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To access this mission for the first time, you will need to complete the mission The Sound of Children. For subsequent playthroughs, you can pick up this mission at the entrance to the Nursery.

Tier 1

Objective: Find Emma

You will find yourself alone and disoriented in the Nursery basement room. Walk towards the wall with monitors on it. As you approach the wall, the room will appear to fade out of existence.

Once you are free of the disorientation, look for Emma. Follow her to the nearby cabin.

There is a legend behind the cabin.

Enter the cabin. Approaching Emma in the corner of the cabin will advance the mission.

Covert Cryptographer: At the end of this mission, you will come upon a white board which you put magnetic letters on in order to spell out a particular word in order to advance the mission. However, before that, you can spell out a different word to obtain an achievement. In order to do that, you need to locate 7 letters which are hidden at specific locations in the dreamscape.

The first letter is in the cabin. Before approaching Emma, go straight into the left room. The first letter is on the bed.

You will end up at the breach. Follow the path to get closer to the Breach and jump into it.

Covert Cryptographer: The next letter is on top of the truck's hood.

Upon jumping into the breach, you end up in a lab. Head up the ramp on the left side and approach Emma. Follow her through the now unlocked doors.

This next part is a puzzle.

Covert Cryptographer: The next letter is in the trash bin under the first desk on the left side.

If you are unable to solve this part, you will find a hint and the solution below.

Pay attention to the wide TV-screen next to the red door.

For the most part, this is a puzzle of trial and error. However, the order you need to go through the doors in form a path that is very similar to the Orochi logo. Refer to the image below for the correct sequence of doors.

Step onto the honeycomb outside of the room.

You will find yourself in a strange place, surrounded by floating honeycombs. Simply jumping off the platform into the void does not get you any further. The only other option is to follow the path of honeycombs to the end.

Covert Cryptographer: The next letter is found in this part of the Dreamscape, but it is very hard to obtain. You will need to go to the end of all the 5 honeycomb branch, then return to the centre. For each branch that you go to the end of, parts of a 6th branch will appear. At the top of the 6th branch, you will find the next letter.

At the end of a honeycomb path, you will fall down and into another part of the dreamscape. Once the firemen nad police disappear, enter the house.

Covert Cryptographer: The next letter is found in the sandbox behind the house.

Once inside the house, head up the stairs to the floor above.

There is a legend in the dining room.

Covert Cryptographer: The next letter is found inside the barely open desk drawer in the dining room.

Enter the hallway. It will appear to expand almost endlessly. Proceed forward until you reach the end.

Covert Cryptographer: The final letter is found in the expanding hallway. After the hallway has expanded, turn around and go as far back as you can. The letter will be on the floor. Be careful not to go too far back, as that will push you back. You need to approach the letter very carefully.

Tier 2

Objective: Wake up Emma

In the next room, you will find Emma as a child, asleep in her bed.

There is a white board on the wall, with magnetic letters on the floor. Perhaps they can be of use?

If you are stuck, refer to the hint and solution below.

Covert Cryptographer: If you have managed to collect all 7 letters, use them to spell out the words Teddy Bear on the white board.

To understand this part, paying attention to the firemen sequence outside the burning house is essential.

Spelling out "Emma" does not work. Is that even her real name?

During the burning house sequence, the little girl responded when asked what her name was. She said "Anima", but the fireman misinterpreted that as Emma. Spell out her true name, Anima, on the white board to wake her from her slumber.

She will pull you through space and time, to her and Lilith's current location. A very important cutscene will trigger.

The portal to Tokyo is revealed. You will be going there... soon.

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