Sacred Protection

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The Besieged Farmlands Desecrated Relic (925,675)
3 720 1 000

Tier 1

Objective: Pick up the relic

Take the upside-down crucifix from the heart.

Objective: Test the relic on werewolves

Objective: Test the relic on vampires

Picking up the Relic places it into your Mission Inventory. It can be used from there or the Quick Access Bar. Target the desired foe and use the Relic when in melee range to test it out.

Amidst the nearby vampires are some enslaved werewolves. Test the Relic on one.

There are various vampires near the Sacred Relic and the surrounding area. Test the Relic on one of them.

Tier 2

Objective: Test the relic on ghouls

Head North to the nearby factory plant and the surrounding polluted rivers (900,1000) and test the Relic on any one of the loitering ghouls.

Objective: Mount the relic on the church's altar

Go inside St. Haralambie (890,1215) and approach the altar. While it is possible to interact with the spot to mount the relic, simply getting close enough will place it automatically as well. A puft of smoke appears as the relic is placed in its rightful space.

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