City of the Sun God Locust carapace (685,595)
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Giant locusts are clustering around a Filth-infected pool. Their species is known to breed rapidly and migrate en masse - those that survive the effects of the Filth will expand the corruption and risk unleashing it on new territory.

Tier 1

The swarm of locusts must be kept from swelling any further along the banks of the black pool.

Objective: Destroy the locust mounds

Destroy a total of 7 of any kind of locust mound in the area. There are Locust mounds with 4000 HP each and Giant locust mounds with 8000 HP each.

Each time a Giant Locust Mound or Locust Mound's health has been reduced to 75%, 50%, and 25%, it will spawn 2 Immature Marrowplague locusts.

When a Giant Locust Mound reaches 0 HP and is destroyed, it spawns 1 Marrowplague Soldier from the wreckage.

Tier 2

The destruction of the mounds has rooted out the monstrous head of the swarm.

Objective: Kill the Marrowplague Swarm Host

The Marrowplague Swarm Host has appeared in the locust-infested waters (625,495). Kill it. If the Marrowplague Swarm Host has not been engaged after 30 seconds, it will despawn. Should this occur, run out of the mission area and then back in to trigger the reapprance of the Marrowplague Swarm Host.

The Marrowplague Swarm Host is protected by a rotating shield that heavily reduces incoming damage in the direction protected by the shield. A side of the Marrowplague Swarm Host is protected by its Chitin for 6 seconds before rotating to the next side of the locust in a clockwise direction. The Marrowplague Swarm Host's Chitinous Head buff will rotate to Chitinous Thorax Right which then rotates to Chitinous Abdomen and then Chitinous Thorax Left before completing the circle with Chitinous Head.

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