The Carpathian Fangs Abandoned Combat Sled (565,890)
2 360 1 200

This mission is only available to start during Tier 2 of You Only Die Twice from the Abandoned Combat Sled before getting on the snowmobile. Red Snow requires objectives that can only be completed while on the associated mission.

Tier 1

Objective: Kill Orochi Winter Soldiers while on snowmobile

Kill 5 Orochi Winter Soldiers while on the snowmobile. Many Orochi Winter Soldiers hunt you down as you go to intercept the Orochi convoy. Use all of the snowmobile's capabilities to your advantage.

White Witch Combat Sled

Death Sledder - Riding Orochi's White Witch model combat snowmobile dramatically increases your movement rate over the frigid landscape.

  • Turbo Boost – Instant cast. 15.0 second cooldown. Increases speed for 5 seconds.
  • Tactical Mini Rocket – 0.5 second cast. 10.0 second cooldown.
  • Front-Mounted Assault – 1.0 second cast. 1.0 second cooldown.
  • Snow Mines – Instant cast. 5.0 second cooldown.

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