pedestal and AP, but also specific drop.

      • Smeester

        Aah that makes sense. Cheers.

    • lordstarfox

      Currently 41 if i didn’t miss any
      unfortunately i have no idea about locations for them,but the item names may give some clues.

      • daedalus-7

        I can confirm the Torn Pagens Jacket (Heroic)… Got one off Johnny at the end of The Pagens. I hadn’t seen any of this museum stuff yet, so it was a little weird. No pic, sorry.

  • nagi

    Got a purple upgrade: ancient necklace. Drop from around 880,750 CotSG

  • David Gutowski

    I have a guide that will help you decide which wing you want to upgrade first on Steam; here:
    It includes info not available on this page.

  • Alessar

    “Condensed Anima Infuser” should read “CUSTODIAL Anima Infuser” fyi.

    • Vomher

      Whoops! What a silly typo on my part. Fixed, thanks! All those condensed essences really get to you.

  • Moku

    I may be wrong, but I think you’re mistaken about the player statue being saveable. Yes you have to update it while you’re in the Museum, but every time I come back, it resets to whatever I’m wearing at the time. Very dissapointing.

    • Vomher

      I’ve noticed that as well! It was originally advertised as being something you can save, so it may be a bug. A very disappointing bug… I personally only saw clothing persist twice.