Funeral Pyre

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City of the Sun God Burning embers (630,140)
3 300 750

Description: All that remains of the Jinn slaver are some embers, burning hot with magical flames. Perhaps the very remains of the demonic slaver can be used to stop the gruesome feast of his minions in the ruins below.

Tier 1

Description: Ghouls, pitiful minions of the Jinn slaver, are feeding on the rotting corpses of the unfortunate explorers, perhaps the first people to set foot in the temple city for thousands of years. Use the jinn embers to torch the bodies and deny the ghouls their grotesque meals.

Objective: Use the ember to torch rotting corpses

Below the Funeral Pyre is the ruins of Ain Al-Shams (585,185). Descend to the ruins and Ignite 12 Rotten Corpses.

The ember is with you. There is no need to directly touch or pick up the magical embers that once belonged to Str'ia the Enslaver.

Objective: Burn the ghouls' corpse reserves

The ghouls have begun to gather a pile of rotten corpses (630,235). Ignite the pile.

The ghouls will be denied their foul banquet.

Objective: Tell Moutemouia about your findings

Enter Moutemouia's monument (830,245) to inform the Sentinel Moutemouia.

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