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Blood and Fire

Posted by Bevis on June 8, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
City of the Sun God Hemitneter (47,278) XP292 510 PAX15 000  BB4
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Tier 1

Objective: Pick up Hemitneter’s charm

Use Disempowered clasp on Hemitneter.


Objective: Charge the charm of the anima well

Stand in anima well, use Disempowered clasp from your inventory.


Objective: Call forth Hemitneter to the battlefield

Use Clasp of Hemitneter from your inventory to summon Hemitneter. You don’t need take care of her in the combat.


Objective: Go to the cultist encampment

Cultist encampment in anima well nearby, very easy to find.


Objective: Clear the area of cultists

Objective: Destroy Representations of the Voice

You need to kill 8 cultists and 3 Representations of the voice. Hemitneter will also help you to kill the cultists.


Representations of the voice are usually found together with cultists.


Tier 2

Objective: Investigate the lower temple

When you go to the temple, there are a lot of cultists in your path, but you can just run there and ignore them.


Objective: Free villagers

Vllagers are usually in corner of temple, search carefully and you need to free 8 of them.


Tire 3

Objective: Go to the top of the Herald temple

Then you near the Herald temple, but be careful as the cultists in there are many. If you kill the Guardian of the Voice, they will all come for you, be careful!


Objective: Kill the Voice of Aten

Objective: Destroy the statue of Aten

Statue of Aten is a building behind the Voice of Aten. I recommend destroy the statue of Aten first, because the Voice of Aten has a buff, you can’t hurt him much, but when the statue of Aten is destroyed, then Voice of Aten’s buff disappears too.

The cultists and the Voice of Aten respawn time very quickly here, once you have done the mission, you should leave the area.


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  • Ørjan Berg Nikolaisen

    If nothing happens when you use the Hermiter’s Clasp in your inventory, target yourself before trying again. It’s a known issue.

  • shockworker

    ok, i’m having the same problem with the statue as i’ve seen with the insects broods in savage coast, and the locusts pods as well. Is this a known bug or what? and why don’t they fix it? just curious

  • shockworker

    sorry, not being able to damage them…