Blood and Fire

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City of the Sun God Hemitneter (50,270)
6 960 900

Hemitneter, as the aspect of Sekhmet, has a warrior's spirit. She doesn't want to sit still and watch the corruption of Aten spread throughout the valley - spearheaded by the Voice of Aten in the nearby encampment.

Tier 1

While she cannot physically interact with the world, Hemitneter's powers are still tangible. Her charm, for instance, can be charged with anima and used to stop her enemies dead in their tracks.

Objective: Pick up Hemitneter's charm

Use the Disempowered clasp at the base of Hemitneter's statue. This will place the [Disempowered clasp] in your Mission Inventory.

Objective: Charge the charm at the anima well

Go to the nearby Anima Well for the Stretch of the Lioness (10,220) and use the [Disempowered clasp] from within your Mission Inventory or your Quick Access Inventory while within the Anima Well.

Tier 1

The charm feels warm to the touch as Hemitneter's power surges through it. The cultist emcampment is near and Hemitneter hungers for vengeance.

Objective: Call forth Hemitneter to the battlefield

Use the [Clasp of Hemitneter] to summon the Warrior Spirit of Hemitneter to follow you. The Warrior Spirit of Hemitneter is Level 43 and will defend herself when attacked as well as attack anything you attack.

Warrior Spirit of Hemitneter

"Through me flows the spirit of the lioness."

Objective: Go to the cultist encampment

Go South to the cultist encampment (175,195) in sight of the Anima Well.

Tier 1

The encampment is full of cultists, converting the innocent at makeshift personifications of the Aten. Destroy these idols and clear out the cultists, then push forward towards the Voice of Aten.

Objective: Clear the area of cultists

Objective: Destroy Representations of the Voice

Kill 8 cultists and destroy 3 Representations of the Voice in the encampment.

Clear the area of cultists

Kill any 8 cultists in the encampment. Any of the Guardians of the Voice, Heralds of the Voice, Corrupted Villagers, and Atenists will count when killed.

Destroy the Representations of the Voice

Destroy 3 Representations of the Voice. These Representations are destructible altars with 2000 HP and can be found amidst praying cultists in the encampment.

Tier 2

In order to have a constant flow of new innocents to corrupt, the cultists have probably captured villagers. Investigate the nearby temple ruins and free any captives you find.

Objective: Investigate the lower temple

Go farther south to the temple known as the Herald of Aten (75,105).

Objective: Free villagers

The Atenists are keeping numerous Tortured Villagers tied up in the temple. Talk to 8 of the Tortured Villagers to ease their fears and let them know that they're free as you untie them.

Tier 3

The cultist operation has taken a hard hit and many villagers are freed. It's time to deal with the Voice of Aten.

Objective: Go to the top of the Herald temple

Climb the steps to the top of the Herald of Aten temple (60,55).

Tier 3

Stop the corruption by rendering Aten silent. Kill the dark prophet called the Voice of Aten.

Objective: Kill the Voice of Aten

Objective: Destroy the statue of Aten

Kill the Voice of Aten and the Statue of Aten at the top of the Herald of Aten.

Kill the Voice of Aten

The Voice of Aten has 20189 HP and is protected by two Shield of Aten buffs, each which reduce incoming damage received by the Voice of Aten. Destroy the Statue of Aten to strip the Voice of Aten of a Shield of Aten in order. Only then can the Voice of Aten be killed.

Destroy the statue of Aten

Destroy the Statue of the Voice of Aten behind the Voice of the Aten. The statue destructible has 5000 HP and provides the Voice of Aten with a Shield of Aten damage reduction buff while the Statue is intact.

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