A Body of Work

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The Besieged Farmlands Villager's Corpse (900,1150)
3 660 1 000

Tier 1

Objective: Search the corpse and read the note

Search the Villager's corpse for something helpful.

Objective: Locate a weapons cache

Objective: Locate an ammo box

Objective: Locate medical supplies

A Weapons Cache sits behind a pickup truck (895,1115) waiting to be loaded.

Scour the area for 3 Ammo Boxes. One can be conveniently found right by the Villager's Corpse.

Around the ruins, a Medical Supply Crate (970,1110) can be found on the ground, while another Medical Supply Crate rests on the bed of a trailer (915,1130).

Objective: Bring the supplies to Harbabureşti's defenders

At the blockade on the outskirts of Harbabureşti is a Supply Crate (980,1070). Use it and deliver the supplies.

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