The Howling

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The Besieged Farmlands Lupine Corpse (1165,960)
3 933 1 200

While this mission does not require you be doing Who Horrifies the Horrors? in order to start it, The Howling follows the same path as Who Horrifies the Horrors? and is associated with it.

Mission Description: This new monster has agitated the werewolves into a foaming frenzy. The rabid beasts must be dealt with.

Tier 1

Task Description: Though frenzied, the lycanthropes are not loping aimlessly. The alphas lead them. Slay these pack leaders and scatter the rest of the beasts.

Objective: Kill Sorin Scream-Eater

Objective: Kill Vali Slaughter-Wine

Objective: Kill Petru Rends-the-Night

Objective: Kill Teo the Murder-of-One

Objective: Kill Rica Crows-Feast

Kill the 5 howling werewolves throughout the Besieged Farmlands. Each of these werewolves patrols a short path and howls periodically.

Sorin Scream-Eater paces along the hill overlooking the path from Harbabureşti to the Olaru Farm (1145,915 - 1160,915). Sorin is very close to the Lupine Corpse that offers The Howling.

Vali Slaughter-Wine patrols south of the Olaru Farm (1100,790 - 1160,790) near where another lupine corpse can be found.

Petru Rends-the-Night (845,790 - 860,790) paces and roars south of the crossroads where a lupine corpse and limbs are littered.

Teo the Murder-of-One wanders the Sawmill (705,640 - 700,680), and is quite aggressive.

Rica Crows-Feast walks the rocks overlooking the Sacred Heart Lake (505,650 - 510,625).

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