City of the Sun God Hollowed carapace (265,140)
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The carapace is characteristic of the giant locusts swarming the Valley of the Sun God. Their foothold in the area is growing stronger every day and unless they're stopped, they will spread.

Tier 1

The nearby oasis is riddled with giant locusts. They are a great threat to the area, and must be cleared out.

Objective: Find where the locusts come from

Go farther North East into the oasis (325,230) where locust mounds are nestled amongst the rocks. Target one of the locust mounds.

Objective: Destroy locust mounds

Destroy 2 Locust mounds littering the oasis. Be aware that Marrowplague Locusts periodically crawl out of the locust mounds and will attack anyone in their path.

Tier 2

The locust mounds may have been destroyed, but only for a short time. A few giant locusts swooped in and quickly rebuilt them, as if conscious of the effort to keep their numbers up. Find out where these huge specimens came from.

Objective: Track the giant locusts down

There is only one locust nest large enough to contain the giant locusts: the Locust Hive at the base of the oasis (295,270) near the First Temple. Target it.

Objective: Destroy the large locust hive

Destroy the Locust Hive by bringing it to 0 HP. As soon as the Locust Hive is destroyed, an infuriated Marrowplague Locust Queen appears and attacks.

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