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Posted by Chaosetor on November 28, 2014
Co-authored by Vikestart
Last updated by Vikestart on September 7, 2015
Offensive Head Signets
Offensive Head/Weapon Signets
Offensive Major Signets
Offensive Minor Signets
Healing Head Signets
Healing Head/Weapon Signets
Healing Major Signets
Healing Minor Signets
Defensive Head Signets
Defensive Major Signets
Defensive Minor Signets
Miscellaneous Signets
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  • Would be nice to add an indication of where to find these. Drops, CoV vendors, etc. It can be confusing when you’re getting to the point where Signets matter to try to figure out how to acquire them.

    • Vikestart

      Yes, I have thought about that :) Will be added sometime

    • Jon Lowe

      As far as im aware, the only places you can get them are:
      A) Low level signets from Kaidan vendors, theyre the only vendors ive seen that sell them
      B) Lairs and such, of course youd need a team of people to tackle a lair for long enough to get any good spoils, but you get the best loot from Lairs, including the ever-elusive signets.

  • Magiseth

    Granted they are nearly the same, but are you going to include the Issue 14 signets soon?