As Thick As Fleas

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City of the Sun God Marya Scout (830,285)
3 540 950

A dead Marya scout lies silent in the sands. This place is crawling thick with hostile creatures.

Tier 1

This area has become too dangerous with monsters. They lurk as thick as fleas. Time to thin their numbers.

Objective: Kill Marrowplague Locusts

Objective: Kill Pnathian Ghouls

To the west of the Citadel in Shi-Netjer are locusts aplenty swarming around (620,450). Any six of the locusts bearing the Marrowplague name must be eradicated. More can be coaxed out by attacking any of their Locust Mounds.

Kill six of any of the various Pnathian ghouls to the east of the Citadel (825,580) in Shi-Netjer. Any of the Workers, Slavedrivers, or Willbreakers will do. If it’s Pnathian, it counts.

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